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4th December 2023

The Estate

The Estate Part 1

An erotic novel by Andi Graeme

Cast 3

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Henry 19

Greeta 24

Coffee Revelation 26

Lena 29

Margaret 35

Witness 44

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Jem 65

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Shower 76

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Croquet 84


The Estate

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Henrietta ‘Henry’

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The Elsewhere’s




The Estate

We live on a small estate on the edge of town. It’s not big by any means, less than 100 houses or so, and mostly supported housing, so a fair number of single parent families. As most single parent families are women lead, you get the makeup of the estate. A flurry of activity at school start and end time, and not a lot in-between.

Jools works most of the time in a security firm, with the odd day working from home, which she usually manages to spend at the gym. I work from home with occasional site visits where I cannot achieve what I need over Zoom. Working from home means about an hour or two of deep activity and the rest of the time on YouTube or Netflix. It is not exactly a hard life, until things go awry, and then it can be a week or so of 14 hour days, lot’s of Zoom calls and, unusually, a few site visits requiring an overnighter. That, thankfully, is rare.

But, on a usual day, I am spending a lot of time looking out of the window watching people come and go, the ladies walking their offspring to school, then coming back, usually with a bag of groceries from the local supermarket, perhaps, I guess, a selection from the reduced aisle, just keeping costs down, eating day by day. Sometimes it is a man sitting in his car for hours on end, using his mobile. Why not in his house? What does he not want his family to hear? Is he, perhaps a drug dealer? He does get a fair number of visits from cars that just pull up next to him, words are exchanged, perhaps something is handed across, I can never see well enough from my vantage point, and then the visiting car drives off. I am not getting involved in that, too dodgy and too risky. He and I exchange greetings occasionally, but that is as much as.

I had been to the Gym, the one I use is on the other side of town. A few muscle boys pumping iron and flexing whilst looking in mirrors. Not for me. I just use a few of the exercise machines to try and get a tone and build a little strength. I am an office boy, not a gym hunk. The rain was absolutely hammering down when I left the gym and I got soaked just going to the car. Weather, they just can’t get it right these days, if rain had been forecast I would have taken a coat, but it wasn’t and so I just had my gym gear on. Luckily it is a wicking fabric and dries quite quickly. As I was approaching town I saw a very bedraggled girl at the bus stop, she lived on our estate but apart from the occasional nod of hello, I knew very little of her, not even her name, I think she had left school, but what she actually did, I had no idea. I pulled the car up next to her and wound the window down.

“Are you going home, you are soaked, do you want a lift back?” I called out to her.

She nodded and got into the car. She really was soaked, almost literally to the skin, her clothes clung to her becoming almost transparent with their wetness. ‘Crikey’ I thought, ‘I hope mine aren’t see through too.

“Thank you,” she said, “I must have missed the bus, and it is half an hour to the next one and I can’t afford an Uber.”

“Oh no problem, and if it had been me, I would have no idea how to get an Uber, and even if I did, they would probably refuse to let me in because I was too wet or something equally stupid”

She laughed a little and hugged her arms to her chest. I had the heater on full and blowing full bore, but I doubt she would even begin to dry out before we got home. It took about 15 minutes to get back to the estate, “You’ll have to tell me which one is yours, I only know approximately which one you live in.”

“It’s number 33, just on the bend”

I pulled up outside her house, “Right then here you are, home safe, I am on the other side at number 16”

“Yes, I know,” she said, “do you want to come in and have a coffee, as a sort of thank you for saving me?”

I had pretty much dried out by now so had no fear of inappropriate weather related clothing malfunctions, had little else to do for a while and thought ‘why the hell not?’

“Yes please that’ll be nice.”

I followed her to the house, both of us rushing through the rain and we were in quickly without me getting too wet.

“You know where the kitchen is, put the kettle on, I will go and change out of these wet clothes’ she said over her shoulder as she ran upstairs. Yes, very wet clothes, nothing really left to an imagination, and my imagination is somewhat fertile.

I walked through to the kitchen, untidy, dirty dishes waiting to be washed, a gap where the dishwasher would go. I filled the kettle and as it came up to boil I looked through the cupboards looking for mugs and coffee. In the fridge I found some oat based milk, not any regular cow juice. That started me wondering if her and her mum were vegan? I have no issues with veganism as a food culture, just some of the extreme politics that seem to go with it do tend to irk me.

She came down, wearing in a robe, a towel wrapped around her head.

“Right then, I think I found everything,” I said, “how do you have your coffee and are these mugs I found okay to use?”

“They are fine, just black, mum has some oat stuff in the fridge if you want milk and I can find sugar if you need that.”

I made her a mug of black coffee and myself a white coffee using the ‘oat stuff’ from the fridge. She topped her mug up with cold tap water. “Let’s go and sit in the lounge’ she said walking off out of the kitchen.

“I don’t know you name” I said, “in fact I don’t know much about you at all.”

She sat in the single chair; I sat opposite on the sofa. There was a small side table

that I put my coffee on. I didn’t get the sense that they cared about coasters or the such.

“Oh okay, mum is Lena, I am Henry, which is short for Henrietta which is the stupidest name ever given to a girl and so I have a boys name. Dad fucked off years ago, can’t even remember him, and I blame him for my stupid name. I am learning hair cutting and lashes but the salon I am at is stupid and I hate it.”

Okay! Crikey she poured that out.

“Okay Henry, nice to meet you. I am Jason, my OH is Jools. I am a consulting engineer and I work mostly from home, usually works from an office in the commercial estate on the edge of town. We don’t have kids with each other, this is a second marriage for both of us.”

Bit of a full and frank exchange going on here, I kind of followed her lead I guess, odd for me, I am usually quite introverted, but I think her open approach may have bought me out of myself a little.

“Been to the gym?” she asked, “only you don’t look dressed for much else, or do you normally walk around like that? Wearing shorts I thought you might be a postman, only ours wears shorts all the time.”

“Yes, no rain was forecast so I just had my gym gear on, and was pissed off that it was chucking it down when I came out of the gym. I got soaked just running to the car.” Well, if she is going to drop F bombs, I can use fruity language too.

“Yes, I saw how wet your clothes were when I got in the car, but yours dried quickly, unlike mine, which were still wet and disgusting when we got back. Probably ruined.”

“Funny how clothes get all transparent when they are wet.” I do need to engage my brain before I open my mouth sometimes. I am stupid. Stupid thing to say.

“Oh, right. Well, I hope you enjoyed the view”

Christ. I picked the mug up and started hiding my face behind it as I drank the coffee. The oat stuff wasn’t too bad, okay in coffee, not sure how it would taste in tea, Earl Grey is not that forgiving of milk, and Earl Gray is what I usually drink.

“Have I embarrassed you? Only I say what I think, mum says I have no filter, but I think you should just be honest when you speak”

“Er, no, I am a bit too long in the tooth and old to be embarrassed,” I lied.

“So you didn’t answer my question”

What was she going on about? “What question?”

“I asked you if you enjoyed the view, you know, through my transparent clothes. Is that why you stopped to pick me up?”

“Jesus Henry, no, I stopped to pick you up because you were wet and you live near me. I was half expecting you to say no anyway.”

“You still haven’t answered my question”

“I didn’t enjoy the view because I didn’t look closely enough. I was just offering you a lift” I was lying. I knew that and I suspect that she knew that. Her clothes had been so wet that I could tell she didn’t shave. And yes I looked.

“Hhmm only your eyes seemed to be looking. Am I not worth looking at?”

“I think I ought to get going Henry. Thank you for the coffee” This was in danger of getting out of hand, she was years younger than me, far too young for me to be interested that is for sure. I was pretty sure she was playing a game, but I thought it prudent to leave before it got out of hand.

“You have done it again, avoided my question. It is up to you if you want to leave.”

She stood up and as she did so her robe opened. She was naked underneath and clearly unshaven, as her wet clothes earlier had suggested.

“Er, Henry, your robe” I said looking away far too slowly I am sure.

“I asked you a question number 16, am I not worth looking at?”

“Stop playing games Henry, I am more than twice your age. Anyway, I prefer a mown lawn.”

“What? Like a little girl? Are you a Paedo? My mum shaves hers off I think it is disgusting” She pulled her robe too and sat back down.

“No, not like a little girl, a grown woman has shape and definition and is beautiful to look at, a tangle of hair is not my thing, it gets stuck between your teeth for one thing. A young girl just has a crease between her legs, no shape, no definition, not my thing at all. And I don’t think I needed to know that your mom shaves her fanny.” I thought I would return the serve and use some blunt language.

“So, not little girls, so you prefer older woman with bald cunts, like my mum, to girls in their prime like me?” Top trumped me on the language.

She really was in some kind of strange place and I had no idea how we had gotten on to this topic. I was a little concerned at how this was going.

“Yes.” It seemed sensible to try and tone the conversation down.

“Have you even seen my mum?”

“What, naked? No of course not”

“Do you want to?”


“See my mum naked.”

“Well it is unlikely that I will now isn’t it?”

“I could send you video or photos of her.”

“What? Naked? Why would she let you do that?”

“She wouldn’t know, and If I did, what would you send me back?”

“Jesus Henry, nothing, I don’t have anything to send you.”

“Give me your mobile number, I’ll whatsapp you and discuss this more, only I need to go and get dressed, I am cold.”

I gave her my number without even thinking what I was doing. I was still stunned by the events, she really did have no filter and seemingly no shame either. I just really wanted to get out of there. Had she been 20 or more years older then I would probably have been trying it on first, but she was little more than a child and she seemed, well, weird.

When I got home I stripped and went in the shower. The hot water made me feel better and I began to put the strange events of earlier to the back of my mind. She was the kind of girl who could lead you on and then shout rape. I didn’t need jailbait in my life. I relaxed as the needle jets played over my penis and scrotum giving an incredible almost orgasmic sensation, it made me hard and horny and I thought of Jools naked and put the silly girl out of my mind.

Jools had gone to work and I was working from home. I had a couple of hours to kill before my next Zoom, and as the weather was okay, that is it wasn’t raining, I decided to go and pick the leaves and odd bits of rubbish that seemed to congregate on our front lawn.

“Hi Jason” it was Greeta from next door but one.

“Hi Greeta, how’s things?”

“Good, well, actually, could you give me a hand with something?”

“Probably, I guess it depends on what, I am not good at cutting hair for example”

“Idiot. No, I had some IKEA stuff delivered, could you help me take it upstairs?”

“Yes, okay, now? Only I have a little time before my next meeting, and I could do with a break from the rubbish picking”

“Fine, come on in.”

I wiped my shoes on her door mat as I went in and then slipped them off and left them by the front door, her downstairs was carpeted and I didn’t want to leave any marks from my shoes, even though I had wiped them.

“Oh silly, you could have left them on” Greeta said, “this is it” she said pointing at a long heavy looking box. Probably 6’ long and 2’ wide. It looked rather heavy.

“Okay Greeta let’s see how heavy it is.” I rocked it, and yes it was heavy. I probably could lift it on my own, but I would rather not.

“We should be able to do this between us,” I said. “You take the top end and then as you go upstairs I will take the bulk of the weight.”

Between us we managed to get it up the stairs and into her back bedroom.

“Crikey that thing is heavy” I said as I leaned back against the wall.

“Yes it is a big set of drawers.”

“Ah, drawers for your drawers” I laughed.

I think she meant to give me a thank you peck on the cheek, but as she leaned in, me unawares, I turned my head and she caught my lips, not my cheek. I automatically kissed back. She pulled back and looked directly into my eyes. She said nothing but leaned forward again and this time kissed me intentionally. Her lips pressed hard against mine. I kissed back and put an arm around her shoulder and synched her into me. I felt her breasts press against my chest and I felt my hardness press against her.

I ran my hand around her breast and then down and I rubbed her sex through her clothes. She made a small gasp and pressed herself to me. Encouraged I undid her trousers and slipped my hand inside and down.

“Oh God” she whispered softly as my finger slipped into her crease. I slid my finger up and down and the resistance became less and less. I crooked my finger and pressed inside her. Hot and slippery, I jiggled my finger inside her, feeling for the little rough patch at the upper side of her fanny. As I was jiggling she was undoing my trousers and slipped them down a bit and grabbed my cock and squeezed its hardness and began slowly stroking me.

I pulled back, she sighed as my finger left her, and I pulled her jumper up and over her head. I fumbled a little but undid her bra and released her breasts and as I suckled on her left breast, I pushed her trousers and pants down to her feet with my hands and then my left foot.

I knelt and licked at her slit, my tongue sliding up and down where my finger had been. Her knees sagged and she knelt and then lay on the floor. I pulled my Tshirt off and my chinos and trousers followed. I had my mouth pressed to her, my tongue teasing at her clitoris as I slipped my hand up under my chin and pushed a finger inside her as I licked and chewed, my finger pumping in and out, bending whilst in, straightening as it left her.

“Oh fuck Jason” she said softly, “stop messing, just fuck me already”

I am not one to ignore an instruction like that and moved up and as my cock reached her fanny, her hand took it and guided me inside her. I pressed forward slowly, entering her until she had fully enclosed me, and then she put her legs around me pressing me into her. I pulled slightly back and then thrust forward with all that I had. Greeta gasped loudly as I buried my cock as deep as I could and then sighed as I pulled back. Faster and faster we fucked, both of us panting as we rutted on her carpet floor, a fuck as unexpected as it was deeply pleasurable. I felt the familiar tightening and seemed to find extra and pushed harder and deeper, her hands were clawing at my back as she pulled me into her.

I gasped loudly and felt my spurts penetrate her deeply.

“Oh shit” I gasped, “Oh my God.”

She rubbed her hands across my back, her breath gasping as she held me.

“Oh fuck, wow.” She said. Well, that wasn’t a big negative as I hadn’t even thought about a condom and had just filled her with my man juices.

“Wow indeed” I said, “This wasn’t how I was expecting my morning to turn out.”

“Me either. Did you…?”

“Yes, I am sorry, I just kinda got carried away”

“Don’t worry, we both did. I better go and clean up” She pulled her pants from her trousers and pushed them between her legs and rolled onto her knees and then to her feet and went to the bathroom.

I pulled my underpants on, my trousers and tea shirt and stood up, a little unsteady for a moment and then I was fine. Greeta came back in, naked, but with a wad of tissue between her legs.

She looked at me and smiled, “I guess that is going to be dripping for the rest of the day!”

“Oh, yes, sorry”

“Don’t be. Now, be a good man and fuck off home, I need a shower.”


The day was quite busy. I had some Zoom calls, and I had a rather terse encounter with my man at one of my sites. He seemed to think that because the civil servants were working from home, i.e. doing nothing, that he didn’t have to do anything either. I explained to him in simple terms. He worked for me. Doing nothing was not an option unless he wanted to leave the job, right now, this instant. He could then go home and do nothing. That was fine. He would of course not receive the very handsome sum I was paying him. He could stay but he would have to work twice as hard because the civil servants were not working. He was not happy, I didn’t give a shit. He stayed. Of course. These contracts were becoming very difficult with so many people demanding the right to work from home. When they worked from home they did nothing in the office, and it was in the office that my contract demanded results. Ah well. It had taken my mind of the tryst, the unexpected tryst.

After we had dinner Jools pointed out to me that we hadn’t, for a while. Was I going off her? ‘Are you looking for a younger model?’ she asked. I think she was joking, I leant forward and softly kissed her lips, my tongue gently teasing between them, my right hand caressing her left breast through her blouse. I felt her nipple harden as I tweaked at it, my lips still gentle on hers and my left hand crept under her skirt and stroked between her legs. Naughty girl wasn’t wearing panties.

“Mmmm” she murmured into my face, “I thought that you had forgotten the way.”

“Oh no baby will never lose the way to your jewellery box,” I replied as my finger pressed between her legs and entered her, my thumb pressing down on her clitoris. I felt her hands at my belt as she undid it and pulled my zip down, eased my trousers and underpants down and took my hard cock in her hand. She has a way, no one else seems to have the touch that Jools has, she pulls my skin back and rubs the edge of my rim as she gently squeezes my balls. God I almost explode every time she does it.

I eased my way down and licked along the valley of her sex, wet and wanting, my finger still inside her, pressing up as my tongue pressed down, pressing and pushing I felt her fanny tighten and begin to squeeze and I eased a second finger into her arse, timing my pushes as her contractions eased.

I began rhythmically pumping into her fanny and her arse and at the same time I was gently chewing and pressing at her clitoris. She began to lift off the settee, her back arching and her contractions getting stronger. Jools gasped, clamped down on me tightly and gushed as she climaxed, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck” she gasped her nails digging painfully into my back, something I was glad of after the earlier episode with Greeta, at least that would cover up any marks that she had left, I could blame them all on Jools.

“Oh god Jase. Give me a minute and I will see to you, Jeez.”

“Baby,” I said softly, “we can wait until tomorrow, but then I want your arse.”

“Okay, okay, anything you want, Jesus, I am seeing stars. Fuck” In honesty I was a little sore after the session with Greeta and Jools deserved my full attention, and a night to let my cock and balls further recover would benefit me and in turn, Jools.

“Are you sure you don’t mind waiting, you can have me if you want” Jools said as she kissed me, “I don’t want it to be one sided, ever.”

“Baby of course I don’t mind. Work was shitty and I would rather sleep on it and put that to bed so I could give you my full attention. If you don’t mind waiting, then I don’t mind waiting.”

“Okay sweetie” and she snuggled into me, her hand resting on my upper thigh, millimetres from my softening cock. If she had gone back and resumed her ministrations, I doubt I could have waited until tomorrow, it was difficult enough, but whilst I was not being touched, I could hold on. Greeta’s touch had been so recent that it felt real in my memory, real enough that there was a risk that I could use the wrong name in the moment, and that was too dangerous to contemplate. I tried to never use a real name during sex, always, ‘baby’ or ‘love’ or something similar. A throwback to my teen years where I had once accidentally called a girl by the wrong name. That lesson was hard learned and never forgotten.

“Morning Jase, fancy a brew?” It was Ash from number 27, a couple of doors away on the other side of the street. I had just got back from the post office and Jools was still at the Gym.

“Okay Ash, yeah, I have a few minutes.” I walked over the road to Ash’s, the car locked as the car key moved out of range. Ash was somewhere in his 40’s and lived alone. I knew he worked but had no idea where, and I was pretty sure he worked shifts, but if I am honest, I wasn’t really interested enough to ask.

Inside his house was immaculate, with nick-nacks and ornaments dotted around and art on the walls, not what I expected from a bloke that lived alone. Not exactly minimalist in furniture, but not too much. It looked comfortable and probably relatively easy to clean.

“Breakfast or Earl?” Ash called from the kitchen. I walked through as the kettle was coming to the boil.

“Earl please, splash of milk, no sugar.”

“Coming up, bag left in the mug or removed?”

“Oh, leave it in, it slowly brews to its full flavour that way, I’m sure not precious about a teabag.”

I watched him as he constructed the teas, I was glad to see the mugs were porcelain, not Earthenware or plastic. He handed me my tea and I went through and sat on the settee, Ash followed and sat opposite in the armchair. “So,” he said, “what’s occurring in your neck of the woods?”

“Oh, not a lot, quite busy with a few contracts I have, luckily, I can run most of them from my laptop at home, and that’s about it I think Ash. How about you?”

“Well, that’s just the thing. Not much happening really. Work is, well, let’s just say mundane makes it sound exiting, and my love life is pretty dead. But at least I am alive and kicking, alive and kicking. You seem to be getting it about a bit, which surprised me a bit to be honest.”

“What on earth do you mean, ‘getting it about’ and why would that surprise you?” Is this why he had invited me in for a drink, to gossip? Kind of odd I thought.

“Oh, I see things, you seem to have spent some time at Greeta’s and up at that woman Lena with the daughter with the boy’s name. And Margo over the road was asking about you too, nosey cow she is.”

Him calling her a nosey cow? Crikey that was a bit rich.

“Nothing to say really, I rescued Lena’s daughter, Henry, from the rain the other day and popped in to make her a cup of tea to warm her up whilst she went up and got herself dried and out of the wet clothes, and as for Greeta, I just helped her with a heavy Ikea box, no idea why that would surprise you, don’t think I have spoken to Margo apart from a hello across the street.”

“Really, okay, fair enough, I can keep stum don’t worry. You know I’m gay I presume?”

Well, no, I didn’t. I had no idea and I didn’t care frankly. “No, what difference does it make?”

“Well, my gaydar is usually spot on shall we say. Although it can get a little confused when the reality I see is at odds with the vibes I feel.”

“Ash, I have no idea what you are talking about, I really don’t” I didn’t. First he was going on about me spending time in female neighbours houses as if I was up to something, and then he was rabbiting on about gaydar.

“No? Okay, fair enough, I must have it wrong is all.”

“Ash, I have no idea what you are going on about, got what wrong? You seemed interested why I was in some of the ladies’ houses and then you are on about gaydar, you really are making no sense.”

“Well, I know some gay, or probably more accurately Bi, men who hide it by spending time with women, as if to say ‘look at me, nothing gay to see here, I fuck women’.

“Jesus Ash. I don’t give a fuck about sexuality and who people fuck, and I have no interest at all in who fucks who.”

“So, you have never fucked a bloke?”

Well, of course I have, but that is nothing to do with Ash. “Ash I do not have to answer that question, not because you think I am gay and are trying to trick me into confirming it, but because I don’t discuss my sex life with anyone. If, and it is a big if, if I were to have a liaison or affair, then the only two people that would know would be the two of us involved. I do not discuss personal matters like that with anyone.”

“Why not? It’s just sex, it’s just a fuck. Answer me this, what is the difference between fucking a woman in the arse and fucking a man in the arse?”

“There you go again, trying to trick me into saying I know the difference between a male and female arse. I am not discussing it Ash.”

“I think if you saw my arse you would want to plunge your cock in to it, you could pretend to yourself that my arse was your wife’s arse which I am sure you fuck regularly.”

I just shook my head and sipped at my tea. Something had gotten into him, God only knows what, but this was a strange conversation. I could understand it after a few too many beers, but after barely drunk tea? I just sipped my tea. I really had no desire to see his arse.

“Ash, I’m going to go, I have a load of work to do, thanks for the tea, we’ll chat another time.” I got up, this really was too odd.

“Run away then man, run away from what you are.” There was no aggression, he just sat there, a sad look on his face. I shut the door behind me.

I got a WhatsApp request from an unknown number, I confirmed it was okay to receive, well I could always block if necessary. It was a picture of a woman getting out of the shower, her legs apart enough that I had a clear view of her naked hairless fanny. The woman was not looking at the camera, so I wondered if she knew the photo was being taken. She was probably late 30’s, early 40’s, boobs a nice size with rather large nipples. A bit of a tummy on her, blond hair down to her shoulders. Yeah, nice. But I had no idea who she was nor who had sent it. Henry’s mom was a possibility for the woman, so probably from Henry, but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t reply or comment, but I saved the photo just in case it decided to auto delete before I had a chance to have a good look at it.

Jools came home early, unlike her. “God I am fucking mad” were her words of greeting.

“Er, okay, nice to see you back early, why are you mad?”

“I work in a security firm, you would think that they took security seriously, but no, oh no. The system has been hacked. Ransomware. Can’t do anything without computers, can’t use the computers. IT people are in trying to sort it, and then there will be a forensic investigation to find out how it got in and who, if anyone, broke what, if any rules. So, go home and come back on Monday was the decision from the Board. They don’t want any of us in there getting in the way of IT.”

“More like they don’t want a guilty person trying to cover their tracks” I suggested.

“So, a long weekend that I didn’t need.”

“But nice though. We can spend some time together.”


“Don’t sound so enthusiastic.”

“Sorry. I’m just mad.”

“I noticed.”

“It is just so annoying.”

“Yes, you said. Are they going to pay the ransom?”

“No, we take daily backups which are kept and then each backup is compared to the previous days and all changes copied out to a separate database, it’s all very technical and I am sure I have not explained it properly, but basically, they can restore to a previous safe backup. The subsequent work can be isolated from the infected system and so the worst we lose is a day’s work, but that all takes time. So, no, they are not going to pay, they just have to involve the Government Cyber Security people, and you know how slow Government works.”

“Only too well Jools, only too well.” Well, the mood Jools was in told me I was getting no personal attention today, neither at home nor away.

I was getting into the car when Ash called across. “Jace, you got a minute?”

I turned and walked towards him, “just a minute Ash, I have to go and get some documents in the post.”

“Look I just wanted to apologise. The doc gave me some new tablets and they seemed to mess with me a bit. Okay?”

“Ash, it’s fine, I am not and was not offended, I guessed that you were not being yourself.”

“Well, thing is, I am, you know, what I said. Gay”

“Ash, I don’t care what anyone’s sexuality is. As long as you are not fucking goats or children I don’t give a shit where you put your cock. Now, sorry, but I really have to get to the post office.”

Ash was preying on my mind a bit as I sorted the post, I am not averse to a bit of man action, but it would need to be somewhat more discrete than Ash is at the moment. I couldn’t trust him to keep quiet. It wasn’t gay sex I wanted kept quiet, it was any sex. I really don’t want anything getting back to Jools. I don’t mind playing around, and obviously that applies to Jools playing around too, but discretion is paramount. What I don’t know about I am not going to stress about, and it is the same for Jools. The house of cards that is our marriage would come tumbling down if things came into the open. As I pulled onto the drive two women stood there and they waited for me to open the car door.

“Hello,” One of them said, “Can we talk to you about the Lord.”

Bloody hell God Botherers. I decided on some sport. Jools was probably at the gym as she wasn’t home.

“Why, yes of course. Would you care for a cup of tea?” I bet that wasn’t the usual response, I expected that usually they would be told to go away, and often perhaps not so politely.

“Oh, er yes, that would be lovely” replied the woman that had initially spoken.

“Yes, thank you” her companion added.

I opened my front door and ushered them in. “Grab a seat and I will just pop the kettle on.”

I made some tea and then went back to join them. They were sat on the sofa, so I sat in the arm chair opposite them.

“Well then ladies, what do you want to say?” I asked with a smile on my face, I doubted they were ready for what was about to come their way.

“The Lord and how he fills our life with joy and how he can fill your life with joy too.” Said number 1.

“Yes,” said number 2, “pure joy and bliss.”

“Oh”, I said, “obviously not the same Lord I thought of then.” Gently back at them.

“What do you mean?” Asked number 1.

“Well, the Lord I know off gave every human being the means of having great joy in the company of another but then banned them from enjoying it.”

“I don’t understand” said number 2, number 1 just shook her head.

“Well then let me explain.” Okay, here we go. “Sexual pleasure. It is the most profound pleasure that can be enjoyed between 2 people, yet your religion says it is wrong. Intercourse is just for producing babies. In fact I bet your husbands just lay on you, finish and then roll off. No attempt to ensure that you have received the pleasure that you should, the pleasure that the Lord designed your body to achieve.”

“What our husbands do is not your concern” Number 1 said looking me straight in the eyes.

“You are right, it is not my concern, but it should be yours. And I do not want to discuss your husbands, I am just using them as an example that you can relate to. Sex is often referred to as love making, as in an expression of love between 2 people, and love brings pleasure and joy, and so should sex. Only you can know if your husbands give you joy and pleasure, or just takes relief for himself. I do not want to know. But my point is, if you believe that the Lord created man and then woman, you must believe that he put all these wonderful pleasure points in our body. So my point is, why does religion that praises this Lord, prevent us from enjoying the and experiencing the pleasure joy and bliss that our bodies are capable off, that the Lord put there when he created us?”

Number 2 looked at me and then at number 1. “You are an agent of the devil. I shall not listen to this. Come on Margaret, we are leaving.”

I smiled at them, they of course had no answer, but I wasn’t going to get into a full-scale debate obviously, they just wanted to live by their existing rules, not question anything, and then run away. I had not questioned the existence of God, just the religion that controls believers.

After they had scurried off, Margaret somewhat reluctantly I thought, I had some zoom meetings to arrange so it was a busy time in the home office. During one of the zooms my phone pinged with a message, I ignored it until my meeting was finished.


‘I left my purse at home, if you are in town, could I grab a lift home. H.’ It was from the same number that sent me the picture of the nude woman, so the nude woman was Henry’s mum then. Interesting. The rest of my day was free so I texted back ‘yes, where are you? J.’

A few minutes later I was slowly pulling up by the Bus station looking for her. There she was. I blipped my horn to grab her attention and unlocked the doors. She clambered in. “thanks”

“It’s okay” I said, “Jases Taxi Company at your service”

“Funny. Not. “

“I thought it clever actually.”

“You never replied to the picture I sent you.”

“Well why would I? I had no idea who it was from or who it was of. It could have been a special photo accidentally sent to the wrong phone number. That could have been very embarrassing to the sender if I had replied and that had been the case.”

“Well, what did you think?”

“Very nice, I would. What would your mum say if she knew I had a photo of her naked?”

“You would what?”

“You know what, and you avoided my question.”

“You would shag her you mean?”

“Obviously, of course if she wanted to, and you are still avoiding my question.”

“She would go absolutely fucking nuts.”

“So, you don’t want me to show he the picture and explain how I got it then?”

“Eurgh, I can’t imagine my mother shagging anyone.”

“Oh? Well, you know the mechanics of it, what goes where and all that, shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine, I mean, you know exactly what she looks like with her clothes off.”

“Don’t know what you look like though do I? I mean you never showed me or sent me a picture.”

“Why would I expose myself to you? I can see no benefit to me.”

“Why are you such a dick? Give me your hand.”

I moved my left hand over to her and she took it and before I could react she had pushed my hand up her skirt. She had no pants on and the hair was gone too. I pulled my hand back.

“Why did you do that? I thought you hated it, you said made you look like a little girl.”

“Why did you pull your hand away?”

“Christ Henry, I am driving the car, and I am not in a relationship with you where it is appropriate for me to touch your fanny”

“You wouldn’t have pulled your hand away if my mum had done it. You would have fingered her? Why not me?”

“What is it with you? Fingering, as you so delicately put it, is not really an activity to be undertaken whilst driving a car. There is probably a law against it. Your mum would not have pushed my hand onto her fanny whilst we were out driving.”

“She might. You would have fingered her, and you would have got hard” As she said that she rubbed her hand across my groin and yes, I was hard, hard as fuck, no hiding it.

“So what made you hard, touching me or thinking of my mum?”

“Neither, you don’t know men very well, we also get hard when we need to the loo, which is exactly where I shall be headed after I have dropped you off.”

“Liar liar pants on fire. You got hard thinking of fingering me. Putting your finger inside me, moving it in and out, feeling how wet I am, ready for your cock to slide inside me, to fuck me, fuck my fresh young cunt. Admit it. You want to fuck me, your cock already gave the answer away.”

“Henry. No. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, I just need a piss.”

She rubbed her hand over my groin again and pulled my zip down, pushing her hand inside and grabbed my cock. I have to be honest, yes, I could have stopped her. In fact I should have pulled over and told her to get out of the car. What I did do was pull into the Asda car park which was right by us and park away from all the other cars and let her do what she wanted. She undid my trousers and was able to pull my cock free. It was wrong. It felt so good, but it was wrong. She started to wank me, so she knew what to do.

“Don’t do that.”

“Why not, you obviously like it.”

“Because what happens is not something I can control. There will be a mess. Stop it. Please.”

She didn’t stop. She used her other hand to pull her skirt up and expose her fanny, freshly shaved, her inner lips glistening where they poked out. Jesus that was a sight for sore eyes.

“Don’t Henry.”

“I will stop if you finger me.”

“Jesus Henry, I can’t finger you in Asda’s car park.”

“Why not? I have your cock in my hand in Asda car park and if I don’t stop apparently you are going to make a mess.”

Practically, she was obviously inexperienced. If I started fingering her, I could get lost in the moment and ejaculate, but I was not going to let it get that far. I held her hand and stopped her wanking me. “Not here. Put your fanny away and let me put my cock away.”

“So where then? Where will you finger me whilst I get your cock to make a mess? Where? My bedroom? Your bedroom? The one you share with your wife? Where?”

I managed to do my trousers back up despite my raging boner. Christ how had I gotten myself into this mess? She was unstable and driven by hormones and that made her unpredictable.

“I took a photo of your cock, so at least I have that to look at now. I might even send it to my mum, she might want to shag you when she sees it.” She turned her phone towards me, there was a picture of my undone trousers and my cock standing proud. Jesus.

“So where and when?”

“Christ, I don’t know, it’s all wrong.”

“Is your wife at home tomorrow?”

“Yes, her office is temporarily closed she is working from home.”

“Mum is at work, so you will have to come to me then.”

“I can’t just leave the house without a valid reason.”

“Your problem. 09.30 at mine”

“I can’t, she would see the car at your house.”

“Your problem. 09.30 at mine”

Jools was still in a bit of a mood and so I retired to the other room and gave some thought to what I was going to do. I could not let that girl get the better of me and have something over me. I went back to Jools.

“I have a problem.”

“Oh, what?”

“It is serious.”

“How serious?”

“Very. You know that girl up the road, I gave her a lift home earlier.”


“We were stuck in traffic, and I know this sounds ridiculous, and she grabbed my hand and stuck it up her skirt, and then before I knew what was happening she pulled my zip down and grabbed my cock.”

“Oh come on, really?”

“Yes, it was one of those I can’t believe this is happening moments.”

“Well, what is the problem? You didn’t fuck her I assume?”

“No, of course not. I pulled my hand away from her as soon as I realised what she had done, and then pulled her hand off me. Thing is my cock was semi hard because I needed a wee.”

“I can’t believe you. You are the only man in the world that this could happen to.”

“She has told me that I have to go to hers tomorrow and shag her otherwise she is going to tell everyone I forced myself on her.”

“You fucking twat.”

“What do I do?”

“Have you got anything on her?”

“Well, sort of.”


“She sent me a nude photo of her mum that her mum doesn’t know she took.”

“I know I am going to regret asking this, why the fuck is she sending you nude photos of her mother?”

“It’s a long story, needless to say I have done nothing with it and didn’t want it. So I suppose I could threaten to tell her mum if she doesn’t back off?”

“No. That is not going to work, not coming from you. Send me the photo, I shall go and see her mum and have a chat. You, you never let yourself be alone with that girl ever again. You do not text her or speak to her.”

Shame really, I guess I shall now not get proper ‘knowledge’ of Henry’s mum. At least this should get her off my back. Jools thinks she knows that I wouldn’t have done anything, and that I am just unfortunate. This is because I am careful enough to tell her stuff that makes me look stupid, in her eyes, but with enough truth that I have deniability of anything worse. Jools knows that nothing could have happened otherwise I wouldn’t be saying anything, she thinks I would try and cover it up, if there was anything to cover up. Which of course there is, but Jools doesn’t know that, and with the version of the truth I gave her, it doesn’t matter what Henry says, it will just not sound ‘right’ to Jools’ ears.

Crisis averted.

I was sipping a single malt when Jools came back. “Sorted.”

“How?” I asked.

“It seems your little friend has a bit of a history of this. Just don’t ever find yourself alone with her and block her number on your phone. Her mother, Lena, who is rather nice, is mortified at the photo and that you have seen her naked. I assured her that you have deleted the picture. You have deleted it, haven’t you?”

‘No. Because it has the meta data that shows who sent it, and so that would be my defence. I would rather hang on to it, just in case, but I will put it in archive. And before you ask, no, I have not been ogling it.”

“Hhmm. Okay, but if I ever find you have looked at that picture then I shall have your balls as earrings.”

“Okay, okay.”

“You can be a stupid sod, you really can. God knows how you have lived this long.”

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘that is because you don’t know, nor will ever know, what I really get up to.’


I did not go round at 0930 as instructed, I had blocked her number on my phone, and after Jools had interceded I felt a fair bit of relief. Jools had gone back to the office to start the preparations to getting everything back working again. They were calling people back a few at a time and reconnecting them to the IT system, rather than just call everyone back. Jools, as one of the more senior staff, was amongst the first to be recalled. She had left home with strict instructions to not see or talk to of text that ‘silly girl’ again. I wondered if Henry’s mum had given Henry the same instructions about that ‘old man’ from down the street. She probably thought I was a pervert.

I was just getting out of the car when Greeta called me. “Coffee?”

‘Why not?’ I thought, ‘who knows where it might end. “Yes, that’ll be lovely.”

As I shut her door behind me, she asked “Do you really want coffee, or shall we continue where we left off last time?”

I closed in on her, pulled her face to mine and kissed her. “You taste so much better than coffee” I said softly.

She pulled away and started going upstairs. I followed, pulling my shirt over my head and off as I went. Greeta went into her bedroom, I followed leaving the door open, and pulled off my trousers. Greeta had removed her top and was stood before me in just her panties. I gently pushed her backwards until her knees hit the bed and she fell back. I knelt between her open legs and lowered my face until I was almost touching her groin, and then I slowly moved my head, inhaling her aroma, my nose only very lightly touching her panties, like a gossamer touch, so light, almost not there, yet, still perceptible to Greeta. my fingers started to roam along her panty edges, occasionally slipping under the elastic, between skin and material, still inhaling, intoxicated by her scent.

I lowered my head just a little and ran my tongue very slowly across her sex, the texture of her panties stimulating as I moved down beyond the bottom of her valley into the back zone. I felt the heat as it rose from her, her scent intensified as her arousal lubricated her.

I slipped my fingers into the waist of her panties and pulled them gently down, stopping when the crease of her sex was revealed. I kissed gently along by the waist of her panties, kissing her pubis as I slowly eased my fingers into the gusset of her underwear. As my tongue probed at her sex, darting down into her sex, my fingers gently massaged her outer labia.

I stopped stroking her labia and eased her panties fully down. Her sex was glistening and heat rose from her. I gently teased her labia apart to reveal the pink inner lips, wet with arousal and using my tongue I stroked her inner lips, softly, in turn first her left and then her right, all the time trying to avoid contact with the valley floor of her sex.

Her clitoris was peeking at the top of her sex and her vagina was open and twitching at the bottom, I had a choice, up or down, top or bottom. I dipped down and licked around her vagina before pushing in as far as I could. Her taste was a sublime saltiness with an edge of femininity and in my view there is no aphrodisiac like it. I am told oysters are supposed to invoke it, but for me, they come nowhere near. There is nothing like the taste of a woman.

As I penetrated her with my tongue I gently circled her clitoris with my thumb, occasionally pressing, but always returning to a very light circling motion. I moved my head down a little, my tongue now lapping at her pucker, my nose sliding in her valley and then pressing at her vagina. Greeta lifted her pelvis and began arching her back, her fingers were scrunching the bedding and her breath became louder, deeper and stuttering and then she held her breath, she thrust into my face, my nose burying into her vagina and she let out a long breath and gasped.

“Oh fuck you bastard, Jesus, really, fuck?”

I got up and lay next to her on the bed as she took large gasps of air.

“God it was all I could do to not squirt, it came very close.”

“Would be fine it you did, you should never hold back, if it wants to flow, let it flow.”

“But you would get covered.”

“It’s fine, really, it is not an issue at all.”

“Your turn now.”

Yes, I rather hoped it would be my turn now.

She rolled over and took my cock in her mouth, gently sucking as she rolled her tongue around my rim. She took my balls in her hand and softly rolled them between her fingers as she took me deeper into her mouth.

Coffee Revelation

I was sitting minding my own business in Costa when Henry just plonked herself down next to.

“I am not supposed to see you,” Henry said, “mum forbade it.”

“So, why are you here then?”

“Because I saw you and I want to see you.”

“You can’t see me, your mum has forbidden it, and my wife has forbidden it too.”

She put her hands up to her face, like in that Scream painting.

“Oh no, forbidden what ever shall we do? Oh no, we shall go to jail”

I just looked at her and shook my head and went back to my Costa.

“I needed to see you, to explain.”

“Explain what Henry? Nothing to explain, just get yourself a boy friend and leave me alone.”

“It was my dad.”

“What do you mean it was your dad?” I knew, just knew I was going to regret this.

“When I turned thirteen mum used to go out in the evenings, nightschool.”

“Okay, so?”

“He wanted me to help him.”

“Help him what?

“He sat next to me on the settee and said I was beautiful, like mum when she was young.”

I knew this was going to be something I regretted. “Go on.”

“I loved my dad and I cuddled him and told him I loved him. He said he wished I could love him the way mum loved him, and how that would make him happy.”

This sounded classic abuser speak, not that I am an expert in such things.

“I told him that I loved him more than mum and I would always make him happy. He said that he wished I could, and I said of course I could. I had no idea really what dad meant, I just wanted to make him happy. He said for me to kiss him like mum did, that would make him happy. So I turned and sat on his lap and kissed him. I hadn’t done proper kissing, ever, and I didn’t know mum kissed differently than just touching lips, you know?”

“How old were you? Thirteen?”

“Yes, just.”

“And you hadn’t kissed boys at school?”

“No, just never occurred to me to do so.”

“Oh, okay.”

“He pushed his tongue into my mouth, it was weird, but I thought that must be proper kissing so I did it to him.”

“Okay, yes.”

“That is when it changed.”


“Yes, that is when I learned what he had meant. He said I was helping him, but that mum always did other things to make him happy. And I was stupid, and I said that I wanted to make him happy and that I bet I could make him happy better than mum did. And that is when it started.”

“I see. I take it he?”

“Yes. That is when I learned all about what sex was. He said I mustn’t tell mum , otherwise she would be jealous that I was making him happier than she was. And then, every time mum went out, he wanted me to ‘make him happy’.”

“Bloody shit Henry.”

“I didn’t know any better, I thought it was okay, I mean, he was my dad.”

“How long did this go on?”

“A few months. Sometimes, if mum went out early he would come into my bedroom and do it in my bed. After a while mum asked me if dad ever went into my bedroom when she wasn’t there. I think she saw something on the sheets when she did the laundry. I said yes, and she asked if he touched me, and I said I wasn’t supposed to tell her. She didn’t get mad, she just said that what dad had done was wrong. I had not done anything wrong, but dad had. Next day he was gone and I have never seen him since.”

“Not a good thing to happen, you know your mum was right? You didn’t do anything wrong, you do understand that?”

“Of course, but now, I cannot look at boys, they just are too young. I like men, proper men, men who can make me happy the way I used to make my dad happy.”

“Jesus Henry, I am not that man, and if you keep on behaving the way you are, you will get into serious difficulty.”

“let’s get you home and no I am not coming in.”


I pulled up on the drive next to Jools’ car. I heard her chatting to Lena as I walked in, they were sitting in the kitchen. “Hi ladies,” I greeted them.

“Hi Hun” Jools responded,

“Hi Jase” from Lena.

“I really need to get going, I have to go and prepare a document for the Director, but I was just enjoying a coffee with Lena.” Jools said looking directly at me.

“I suppose I ought to get off too” Lena added.

“You don’t have to go Lena, you can have another coffee. I am going to make some and I would be happy to chat, I am sure you will make more sense than next door’s cat, which is my usual option when Jools goes to work.” Well, I always enjoy female company, and after the issues with Henry, Lena’s daughter, I wasn’t sure if I would get an opportunity to talk with Lena.

Jools wandered off up stairs, touch up her makeup etc I assumed, I ground some beans and made coffee. Jools came down said her goodbyes and left. I put a coffee in front of Lena and then sat down with my own coffee.

“I am sorry.”

“What for?”

“My daughter and her behaviour.”

“She told me some things.”

“What, when?”

“I was in Costa in town yesterday, and she obviously saw me and came and sat at my table. I told her I wasn’t supposed to talk to her. She said she knew, but that she wanted to explain. She told me how she had been abused by her father when she turned thirteen, and how it went on before you found out and threw him out.”

“Oh fuck.” Lena was quiet for a moment and then looked at me. “Okay Jase. It wasn’t Henry that was abused. Her father hasn’t, in fact no man, has ever lived with us since she was about a year old.”

“Oh, so just another of her stories then, just plucked out of the air.”

Lena was still looking at me and she took my hand. “No Jase, not entirely thin air.”

She squeezed my hand a little and I was sure her eyes seemed to be tearing up a little.

“Oh” I said, I mean, what else could I say?

“Henry must have found my diaries. When my mum found out, about dad I mean, after she threw him out she suggested I wrote everything down and then sealed the books away, she thought it would help me deal with it. Henry has obviously found them and read them.”

“Christ, so the things that Henry said happened to her, actually happened to you? Wow, that is heavy.” I was really unsure what to say, this was virgin territory for me, I don’t think I know anyone who was abused.

Lena released my hand and got up. She walked to the window and looked out. “I don’t know what she said to you, so I don’t know if that is what happened to me” She said, her back to me.

“Okay, well, without going into too much detail, she said her dad taught her to make him happy.”

Lena turned around and looked at me, she was crying a little. “Oh shit, that is the phrase he used. It is unusual isn’t it?”

“Lena I have no idea, as far as I know, nobody I know has been abused, so I don’t know if that is unusual. It is quite an effective description though.”

“Far more common than you think, abuse I mean, especially back then. I was just thirteen, my body was developing, and I guess that is what he noticed. Mum was out at Auntie Doreen’s, who had just had Debbie, my cousin, so mum was spending a lot of time there helping with the baby. Dad and I were sat on the settee watching tv. He said that mum had been so busy lately she hadn’t really had time for us. That is how he started it. And he went on to say that she hadn’t been able to keep making him happy and I said something stupid like I would make him happy instead.”

“Innocent words, I guess you had no idea.”

“No. No idea. I knew about the mechanics of sex of course, but hadn’t seen a man’s penis, only little boys years before, and I certainly hadn’t touched one. My best friend was Shirley, she and I talked about it a bit, and we both laughed about catching our dad coming out of the bathroom and seeing his willy, as we called it, but it was only joking. I know I never tried to do that, and I don’t think Shirley did either.”

“I have to be honest,” I said “I spent much of my early teens trying to see my mum naked. Porno magazines were sought after contraband at school, but I only wanted to see mum naked, actually anything more never entered my young teen head.” I really had been awful at home, always trying to accidentally catch my mum naked or partially undressed. I was sharing this with Lena to show that was probably normal teen behaviour, trying to see your parents nude.

“So when I said I would make him happy it turned out to be the wrong thing to say. He said that if I did, then he would be so happy, that I would be the best daughter in the world, but that it would be our very special secret, just between us, and that I must never tell anyone. Of course I promised, I was excited, I loved my dad and wanted to please him so much. And then he undid his trousers and there it was.”

“Christ, I don’t know much about this. Is this textbook abuse? Is this how they did it?”

“Yes I suppose, I don’t know. After I had finished making him happy, he said that we really had to keep this a secret, if anyone found out we would go to jail.”

“Oh Christ” I was struggling for words. “Was this I mean did he, you know, have intercourse with you, was it the full thing?”

“No, not then, at first it was just my hands, and then one day he said that we were making a mess and that mum would see when she did the laundry, and that if we could somehow stop the mess and make him happy, then that would be best.”

“So is that when he switched to intercourse?”

“No. That Is when he introduced me to oral.”

“Jesus, and you told no one, or even hinted?”

“No, I did not want daddy to go to jail, I did not care about me, but I didn’t want daddy to go to jail so I said nothing, except to Shirley.”

“What did you say to her then, everything?”

“Not at first, no. We just used to lay in our bedroom, sometimes hers, sometimes mine, and just being silly about boys. Shirley said she had seen her dad coming out of the bathroom and her dad’s willy was huge. I said that I knew that dad’s willy’s were huge, I had seen my dad’s too. I tried to demonstrate how big and she kind of guessed I must have seen it hard.”


“I had to swear her to secrecy, and I told her that I had even touched my dad’s. She was all excited and wanted to know how it felt and did I just touch it. I said well, it was really hard and I just kind of said that I made him spurt. Shirley was shocked I think, and then she said that she had to find a way to touch her dads, and so we tried to hatch a plan where she would be able to. Her dad worked from home a lot, in those days that was rare, but there was an office at home that he used. Her mum worked at the supermarket. Shirley said she was going to come home for Lunch on days she thought her dad would be there. The plan was she would do things like go to the loo and leave the door open, go into her bedroom, leave the door open and change her knickers, that sort of thing, in the hopes that he would see.”

“Bloody scheming girls. Your daughter is no different, Christ it is a miracle that we men survive. Did her plan work?”

“Too well.”


“Yeah, she lost hers before me. After a couple of weeks of that and sitting close to him on the settee and putting her hand on his leg, he seemed to just crack one day. She said she had been to the loo and gone up to her room and had pulled her knickers off when her dad grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed and, well, did it.”

“Bloody hell. Did he ever get found out?”

“No. Shirley loved it, it was just what she wanted. Before long she was having her ‘daddy time’ as she called it every day. In fact she still goes to see her dad for occasional daddy time even now.”

“Protection, did he use durex or anything?”

“No, and the amazing thing is, that neither of us got pregnant. I mean, over the years it was going on, we really should have. Both of us have since had children, so there was nothing wrong with us, we just never caught with our dads.

“Hell. I suppose at some point you and your dad finally did it.”

“Yes. Mum went to stay at Auntie Doreen’s who was going to have another baby and was helping out with Debbie who was about one I think. Daddy said that whilst mum was away I could be the mum of the house. I was excited and I made dad his tea, egg and chips I think with bread and butter. We watched TV for a bit and then daddy said that we should go to bed. When I headed to my bedroom he said that as I was mummy I should sleep in mummy’s bed. That was when he first did it.”

I looked across at her, she had stopped crying and her face had returned to a natural colour, “Are you okay talking about this? Sorry, I keep asking questions without a thought of how you must feel?” This was really heavy and I couldn’t imagine how she must have been feeling.

“I have never talked about it since the day mum threw dad out and I told her what we had been doing. I wrote it down in my diary and tried to forget it. I told Shirley what my mum had said that it was wrong and illegal and that only our dad would go to jail, not us, and that it was abuse. She carried on with her dad, but we never really talked about it any more. I know that Shirley gave one of the sixth form prefects a hand job, and she described him in great detail and said he wasn’t as good as her dad, but it didn’t really excite me.”

“I hope this is not bringing back bad memories.”

“Well, it is bringing back memories, memories I had kind of forgotten, but it is okay, I know it wasn’t my fault, I know I was abused and I can handle it. I have had normal relationships with men that I have enjoyed. I have a daughter who I love, and I think I am in a good place.”

“Henry says she never sees you with men.”

“Oh, I have been discrete, I guess I was trying to kind of keep that side of things from Henry, trying to avoid the awkward questions.”

“It went on for quite a while before Mum found out. One day I was at Shirley’s, we used to lay on the bed and talk about our dads and their willy’s and her dad came into the room. He said it was time I saw how good his daughter was, and he pulled her knickers down and did it right there, in front of me. I was shocked. I had never seen anything like it. When you are doing it yourself you don’t really see much, but to see him and the size of him, and how when he was in her, how she opened around him and the movement, it was something I had never experienced before, even though I had experienced the act.”

“My God Lena.” I was lost for words. I really had no idea such perverts were amongst us, how much abuse there was.

“I know now it was wrong but back then I didn’t. When he finished he laughed and left. I could see his residue leaking out of Shirley, and I thought that must be how I looked after my dad had done it to me.”

I got up and ground some coffee and made us another couple of espresso. My heart was thumping. I was appalled at the abuse and would cheerfully part her father from his testicles if I ever met him. At the time I was conflicted, she was a very attractive woman and I would love to get her naked in to my, or her bed, and fuck her, but today seemed the wrong time to make any moves like that.

“Anyway, one day after mum came back from one of her trips to Auntie Doreen’s she was doing the laundry and she came and asked me if I had been in her bed, I said yes before I realised what I had said. She asked me if daddy had been there too. I had looked at the floor and tried to avoid her eyes. She asked if we had clothes on and I broke down and told her what had been going on since I was 13. By then of course I knew that it was wrong, but felt I was in so deep that I couldn’t do anything about it. Mum was quiet for a moment, and then she asked me if I wanted to carry on. She said I wasn’t in any trouble, but that there was not room for twowomen in dad’s bed.”

“She didn’t go ballistic or mad or anything?”

‘No, she was calm, and the way she said it I knew if I didn’t stop then she would leave, and I didn’t want that. So I told her that when it started I didn’t know it was wrong, but now I did, but I didn’t know how to stop. She said if I wanted it to stop that she would stop it right there and then. And she did. She went upstairs and put all his clothes in bags and put them outside the front door. When he came home she told him to leave or she was going to the police.”

“I am amazed she didn’t go to the police.” I mean I was, if I found out my partner had been abusing our child over several years, I would end up doing jail time for murder.”

“No. She said if she reported him I would face lots of questions and it would just make it worse for me. At the end of the day it was just sex. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. ‘Write it all down’ she had said, ‘and then try and forget about it.’ So that is what I did.”

“Christ, and did you ever see him again?”

“No. Never. Shirley’s dad asked me if I was missing my special daddy time and did I want him to be my new special daddy. I told him that if he ever touched me I was going to the police. I didn’t go round to Shirley’s house much after that, I mean she was still sleeping with him almost daily.”

Her eyes were wet again and I am useless with crying women, I never know what to do for the best. “Look” she said, “please don’t say anything about this, this is the first time I have talked about it for twenty years.”

”No, of course I won’t.” And I meant it, I would not betray that confidence, ever.

“Not even to Jools”

“No. Not even my wife.”

“I need to go. I have some thinking to do.”

What a bloody stunning afternoon. I don’t think you face things like that very often. I was pleased that she had spared me the intricate details, and as I thought about, she had recounted it the way a young teen would, it was as if she had gone back in time and was reliving it and retelling it the way she would back then.

After Jools got back we had a quiet tea, I feigned a headache, Jools had asked what Lena and I talked about, I had said, ‘not much, we had a coffee and she went.’. That evening I unblocked Henry's phone. Not sure why, but I thought just in case Lena needed help, at least Henry could contact me.


The day after Lena’s revelations I was sitting in the lounge working, just doing some reports, final editing, that sort of thing, and there was a ring at the door. I put the laptop down and opened the door. It was Margaret, the God Botherer from the other day.

“Hello,” she said, “I am sorry to bother you.”

“It’s no bother I had just finished some work. On your own today I see?”

“Er, yes, I am just here for me, can I talk to you?

“Yes, look, come in, don’t stand on the step.”

“Are you sure it is not a problem?”

“Come in woman.” I stood back and made space for her to enter. She stepped past me and stood in the middle of the lounge. “Would you like a coffee?”

She looked around and then back at me. “If it is no trouble”

“Well, if it was going to be a trouble I probably wouldn’t have offered, now, how do you have it?”

“White no sugar please.”

I went through to the kitchen and ground some beans and made 2 espressos. As I turned to the fridge to get the milk, I saw her standing in the door way. “Crikey, Margaret is it? You could have sat down, it’s okay you know.”

“I wasn’t sure where to sit, which seat was yours.”

Lordy, she was a strange one. “Margaret, they are just chairs, sit on any of them, that is what they are for.”

I passed her the coffee and ushered her through to the lounge. I sat on one end of the settee and left her to make her own choice of next to me or the armchair opposite. She sat in the armchair.

“I wanted to talk a bit more about what you said the other day.” She really looked nervous, she didn’t seem to want to make eye contact and had both hands around her coffee as if it were a protective shield.

“I have thought about what you said. And I have prayed for guidance.”

Oh good grief. “And did your God answer you?” Humour her Jason, humour her.

“Yes. That is why I am here.”

“Okay. I think you need to explain.”

“You are right, the rules of the church are not necessarily the rules of God, he only gave us ten rules, and nowhere did it say that you should not, you know, enjoy sex with your husband.”

I am not really familiar with the commandments if I am honest. “Right, the commandments, and wasn’t one of them about not coveting your neighbour?” I asked trying to show some knowledge of the area. It was a long time since I had been to Sunday School.

“No, you have mixed them up. One was ‘thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbour’, the other was simply ‘Thou shall not covet.’ Lots of people seem to get them muddled up.”

Well, she knows her bible. “Okay, sorry I am not an expert in this. It seems to me that they were just some sensible rules for the time. The church seems to have made its own rules up and that is what I object to.”

“I think that the church has rules that were defined many years ago, and they seem to have failed to keep them up to date.”

“Yes, and now, people like you are denied simple honest pleasures and I find that abhorrent.”

“That is kind of what I wanted to talk about, but,” she paused and looked intently into her coffee.

“Margaret, it’s okay, you can say absolutely anything to me, you have no need to be embarrassed. Look, anything, anything at all you say here is private, just between us, and I shall never ever repeat any of it to anyone.” This was getting interesting; I didn’t want her clamming up on me now.

“Only, it was what you said about our husbands, my husband, you know?”

“Yes, I said I bet that he just takes his own pleasure as and when he wants it and gives no thought to your pleasure.”

“Yes.” She paused again and took a gulp, an audible gulp, of her coffee. “Last night.” She stopped again.

“Yes, last night, as you said, he told me to go up and get ready, as he usually says when he wants to, you know, do it.”

“Yes, when he wants sex.”

“Er, yes. So I went up and took my clothes off and washed myself and lay on the bed. He came up and took his clothes off and he went to just lie on me as usual. I said, could he sort of touch me first, you know, give me a little pleasure.”

“Okay, nothing wrong with that.” Well, there wasn’t, innocent and totally fair question I thought.

“He slapped me and called me a whore. He pushed himself in me, and when he finished he got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself as he always does. He came back in and told me to stop behaving like a common five pound whore from the streets. I was just laying there, my face stinging and his, you know, stuff just, well, dribbling out of me.”


“Please don’t say that.”

“Okay, I am sorry. I have no respect for men that hit women. Apart from the slap, that is normal for you? You go upstairs, lay on the bed, he comes up fucks you and cleans himself up and goes to sleep? Wow, that is such a shame, I must say I do feel for women like you that just take it, and get no pleasure. And I also wonder how he knows how much a whore costs these days.”

“Please don’t use that word. He made love to me, not what you said.” She looked angrily at me. She was more concerned at the words I used than the behaviour of her husband.

“Margaret, if there is one thing your husband did not do is, he did not make love to you. What he did do was take his own pleasure with no love for you.”

“I see that now, but what can I do?”

“If I were you, I would seek pleasure elsewhere.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can Margaret. Look, as a starter, go home, I bet that you are very natural down there, untrimmed shall we say?”

She blushed, she actually blushed. I took that as a yes. “Get some scissors and trim yourself, make it neat and tidy, like a nice garden, rather than an untamed wilderness. When you have done that, lay on the bed and gently touch yourself down there, find out what is pleasure. You know the spot, give that the attention it needs.”

“What do you mean the spot?”

“Do you not, you know, give yourself pleasure by rubbing down there?”

“My goodness, no, such a thing, no.”

“Oh Margaret, there is nothing wrong with it. It is normal human behaviour; I cannot believe that you don’t rub yourself and make yourself climax.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t rub myself and I am not a man, I do not, er, finish, the way a man does.”

“Oh Margaret, this is the stuff you should have learned when you were a teenager. Look, go home, trim your garden, and lay on the bed and explore yourself. At the top of your,” I paused to try and find words that wouldn’t offend her, “at the top of your lady area, just where the two sides meet, you have a little pleasure spot, a button if you like. Gently play with that.”

“I can’t do that, I can’t touch myself there, it is wrong.”

“No Margaret it is not wrong, ask your God, and I am sure that if he answers, it will be to say it is not wrong.”

“I think perhaps Doreen was right, you are the devil.”

“Margaret, I if were the devil I would not have told you to go and pray to your God, I would have used my powers and ravished you myself to show you what pleasure really is. No, I am not. Go home, and if you feel brave why not ask your husband how he knows how much a whore costs.”

It was a few days later when Lena called around. I opened the door, “Hi Lena” well, what else would you say?

“Is Jools in?”

“No Lena she is in her office in town today, shall I tell her you called round?”

“No, God no. Look, about the other day, you know, what I said.”

“Lena, come inside, sit down and just relax. Where’s Henry, is she all right?”

Lena came in and I shut the door behind her, I asked her if she wanted a coffee, she just shook her head. I sat on the settee, Lena sat next to me.

“I looked in Henry’s room and I found my diaries, I took them back and I have put them where she will never find them.”

“Did you confront her about it?”

“No, what’s the point? It would be just more lies. I simply tidied her room and changed her bed. When she realises that they are no longer in her room she will just assume I found them when I made her bed and hopefully that is that. Henry is fine, she is at work today.”

“So, and what about you, more to the point how are you, after our talk the other day? No bad dreams brought on my forgotten memories I hope?”

“No. Look, I, well, I felt something, something unexpected, and it kind of embarrasses me and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“Lena, I don’t know what you mean, did you mean you want to go and find your father?”

“God no, he is dead to me, no, no it was other things, something else I felt, and I am in a quandary.”

“Well, when I feel like that I just act on my instincts, I go where my gut sends me. It usually works out right.”

“Can I ask you something really personal?”

“Of course. I reserve the right not to answer though.”

“Do you and Jools have a healthy sex life?”

“What? Where the hell did that question come from?”

“Please, it is important to me.”

“Well, as it happens we don’t. She has an issue down there.” That of course is not true, Jools and I fuck like rabbits as often as we can, we do however have an agreement. We can do what we like with whomever we like, but we have to be beyond discrete, no one must know or suspect. No point in Lena knowing that.

“So, is your marriage safe, are you going to split up?”

“Safe as houses, no worries there.”

“So what do you do, you know, to release the pressure?”

“Well the same as any man I suppose, look Lena, why are you asking this?”

“Ever since our talk I have been feeling that pressure and I don’t know how to get rid of it.”

“Oh come on Lena,” I waggled my finger in a wiping up and down and then in a circular motion, “of course you know.”

“That didn’t relieve the pressure.”

I was about to tell her that obviously she wasn’t doing it right, perhaps she was out of practice when she kissed me. She rolled onto my lap, legs astride mine and kissed me hard, her tongue pressing in, her hands holding my head. ‘Hello’ I thought.

“I need,” she said between kisses,” to feel a normal moment, to help erase the memories that I bought back the other day. With my dad it was all about making him happy, never pleasure for me. Am I being inappropriate?”

I waited for a break in the kisses “No, not at all” I answered as I cupped her left breast through her clothes. I felt her nipple and slowly squeezed and teased it, my tongue seeking hers.

“Take me to your bed” Lena said as she climbed off my lap, relieving the pressure on my cock which had been trapped in my trousers beneath her as she ground herself on me. I got up and led the way.

“Follow me.” I said, a surprising croak to my voice. In the bedroom I turned to her, I pulled her top up over her head and dropped it on Jools’ dresser chair. He bra was a lacy blue mostly mesh which made it almost non-existent, her nipples clearly showing. I undid the button on her skirt and let it fall to the bedroom floor. Her panties matched her bra, and clearly showed her sex. ‘She planned this and dressed for the occasion’ I thought.

I turned her around, undid the clasp on her bra and dropped it onto the dresser chair with her top, putting my thumbs inside her panty waist, I rolled them down her legs until they puddled at floor. I turned her back around to face me and kissed her lips, my hands cupping her breasts and my fingers dancing across her nipples.

As I played with her, she worked at my belt and undid it and my trousers. I stepped back, releasing her, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and pushed my trousers and undershorts down, releasing my cock which sprang free, waving a greeting to her.

Lena moved to the bed and lay down, her legs apart, her sex open and glistening. “Fuck me” she said. Well yes, that was the plan, but not just yet. I knelt between her legs, but instead of putting my cock in her sex I used my tongue. My nose pushed against her clitoris, pressing, and rotating it as my tongue rimmed her fanny hole. I slipped a finger up under my chin and slowly inserted it inside her and gently finger fucked her.

Her fanny was wet, and my finger easily slid in and out. I crooked my finger to touch at her G spot and pressed my nose harder against her clit. I started sliding my nose up and down her valley, pressing harder as I returned to the top around her clitoris, lighter at the bottom where my finger was gently fucking her. She was lightly bucking here hips, rising to meet my nose as I touched her clitoris, sinking as I slowly went down to my finger. Her breath started to pulse, small gasps in, and then as my nose reached her clitoris once more, she thrust up, exhaled loudly and groaned as her fanny clamped around my finger.

I gently slid my finger from her and rolled onto my back next to her. “Okay?” I asked.

“Shit yes.” She answered, not quite breathless, but between small gasps for air. “Now, that was what I needed. I think it is your turn now.” I was aware of the time and how close it was to Jools’ return.

“Oh, you know, I think I would like to take a rain check on that.”

“What? Why? Have I done something wrong?”

“Oh no Lena, far from it, but, well, Jools will be coming home soon, and I just want to ensure everything up here is, you know, ‘in order’.

She laughed and sat up. “Okay then, when we have more time, perhaps at mine when Henry is out, and Jools is out and not around to ask awkward questions. Are you sure that this is okay, you are not just having a bit on the side? I don’t think I could bear that.”

Ah. Time to engage bastard mode. “Oh you are far more than a bit on the side, far more. I told you Jools and I don’t fuck, so, you are not treading on her toes, but it would be unfair on her to leave evidence of shenanigans in the bedroom that she wasn’t a party to. But to also be fair, I am not expecting this, us, to go anywhere. Friends with exceptional benefits, is that okay?”

“Okay, and to also open, I am not looking for a man to move in with. Friends is fine, as long as the benefits are exceptional.”

“Nice underwear by the way.”

“Yeah, I wore it, just in case.”

“Excellent, but I prefer you out of it, naked, and hungering for my cock.”

It was absolutely chucking it down, and I mean torrential. The car wipers were on fast mode and they were hardly clearing the screen. “Oh shit” I exclaimed. Henry was at the bloody bus stop. I could hardly leave her. I pulled up and wound the window down. “I’ll give you a lift if you behave.”

She opened the door and got in, soaked and clothes obviously wet through to her skin. “And exactly how would you like me to behave?” She asked.

“Like a young lady accepting a lift home, not like a whore in heat.”

“Oh you are so a prude. I told you why I am like I am.”

“No, you told me a story about being abused as a child.”

“It wasn’t a story.”

“No, okay, if you say so. Pants on fire.”

She sat and sulked and I dropped her off at her house and as soon as she had shut the car door I drove off. She was a complication I didn’t need. When I got home Jools was just getting out of the shower.

“Darn it,” I said, “a few minutes earlier and I could have joined you.”

“Really? And what would you have done if you had joined me?”

“Well, apart from get wet, I would have gently rubbed gel on your back; using the scrunchie I would have rubbed between your shoulder blades slowly working my way down until I got to your bottom.”

“Mmmm and then what would you have done?”

“Well then I would have slipped my hand between the cheeks of your bottom and ensured everywhere was soapy and clean.”

“Mmmmm, inside as well as out?”

“Of course.”

“Nice. You have 5 minutes to get showered and join me in the bedroom.” She wrapped a bath sheet around herself and left. I quickly got out of my clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor and got under the shower. My cock was hard at the sight of Jools and I as I soaped it with shower gel it jerked in anticipation. I pulled my foreskin back and slowly wiped around my head and under the rim. It is so sensitive and I have made myself come just washing, and I didn’t want to do that today. I gave my arse a good lathering, pushing my soapy fingers past my sphincter to ensure I was thoroughly cleaned with no less pleasant odours lingering. I took the shower head and pointed it up at my arse ensuring all soapy residues were washed away, and stepped out. I rubbed myself with a towel to get most of the wet away and went to join Jools.

Jools was on the bed on her hands and knees her back to me as I entered. The beautiful round hemispheres of her sex had caught the sun through the window and glistened. They are plump and very inviting with her inner lips just peaking through. Just above was my target today, the little pucker of her arse. Crinkled and the skin a slightly darker colour than her fanny it beckoned me to approach. I leant forward and I ran my tongue from her fanny along the crease of her arse, my tongue dabbing at her anus as I passed. As I dabbed Jools sighed and murmured her approval. I lined my cock with her arse and pressed, pushing in, slowly, unrelenting.

Jools arse slowly gave way to my pressure and my cock began to fill her. The heat from her bowel was like a warm caress on my cock, but her arse grip was relenting, it squeezed and held my cock as I filled her, pressing forward until my balls danced near her fanny, I was fully home. Slowly I pulled back and the grip on my cock was intense, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I began to arse fuck my Jools, not fast at first, just a steady rhythm, but I slowly began to increase the pace. Her arse slowly relaxed under my invasion and the grip lessened slightly but was still intense.

Jools murmured and moaned her approval, she rarely climaxed when I fucked her arse, but she loved the different sensations and sometimes would insert a vibrator into her fanny as I fucked her arse. Now that was a different sensation, the vibrations on my cock when I was fully inside her would often help me climax quicker than usual, but today she wanted as long an arse fuck as I could manage.

I could feel the tension in my balls, I knew that I would not last much longer. I pressed in deeper, as far as I could and pulled back until I was almost out, almost enough for her sphincter to win the battle and expel my cock, but only almost, not enough. I thrust back inside Jools, my pubic bone slapping against her buttocks as I increased my tempo, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, my balls began to boil and then I erupted.

I slowed as the spurts of my cum coated her insides and as my cock softened slightly her body won and I slipped from her arse, spent, I rolled onto my back and lay looking up at Jools. She bent down and kissed me gently and then she too lay on the bed.

“Good?” She asked.

“Good” I answered.


A few days later and I was in the middle of a Zoom meeting when someone knocked on the door. Jools was at work, so only me at home. I muted the mike and answered the door, It was Margaret.

“I am just in a meeting, pop into the kitchen, I shall be through in a few minutes.” I said.

“I can come back later?” She replied.

“No, no it’s fine, just a few minutes and I am all done.” I went back and unmuted, not sure if I had missed anything of importance, I focused on what was being said, usually I half listen with my ear keyed into the main messages and not all the subtexts. I didn’t think I had missed anything of import. I summed up the key action points that had been discussed and ended the meeting. I wrote a few notes as memory joggers in my note pad and shut the computer and joined Margaret in the kitchen.

“So, how are you?” I asked.

“My eyes are wide open. Thanks to you.” She said.

“Oh? How?” I asked.

“He said he was on a course, a residential course where interactive sessions went on into the evening.” Margaret was fixing my eyes with her as she spoke, I thought minimal interruption would be my best response.

“Okay” I said.

“I phoned his office and asked to speak to him, I didn’t say who I was. They said he was on leave this week.”


“So, I think he is cheating on me.”

“Okay, and what do you want to do about that?”

“I have already done it. I have engaged a private detective to get me facts and proof of what he is doing.”

“Right. Are you sure that you want to do that? When you first came here a few weeks ago, you did not question anything, you simply cooked and laundered for him, and lay on your back and opened your legs when he wanted. That was your life and you were happy with it.” Well, it did seem as if I had upset the apple cart.

“Yes and I prayed to The Lord when I got back from that meeting and The Lord said I should listen to you.”

‘Did he did he really?’ I thought but did not say. “Yes, and?” I replied.

“And I came back and spoke to you again, and listened to you as The Lord had instructed and you told me things I had not considered, and I did as you told me. I looked at myself unclothed, and yes, my, er, Lady Area was a bit of a mess, but it never mattered when I was the only one to see it, but now I began to wonder, to wonder if my marriage was as strong as I thought.”

This was interesting. I had really only said what I said to get under her skin a little, the holier than thou God Botherers do get to me, and I can’t help baiting them a little, but never had any of them come back for a follow up. “Yes?” I replied to her.

“So I took my little pair of scissors, and I trimmed myself, I think I got a bit carried away. Anyway, yes I tidied the garden as you would say, and then I did what you told me to do.”

She really was struggling to explain what she had done, stopping, blushing, looking away, yet seemed determined to get her words out. “That surprises me, women rarely do as I tell them to,” I said with a laugh in my voice, and attempt to relax her a little.

“I don’t believe that,” she said, seemingly taking my words literally, not as a humorous riposte. She continued. “I did what you told me to do. I touched myself. I closed my eyes so that I could not see what I was doing, and I touched myself. The Lord had told me to listen to you and that is what you had said to do, The Lord is working through you. I touched myself. I cannot believe I did it and I cannot believe that I am telling you.”

Margaret sat back and looked out of the kitchen window, her eyes averting any chance of catching me looking at her as she almost withdrew into herself after she had spoken of her deeds.

“And, did you feel good, did you find the magic button.” Well, I had to ask, that was the whole point of her doing it.

She looked at me, her face bright red. “Yes.”

“And?” I asked.

“I had to stop, I felt funny and as if I was about to, er” she paused.

“About to what?” I asked

“Well, I don’t know, go to the toilet feeling I suppose, only stronger, I don’t know. I have never felt anything like it, I was scared I was doing myself a harm.”

It sounded to me like she had been close to climaxing. Interesting, so perhaps she has never had an orgasm. “Okay, well I am pretty sure that you were not going to do yourself a harm Margaret, I suspect that had you carried on then you would have experienced one of those intense moments of pleasure I talked about. What happened next?”

“I stopped and got dressed. And then I got down on my knees and I prayed to The Lord.”

“Did you get an answer?”

“Yes, The Lord told me that you would show me the way and guide me.”

“Oh, and what do you suppose he means by that?”

“I know what he means. It means that you will show me the ways of pleasure.”

I don’t think I have ever found such a bizarre route into a woman’s underwear as this seems to be. My first inkling is that she is utterly barking and that I should steer well clear. My second inkling was, ‘how often will I get to fuck a pious God botherer?’

“Oh. You mean that I should teach you how to pleasure yourself?” I tried to sound incredulous.

“Yes, The Lord was very clear on that.”

“Oh. I am not sure about that; I mean you are married.”

“My husband is not treating me as a husband should. He is lying to me, and I believe he is with another woman. In the eyes of Our Lord my marriage is over. You told me that you do not have relations with your wife, and so Our Lord has sanctioned this lesson.”

My God she really believes this. I find the whole think incredible if I am honest, incredible and a lot unbelievable. “Oh.” I couldn’t really think what else to say.

“Shall we go to your bed, or do you want to teach me here?”

“Where will you be more relaxed?”

“In a bed.”

“Follow me my Lady” I said and led the way upstairs into the main bedroom. Well, we may as well be comfortable. “You can put your clothes on the dresser stool if you like.”

“Oh. I did not think you would want me unclothed, just, you know, down there.”

I managed to supress my sigh. ”Okay Margaret, yes we could do it that way, but, that is more the way of teenagers behind the bike sheds, than adults having some pleasure.” I took my T-shirt off to start the ball rolling and then undid my belt, and unzipped and lowered my trousers. I left them on the floor and stood in front of her in just my shorts.

Margaret started unbuttoning her blouse and slowly slipped out of it putting it on the dresser stool. Her bra was just a standard functional white bra and her breasts were, I guessed around a D cup, nicely sized and I expected they would sag when released from her bra. She undid the zip on her skirt and let it drop and stepped out of it, folding it and putting it with her blouse. Her panties were typical full cover everything panties, white, so sort of matched with her bra. She stopped undressing and looked at me as if uncertain whether to continue.

“Allow me Margaret” I said and stepped to her, put my hands around her and unclasped her bra. I dropped it on her pile of clothes and looked at her. Her breasts had indeed sagged a little, nature, her nipples were a good thick size and looked to be ready for sucking. I took her hand and led her to the bed. “Lay down” I said.

She got on to the bed and lay, more or less, in the middle, her left hand resting over her groin. I had yet to see her treasure palace, but I would work my way to that. I slipped my shorts off so I was naked and lay next to her.

“Yours is only the second one I have seen. It is different to my husbands. I can’t see the end of yours.”

“I guess your husband is circumcised, I am not. The mechanics are all the same, but today is about you, not me, don’t worry about my cock.” I kissed the underside of her left breast and moved around it in a circle, and using my fingers I gently squeezed her nipple, which hardened even more under my touch. She lay pretty unresponsive, I guess she did not yet know how to react. I started kissing down her stomach and teased around the edge of her panties with my tongue. She eased her bottom up as I eased her pants down.

I looked up, she had her eyes closed. I looked back down at her sex. Bush trimmed quite short, but still going onto her upper thighs. I would, if the opportunity came, teach her how to have a tidy garden. I blew softly up and down the slit of her sex, a finger tickling gently at the bottom of her slit, slowly and very gently easing in towards her fanny. I was pleased that she was at least moistening up.

My tongue traced the line of her slit up to her clitoris and I dabbed my tongue across it as I was easing my finger inside her. She murmured, I couldn’t make out if it was words or pleasure. I began a gentle finger fuck whilst sucking and nibbling on her clitoris.

“Oh, no, no, I need the toilet’ she gasped.

“No you don’t, just wait.” I said as I worked a second finger into her fanny and pushed and relaxed against her clitoris.

“Ah” she gasped and again and again. Her hips lifted off the bed, and as I increased the temp and pressure of my finger fucking I also sucked at her clitoris harder.

“Ahhhhhh, no, no, yes yes , ahhhhh.” Good, I felt her fanny squeeze my finger as she orgasmed. I slowed my finger fucking and gently withdrew them and pushed myself up into a sitting position next to Margaret.

“Okay Margaret?” I asked, her eyes still closed and her breath gasping.

“What was that? What did you do?”

“Have you honestly never experienced that before?”

“No. Never. That is what I started to feel at home but I was scared I would, you know, wet myself, so I stopped. No. My husband, who is the only man I have been with, never did anything like that with me.”

“I bet he does with his mistress though, in fact I would lay good money that he does.”

“That is so unfair.”

“Indeed, now, perhaps, you can relate to the things I told you and your friend the first time to knocked on my door.”

“I can understand why Our Lord told me that you would show me and to put my trust in you. You haven’t even, you know, made love to me. You must be sore.”

“No Margaret I am not sore, and no, we have not fucked,” she winced as I said fucked, “and perhaps that is for another man.”

“My husband would say that if I did not relieve him, he would be sore and ache.”

“Just more of his control over you. It is not true, and if it were, a man can easily take care of it himself.”

“I need to relieve you.”

“No Margaret you don’t. I have shown you that a man can give a woman pleasure without needing ‘relief’. Perhaps next time, if there is a next time we will fuck, and perhaps we will not, there are no rules, pleasure between people does not follow rules, it follows emotions and feeling. Whatever makes two people happy and gives them pleasure is all it is about.”

“I must get dressed. I have to go home and thank Our Lord and speak to him again.”

“Okay Margaret, perhaps we will do this again.” I watched as she dressed, she was still shy and closed as she dressed and it felt like an intrusion watching her, but in my view she had to get used to it if she were to progress to a healthy natural relationship that gave her pleasure.

It was a few days after I had seen Margaret and I was wondering how she was dealing with her newfound pleasures. I had just come out of the shower and was in my dressing gown. I had no zoom meetings for a while, and it was raining outside. I decided to simply chill on the settee with a coffee

There was a knock at the door. So much for chilling. I opened the door and Greeta strode past me into the lounge. “Hi” she greeted.

“Er hi, come in.

“Ha ha, I am in. Are you busy at the moment?”

“Er no Greeta, I have just had a shower, I have no meetings for a few hours and I was contemplating just sitting and chilling.”

“Right then.” She came right up to me, undid the chord on my dressing gown, pulled it apart, fell to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Nature took its course and the blood seeped from my brain and into my cock and I was engorged in no time. I soft humped her mouth. When a woman takes your cock in her mouth you are hardly going to argue with the situation. She used her hands on my shaft, wanking me as she sucked. She stopped wanking and held my scrotum, fondling my balls one at a time as she took my whole cock in her mouth.

“If you keep doing that there will be an inevitable result.” I spoke urgently as I could feel my balls were ready to erupt and spurt down her throat.”

She pulled off me and looked up, a smile on her face, “Perhaps that is what I want,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked as she took my entire length down her throat, her tongue rasping on the underside of my cock as she mouth fucked me. “I am telling you Greeta, I won’t last much longer.” And I wasn’t joking, the heat of her mouth and her sucking was bring me closer and closer. Greeta simply fucked me faster.

“Aaaaahhhh” I thrust my cock deep into her mouth and I came spurt after spurt down her throat.

Greeta licked her lips and smiled. “Right. You owe me a fuck.”

“What the heck was that all about?” I asked.

“I hadn’t seen you for a few days and I gave some thought to how I could get you inside me.”

“All you had to do is ask.”

“No, I don’t just want a fuck, I want you to want to fuck me. To take an opportunity, to throw me on the bed, rip at my clothes and fuck me like the world is ending.”

“Oh. I thought the plan was just benefits friends.” I didn’t want any heavy involvement, my involvement is with Jools, I was not looking for complications.

“It is, it is just every now and again I want to be dominated.”

“Okay, let me know the next time you have guests. I’ll pop round and fuck you senseless across the kitchen table and then ask the audience for scores.”

“Stupid sod.”



After Greeta had gone I got a text from Henry.

‘Can I talk to you?’

‘What about?’ I replied.

‘Me, us.’

‘H, there is no us.’

‘Cud be.’

‘H, I am a married man.’

‘So wht?’

‘Find a boy your own age and fuck him stupid in his bedroom’

‘not wot I wnt’

‘it is what I want’

‘giv us a chnce’

‘it will end in tears’

‘no it will end up with u in me’

And then I got a video message. Henry was in what looked like a park or similar, sitting on the ground, her skirt up and he fingers rubbing herself. Slowly she began to finger fuck herself, and then the video ended. Well, yes, I got hard. Very hard. Even though I had just been sucked off, I was rock hard again. Shit.

‘u r all I think of. U in me’

‘it wont work’ this was getting silly. I thought I ought to block her number again, but a small part of me was flattered. Another small part was turned on, And I was intrigued.

‘cud work. Fuk me, find out’

‘No. I have to work now’

‘Want u 2 fuk me’

There were a few more texts along a similar vein, I just ignored them. She was of a legal age, that wasn’t the issue, but I was sensing, no, seeing, infatuation and I knew, just knew it would end in tears. Probably mine.

I wondered if I ought to talk to Lena about it. I would give that some thought. I didn’t want to discuss it with Jools, she would simply make me block Henry’s number again, and I was also pretty sure Jools didn’t know I had been fucking Lena, who apparently was fast becoming a friend of Jools. So, all in all, this was complicated. Very complicated. But the back of my brain was saying, ‘just fuck her already.’

It was quiet for a few days, I think it was about a week since I had seen Margaret and I was thinking that perhaps it had all been too much for me, when, think of the devil and the devil will show, the door knocked and it was Margaret, she looked rather stressed.

“Sorry, sorry, I did not mean to ignore you, but it has been all very complicated.” She greeted me.

“Margaret, it is okay, just come in and calm down.” I stepped aside and she came in. “Sit woman” she still seemed to be at unease. I decided she could make any moves necessary.

“Yes. Right. The detective got proof he was cheating on me. Photos of him and her at a hotel, eating, drinking and then entering a room, which was booked under his name for him and his wife. Only his ‘wife’ wasn’t me.”

“Oh that is a shame. Can’t say I am surprised, but, well, it is a shame.”

“Oh, no, no it isn’t. I put all of his things, clothes and everything, in bags and put them in front of the garage. My solicitor says this is grounds for divorce and has raised the paperwork. I sent him a message saying that I hoped he was having a good holiday with his wife. All his stuff was out of the house and that I was divorcing him. I would explain to everyone at the Church what had happened, so he would not be welcome there.”

“Wow,” I said, “but won’t you lose the house? Where will you live?”

“No, the house is in my Mother’s name. Mother is in a care home and we were basically living in her house to look after it. My solicitor says I ought to talk to my mother about transferring it into my name after the divorce starts and we are officially separated.”


“And I know who she is. She is one of the Inner Circle in the church, so neither of them will be welcome in the church after this. I had thought she was a friend. I was wrong.”

“Crikey Margaret. How do you feel about all this?”

“I feel free. Anyway, that is not why I am here.”

“Oh, why are you here then? Not that it isn’t nice to see you whatever the reason.”

“I spoke to The Lord and he was displeased with me. You have shown me what The Lord wanted me to know but I have not pleased you, and The Lord has directed me to please you.”

“Margaret, you do not have to please me, I was simply showing you what you were missing, you owe me nothing.”

She stood up and pointed to the stairs. “No, I don’t owe you, but I owe the Lord. Shall we go up to the bedroom?”

I got up and followed her, yes followed her, up to my bedroom. As soon as we got into the room she turned and started undoing my belt. Okay, well, obviously my cock got hard as soon as she started on my belt, and as she lowered my zip, my shorts were full of a hard bulge. I held the bottom of her jumper and pulled it up over her head. The same, or similar bra, to before. I might treat her to some sexy underwear I thought.

There was no putting clothes tidily on the stool, they just stayed were they fell until we were both naked. “Lay back” she said. So I did, my cock up at about 45 degrees and looking forward to whatever she was planning.

Margaret sat beside me and took my hand and began a wank. And that was it. I knew that she didn’t really know what to do beyond the simple mechanics of it. I gently held her hand and slowed her to a stop. “Let me show you” I said.

“It is best with some lubrication, and your spit is good for that. You can either use your mouth to lubricate me, which would be best, or spit into your hands and then wipe them on my cock.”

“My mouth?” she said. “Er, okay.”

She bent down and gingerly sucked at the end of my cock. “Just imagine your mouth is your fanny and imagine I am fucking it. Move your mouth up and down on my cock.” At least she didn’t refuse, but then I had face fucked her fanny a few days before, so allowing one and not the other would, probably, in her mind be wrong.

She pulled away. “It seems wrong to me but Our Lord has instructed me and so I will keep going until I get it right.”

‘Just you wait till I spunk down your throat’ I thought. She dipped back down and this time it was better, if I closed my eyes the feelings in my cock were the right ones, there was a slight suction and a warmth as she fellated. It wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t awful. I pulled away and pushed her back. I bent down and my tongue met her furrow and I licked.

“Oh no, it is supposed to be your turn,” she said as two of my fingers found her fanny and slowly entered her and my teeth chewed at her clitoris. I opened my fingers, scissoring inside her and then rotated my wrist so that I could crook my fingers. I rubbed at the roof of her fanny, stimulating the rough patch of skin where her hymen used to be. She started raising her hips in time with my pressing upwards.

As my fingers worked inside her fanny my tongue and teeth focused on her clitoris. I licked and then chewed a little, then pressed with my teeth or dabbed with my tongue. Then I stopped and pulled away and gently blew, trying to circle her clitoris with my hot breath. I felt her begin to tense and her breath became shorter, small gulps inwards. I straightened my fingers and slipped them out of her fanny and then quickly back in, finger fucking her harder and faster, ht palm of my hand slapping against her clitoris as I finger fucked.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh’ she screamed as she climaxed, her hips bucking violently as she clamped on my fingers, her hips high in the air, her back arching, only her ankles and shoulders still in contact with the bed. As suddenly as she climaxed she relaxed and slumped back to the bed her breath returning to normal.

“You are naughty. It is supposed to be about you today.”

“Well now Margaret,” I replied, “why would you think I didn’t enjoy that?”

“Our Lord told me that I had to pleasure you, not that I should let you pleasure me again. It is wrong, so wrong.” She did look quite saddened, not what I would expect from someone that had just experienced a wonderful orgasm.

“My turn now” I said as I rolled over and lay above her Missionary style. I reached down and rubbed my hard cock along the furrow of her sex before pressing into her fanny. There was no resistance, she was soaking from her orgasm and I was easily fully inside her, my balls pressing at the area just where her arse crack met her fanny slit.

“Oooohhh” she whispered and I slowly withdrew a little before pressing in again. I began a gentle fuck, my cock feeling her heat of her fanny, the fuck easy with the juices of her climax. Faster and faster my movement, pressing in as hard as I could, the end of my cock bottoming out and pressing at her womb. I could feel her fanny pulses as she rose again, her tempo matching mine as I fucked, the slap slap slap echoing around the bedroom as I contacted onto her mons, a small pain in my balls as they pressed hard against her skin on the deepest of my strokes.

“Urgh, urgh, urgh,” she went at each of my in strokes and I was spurred to go harder deeper and faster. Faster, In, In , In, In and my moment approached, I could feel the tightening in my balls as they readied to erupt. “Urgh, urgh, urgh,” and then as my climax came and my spunk erupted from my cock into the depths of her fanny she let out a long

“eeeuuuurrrggghhhhh” followed by an “Aaahhhhh”. I cared not what noises she made, I was emptying my balls and filling her cunt.

My softening cock slipped from her fanny and I rolled onto my back and lay next to her just getting my breath back. That had been one of the best fucks I had had for ages, surprising to be honest, she didn’t really do much to contribute, and yet my orgasm was huge. My balls truly felt drained and my muscles throughout my body still felt as if they were in spasm and clenching.

“Oh” she said. “That was different.”

With my breath back I asked, “Different? How?”

“My husband never does that when he finishes in me, he doesn’t go all tense and shout, he just, well, pushes in a little harder and then that is it. He gets up and goes to the bathroom to wash himself.”

“Perhaps he doesn’t enjoy it as much, perhaps he just sees it as a duty? I don’t know. But I do know that you, Margaret, are a fantastic fuck.”

“Please, don’t use that word it is horrible. We made love.”

“Margaret, I am sorry, but love has nothing to do with it. It was simple sex. Fucking. Pleasure. For us both. And now your Lord should be happy as you have ‘pleased’ me, for you certainly have.”

“I need to go to the bathroom, it feels as if I am full to overflowing and I am leaking on your bed.”

‘Ah yes,’ I thought, ‘that’ll be an issue if Jools sees that. ‘I think a towel next time.’

After Margaret had gone, I checked the bed cover. There was indeed quite a wet spot. I cleaned it as best I could and used Jools’ hair dryer to dry the wet spot. As far as I could tell only a CSI would be able to tell what had happened there that afternoon. I took a shower to ensure that there were no tell-tale signs or scents on me, dressed, and then work, luckily I largely work to my own schedule, but the work still has to be done despite the interruptions.

It turns out there were issues at one of my sites, issues that could not be resolved via Zoom. I knew that meant a site visit. It was too far away to comfortably do there and back in a day, and so I arranged the site visit for the afternoon. I would drive up in the morning, stay in a local hotel, and then drive back home the following morning. Tedious, but sometimes the only solution is face to face and not computer screen to computer screen.

I gave Jools the good news over tea, that I would have to be away the next night. I wondered what she got up to when I wasn’t around. ‘Perhaps I might put a camera in our bedroom’ I mused. ‘But then, do I really want to know?’.

“Just you be careful,” she said.

“It’s just a drive up the motorway, hard hats and a lot of talking and telling people the way it is.”

“That is not what I meant, and you know it,” she said.

Yes, I did.

The site visit had been fractious. There were disagreements between the sub contractors and what they thought had been agreed. I went through the relevant parts of the contract agreement, walked the site with them and eventually got everyone on the same page. My view was that they had under-tendered and the costs were beginning to worry their accountants. Not my problem. It was gone six by the time I got to the hotel. I phoned Jools and then showered and put a T-shirt and some chinos on and went to the pub next door for some food.

There was a bit of a wait for a table, so I sat in the waiting area with a beer. Also sat there was a quite beautiful woman, impressive cleavage on show, flared skirt, heels and enough makeup on her face the give the cosmetics industry a real boost. “Hi” she said, “waiting for a table too?”

“Yeah, seems they are rather busy, odd for mid week I would have thought, but well, it is what it is.”

“There was a big event on at the showground, perhaps a few people have spilt over to here for food?” She smiled as she spoke and had a really friendly demeanour.

“If we are both waiting for single tables, should I tell them we don’t mind doubling up?” Well, why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say.

“Great yes, good idea. I am Trinnie.”

“Hi Trinnie, I am Jase. I’m going to refresh my drink whilst I am up there, do you want a top up?”

“Please, Hendricks and slimline please. No Ice.”

The food was okay, it was just generic pub fare. I had chicken, Trinnie had scampi. We chatted about nothing really, just had a few drinks, probably a couple too many as I think we were both a little tipsy, and then we paid our bills.

“I’m in the hotel next door” she said, “would you like to come back to my room? We can take things further there.”

I didn’t tell her I was also in the same hotel, “Oh yes, that would be lovely,” I answered, my groin perking up at the prospects for the evening. As we left the hotel she took my hand and we walked across to the hotel. “After you” I said as I held the door for her, ever the gentleman.

She was on a different floor to me, I always request ground floor, my view is it is easier to escape in an emergency, not that I expect them, but, well, you just never know. She was on the first floor. She opened her door and I followed her in. Her room was immaculate, unlike mine, no clothes strewn or dropped on the floor. She turned and kissed me.

Her lips were soft and I think she wore a lip gloss that made her lips quite slippery to the touch, and my lips were enjoying touching hers. I undid her blouse and my hands were all over her breasts, her nipples were really quite small, and I think her breasts were enhanced. They didn’t drop much when I unhooked her bra.

Trinnie dropped to her knees and undid the button and zip on my chinos, pulled them down and sucked my cock into her mouth. She was good. As she applied suction her tongue slowly worked around my rim and dipped into my slit. Wow that felt fantastic and I knew if she carried on I wouldn’t be able to hold back; I really wanted to fuck her, not simply get sucked off.

I took her head and pulled her up and off my cock. I pushed her back onto the bed and ran my hands up her thighs to her fanny. And I found her cock. Oh.

I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that. I have no objection to cock, I just prefer fanny, fanny is my first choice, not my only choice.

“I thought you knew” Trinnie said.

“No.” I replied as I bent down and took her (his?) cock into my mouth. Well, I had come this far, to throw a paddy would have been churlish. The evening wasn’t going to end quite as I expected. I gripped with my lips and pushed her foreskin back and ran my tongue over her cock head. I used my mouth to do a soft wank on her cock and my hands toyed with her balls, rolling them around inside her sac like marbles in a bag.

“I want you” she said, her voice husky and quiet, “I want to fuck you now.”

I got up and lent forward, my knees resting against the edge of the bed, my hands pulling the cheeks of my arse apart. I felt her lick my arse and then spit on it and rubbed it around my hole. Then there was pressure as she pushed her cock against me, relentlessly pressing until my arse began to cede and she entered me.

Slowly she entered until she was fully inside me, it was a feeling akin to needing a crap, but more pleasurable. Slowly Trinnie pulled back, almost out, and then pressed herself back in. Presumably satisfied that lubrication was enough, she began to fuck my arse. The tempo increased and the sound of her smacking against my arse cheeks in her in stroke was very erotic. Occasionally I felt a tingle as she grazed my prostate, but never that uncontrolled moment that can be intense and painful at the same time.

Faster she went and then she pushed in as hard and as deep as she had been and held it as she ejaculated into my bowel coming with a powerful orgasm before relaxing and her cock slipping from my arse. I could feel the cool air blowing into my gaping arse.

“You can fuck me know if you like” Trinnie said as I composed myself, “or just have a blow job if you like.

“It has been a long day, I’ll just get off if you don’t mind, being fucked was lovely but was enough. I don’t need to cum.” I didn’t really fancy fucking her if I was honest. Being fucked always takes it out of me, I probably should go first, but rarely think far enough ahead to plan it that way.


A few days later, it had been quiet in between, I had been tempted to go and surprise Greeta, but just never got around to it. Jools was at work and I had a quiet day. The front door opened and in walked mother.

“Only me.” She said; she always just walks in, one reason I always lock the door if I am entertaining. As usual, I had no idea she was descending on me. “You never ring,” she continued, “So I thought I would pop in and see if you are still alive.”

“I am, as you can see mother. How are you? How is dad?” I am not especially close to my family, I always felt they were a little clique that excluded me, no idea why I felt like that, no evidence I could point to.

“Your father is visiting your sister, she needs some help with something, I have no idea what.” Mother, basically, is and has always been a hippy. She wears long flowing dresses and has those tiny beads in her hair. In the summer she will often have flowers painted in bright colours on her face, and anywhere else that is visible. “So, is she looking after you properly?”

Mother rarely referred to Jools by her name, usually third person references, and I have no idea why. My parents were at our wedding, everything seemed very friendly, but I suspect it was only surface friendly. Very odd.

“What on Earth do you mean mother? Yes, of course Jools is looking after me, and I am looking after her.”

Mother came across and hugged me tight, pressing her whole body against mine.

“That is not what I meant Jason, I mean in the bedroom, is she looking after you properly?” And I swear she pressed her crotch against mine. Fortunately I was not aroused by my mother so there was little to press against. An erection whilst hugging my mother would be somewhat embarrassing.

“Mother that is not really a suitable question to ask your son.”

“Oh rubbish Jason, of course it is. Does she do everything you like? Does she? Does she leave you imaging other women, wondering what they would be like, would they do ‘that thing’ that your wife doesn’t?”


She stepped back a little and looked me up and down and I swear she lingered at my groin. “I presume everything is still working?” She asked, “only I didn’t get any reaction when I embraced you.”

“Mother!” This was surreal. “Mother, have they changed your medication recently or are you dropping acid again?”

“Don’t be cheeky. I am not taking any drugs or medication. Can’t a mother show interest in her son’s wellbeing?”

“Mother, it is not usual for mother to ask her son about his sex life.”

“Oh rubbish Jason, many mothers and sons are very close, just like a father and his daughter can be very close.”

What is she implying? My brain was turning summersaults.

“And you didn’t answer my question? Does your cock still get hard and function properly?”

“Mother, I am not answering that, suffice to say I have no medical issues. Now, do you want a cup of tea?”

“No.” And then she undid the ties of her dress across her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor, she stepped out of it. She was totally naked. My mother. In front of me, not a stich of clothing. Mother is not overweight, she carries a little extra around her stomach, her breasts are still on her chest and not drooping down and she is totally shaven and she has the largest inner lips I think I have ever seen.


“Oh stop it. You are a man, you are not a child, I am a grown woman, now get your clothes off and show me what a grown man can do with a woman’s body.”

“For fucks sake mother. Is this some kind of sick test?”

She turned around and bent forward, always supple, she placed her palms flat on the floor before her. Her sex was plump and shone as if beckoning. Her arse hole was pretty much the same skin tone as the rest of her and was just a little swirl of wrinkles. To my shame my cock got hard, very hard. Well, it had been a few days, and in the position, I couldn’t see my mother’s face, so my brain related it to an anonymous fanny.

She started up the stairs. “Come on Jason, I don’t have all day you know.”

Oh my God, this was just mad. I picked my mother’s dress up off the floor and followed her up the stairs. She was laying on the bed, her one leg crossing slightly over the other, obscuring my view of her fanny.

“Come on Jason, get your clothes off, I want to see that your cock works.”

“My God mother, what would dad say if he found out?”

“He would say ‘and about time too’.”

I pulled my shirt off and then pulled my trousers and pants down together, and stood naked before my mother.

“Don’t stand over there you silly boy, come over here and show me if you know how to properly lick a woman.” She uncrossed her leg and lay back, her sex open and available for me, her son, to avail myself of.

I got onto the bed and lowered my head between her knees to the fanny that a few decades ago she had ejected me from. Her aroma was faintly patchouli and her fanny lips glistened as they invited me in. I ran my tongue from her hole, along her furrow and circled her clitoris.

“Good,” she said, “at least you seem to know what to do, now make me cum son, make me cum.”

In this position I could not see her face, and as I licked and lapped along her fanny she began to make murmuring noises of pleasure. As I licked at her clitoris I slid two fingers inside her and finger fucked her, synchronising my tongue and my fingers, both pressed, and both relaxed together.

I remembered that when I lived at home I could hear the sounds of my parent’s lovemaking. Not surprising as they tended to leave their door open. One night I crept from my bedroom and looked through their door. Mother was on her knees and dad was pounding her from behind, mother grunting as he slammed in her.

The next day my sister had asked I had enjoyed the view? She had seen me standing at their door. She had seen my hard cock sticking out through the fly of my pyjamas. I had been too embarrassed to reply.

Mother spasmed, her fanny clamping my fingers and as she came she squirted a little. “Turn over,” I said, my intentions driven by that long forgotten memory. Her sex and her arse were pointing back at me, her head was turned face down on the bed.

“No,” she said, “Lay on your back.” Mother sat astride my legs, facing away from me and she dipped forward. Her fanny wet and inviting, she reached under herself and took my cock in her hand and ran my cock along the valley of her sex and, lining up with her hole, she pushed backwards and I re-entered my mother. Jesus it felt so good. She wasn’t tight, but neither was she loose, she was warm.

Her fanny swelled around my cock, her large inner lips wrapping around me and she began to rock back and forth.

“Oh Jason, finally” she said, “I have wanted your cock in me since before you were married. Why have you kept this for her and not given it to me?” There she goes again, not referring to Jools by her name.

“I don’t know mother.” I didn’t think I ought to let her know that I hadn’t just kept it for Jools, I had in fact been liberally sharing my cock hither and thither.

Mother had a steady rhythm and as I lay back I watched my mother’s fanny as it slid along my cock, opening wider as she almost let the head out then closing around my shaft as it filled her.

I couldn’t decide whether to embrace the fact that I was now a motherfucker or compartmentalise it and shove it to the back of my mind. In truth it had been many years since she had undertaken the ‘mother’ role, and in truth she was really just another woman I fucked.

She increased her rhythm and also started squeezing my cock with her fanny and I felt my moment approaching.

“Er mother,” I gasped, “I am about to cum.”

“Good. That’s the whole point” She went faster again, pressing down harder and there was no holding back, my cock exploded inside my mother and my mouth made undecipherable sounds, and stream after stream of my cum filled the inside of my mother, coated her fanny and filled her womb.

She climbed off me and simply said “tissue”.

I pointed to the bedside where a box of tissues was kept for just such occasions. She took a small wadge and rolled them into a round rod shape and pushed them into her fanny. “Good” she said, “that should stop me leaking onto the back of my dress and onto the car seat. Good to see that your cock seems in fully working order. Interesting therefore that I have no grandchildren.” She paused, and then added. “Yet.”

Oh shit, what did than mean? Jools and I had long ago discussed children and had agreed that neither of us really wanted them. We didn’t have the biological urge to bring up children, just the urge to practice the method of creating them. I assumed that mother was beyond child raising age. What if she wasn’t? Oh shit.

“I must get off,” she said as she stepped into her dress and started affixing the straps at her shoulders. “Your father should have finished with Jem by now. We’ll compare notes.” Jem is Jemimah, my sister.

“What do you mean, mother, compare notes.”

“Give marks out of ten and see who we think is the best shag.”

Oh Jesus H. Is everyone in my family fucking each other? Is that why I always felt excluded because I wasn’t?

“Well, if I had known I was in a competition, I would have tried a little harder mother.” I think my mind was close to being blown. Motherfucker.


Jools was at work, I had put my phone on mute and worked on a spreadsheet detailing the costs on one of my projects. The projection looked good, a healthy return. I had, however, forgotten to lock the door. I turned to the door as I heard it open.

“Hi Bro” Jem said as she walked in.

“Hi Jem.”

“Dad tells me that you have finally seen the light.”

“Light, what light Jem”?

“You shagged our mother.”

“Fucks sake Jem.”

“Took you bloody long enough. Where is Jools?”

“At work.”

“Right then, come on.”

“Come on what?”

“My turn now, upstairs.”

“Fuck off Jem, no.”

“I’m not good enough for you?” As she spoke she put her hands behind her and undid her dress letting it fall. Like mother, she was naked underneath.

“Jem, you are my sister. No.”

“No I am not good enough?”

“Don’t twist my words.”

“Get your clothes off motherfucker.”

“Oh, you’re Samuel L Jackson now?”

“Don’t be so fucking stupid. I am going upstairs and laying on your bed, and I am not leaving until you have shagged me. I will let you explain that to Jools. When she comes home I will just say, sorry I must have fallen asleep after.”

“Bloody hell Jem.” I followed her upstairs into the main bedroom. Jem is a good looker to be fair. Nice boobs that are still place high on her chest, not much of a lady tum, but a good clean shaven pubic mound, fat fanny lips and, like mother, big wrinkly inner lips that hang out and invite you in.

Jem was on the bed, on her knees and hands, her fanny pointing at me as I walked in the door. I dropped her dress onto Jools’ chair and started to strip. My cock, of course, had been ready to go from the second Jem dropped her dress, it knows no social boundaries, it knows just what to do when a fanny is presented.

I got on the bed and knelt behind Jem. My cock was just touching her perineum, sliding up and down. I grabbed it in my right hand and slipped it along her fanny valley, back and forth, rubbing my cock head as far as her clit.

“Mmm bro, just make sure you don’t miss the target.”

“Well, Sis, I guess that depends on what my intended target is.” Her fanny was wet and ready and I had no doubt I could easily enter and fuck her arse, but that was not my plan. I pulled my cock back and raised it a little, pressing it against her anus, pulled back and slammed into her fanny.


Apart from that exclamation she said nothing. Her fanny gripped my cock, her inner walls coming out with my cock as I fucked her. She rocked slightly on her arms as I pushed forward and steadied herself on my back stroke. Her fanny was deliciously wet and I was tempted to pull out and just lick it, but my cock had taken over control and there was no stopping.

I loved watching her inner walls come out with my cock, my cock glistening with the wetness of her arousal. I could feel the inside wrinkle of her hymen scar as my cock pushed in, and the pressure on my cock head as I pressed against her depth.

Jem started grunting a little and then panting and then she was rocking back and forth as we fucked. My balls began to tighten and I felt the familiar tenseness as my climax approached. I didn’t care if she was on the pill or what, she had initiated this, I was going to fill her fanny, and she would have to deal with any consequences.

“Oh fuck yes,” Jem cried out as I came, spurting inside her fanny, moments before she joined me, her fanny clamping hard, clenching in her orgasm and her back going rigid, before she fell forward, my cock sliding from her fanny, and as she lay forward I could see my white residue leaking from her gaping fanny.

She lay there for a few moments and then rolled over to look at me.

“Nice cock bro.” She said.

“Could do with a wash,” I said.

“Next time Bro, I am in a hurry,”

She rolled off the bed, grabbed her dress and was gone form the bedroom. A few moments later I heard the front door slam.

“Bye Jem” I said to the empty house as I set about ensuring no residues were left on the bed. Jools could have worked for CSI in another life. I kept meaning to invest in one of those ultraviolet lamp torches.


Jools had gone over to see her mother, and that usually meant a few hours of God knows what, but she was never there for the five minutes she said she would be. I was out front checking tyre pressures and oil levels in the car.

“Hello Jason,”

It was Margot from over the road, her side of the street higher than ours, but our side getting sun around the back garden pretty much all afternoon. The front of our house is cooler and darker, and that suits us, we prefer a warm back.

“Oh, hello Margot.”

“How are you Jason, you do seem to have been a busy bee lately.”

I couldn’t tell from her tone whether she was being curious or simply chatty.

“Well, yes Margot. Busy at work.”

“Oh, I see. If you have a few minutes, perhaps you could pop over, I have something I would like to show you and get your opinion on.”

What on Earth?

“Yes, certainly, give me five minutes to just wash up and I will come over.”

“Perfect Jason.” And off she went back home.

I had no idea what she would want. I put the various bits and pieces away, went in and washed my hands. A quick sniff test, yes I would pass muster, pulled the door too and headed off to Margot’s.

“Come in Jason,” she said as I walked up to her door, I guessed that she had been waiting for me, I didn’t get a chance to ring her door bell.

“Right then Margot, how can I help you?”

“Come upstairs, I have something I need you to see.”

I followed her up and we went into the front bedroom. There by the window was a telescope on a stand.

“Have a look through, it is all set up, you don’t need to touch, just look.”

I stepped up to the telescope and bent and looked through the eyepiece at my bed.

“You know voyeurism is a criminal offence Margot?”

“Regardless of whether it is, or it isn’t, I have an adapter that allows me to take photographs through it. Here have a look at one.” She had her phone in her hand and she turned it to me. It was Jools and I on the bed, naked and obviously fucking.

“Is that what you get off on Margot? Do you not have an internet connection? There are plenty of porn sites you can look at, you don’t need to spy on your neighbour.”

“Oh, but there is more, I am sure that you know that there is going to be more. I can also see into other bedrooms, like Greeta’s for example.”

“Your point being?”

“You have been a very busy boy. What does your wife think?”

“What arrangements I have with my wife is none of your concern Margot.”

“Okay. Fair enough, I may accidentally drop it into conversation when I ask her over for coffee.”

The rule that Jools and I had was discretion. Jools would not class fucking the neighbours as being discrete.

“So, blackmail is it?” That is all I could think off.

“Oh goodness me no, nothing so crass. You are obviously a very competent performer. I would like a similar performance.” She started to undo her blouse and gestured to me to start undressing.

“You want me to fuck you? Bloody hell Margot, all you had to do was ask.”

“What and risk refusal, no, this is much more precise and likely to give me the result I want.” By this point she was down to bra, knickers and stockings. I found it amusing that she wore stockings, and not hold ups either, proper good old fashioned suspenders hanging from a belt. I was glad I had done the sniff test.

I pulled my T-shirt up and off and undid and pulled down my chinos and then my pants. My cock was, of course standing fully to attention. Margot reached behind her and undid her bra, and her rather large and full breasts sank down her chest no longer benefitting from their support. Her knickers were next, leaving his with just a suspender belt and stockings.

Her fanny was immaculately trimmed, a perfect inverted triangle of short brown hair, tinged with a bit of grey, I guessed she didn’t tint down there. She stepped back and lay on the bed, looking at me.

“I can’t decide which way you prefer, you seem to vary quite a lot.”

“Just whatever feels right at the time Margot, and seeing as how you are on your back, I suggest that is the best way to proceed.”

I knelt on the bed between her legs and dipped forward and blew along the crease of her fanny. I heard her sigh, I could only hope it was an appreciative sigh. I ran my tongue lightly along her crease, and then on the return I pressed in, forcing her fanny open. There was a light aroma of lavender, I really preferred it when the only taste and smell was a woman’s fanny, and not some product or other.

I pressed at her clitoris with my noise and ran a finger in a circular motion around her entrance. I began to slip in more with each circle until I was inside a full knuckle. I withdrew my finger, licked her clitoris and pushed two fingers inside her. She was hot and wet inside, perfect. I widened my fingers and moved them about inside her. She seemed to like that.

I used my teeth to pull at her clitoris. Her clitoris was one of the largest I had ever seen, and I wondered if extra sensitivity came with extra size. I was using a finger from my other hand to keep her hood pushed out of the way , and it was all getting a bit crowded, I let not, pulled back and slowly pulled my fingers out of her.

I moved up until my face was level with hers, I leant forward and kissed her, smearing her lips with her own juices. I reached down and held my cock and slid it between the lips of her fanny and then settled it at her opening. A jerk of the hips and my cock was inside her, Margot gasped.

“God that feels good,” she seemed to like what I was giving her.

I started a slow fuck, pushing in as far as her fanny allowed and then pulling almost completely out, my cock hard and resisting the efforts of her fanny wall to expel me at the end of my stroke. My pubis was pressing against hers, her short hairs tickling and scratching, my chest pressed against her breasts, her nipples hard and rubbing.

I picked up the tempo, faster and harder I fucked her, her gulps turned to pants and her breath to grunts. She was gripping the bedsheet, screwing it between her fingers, and her legs started to rock as I fucked her with everything I had. My balls started to tighten and I knew I was close.

“Here you go Margot, I am about to fill your cunt with my spunk,” I was trying to crude, I was still annoyed with her, I had no desire for niceties, I was thrusting as hard as I could, I didn’t give a damn if it made her sore, I was determined that she would know she had been properly fucked.

I bucked and rammed and I spurted, three times I felt my ropes of spunk shoot inside her, and I heard my guttural cries as I climaxed.

Margot came too, she pushed her self upwards, her fanny pushed back hard at me and she gurgled and then slumped back on to the bed. I pulled back, my cock fell from her fanny. Kneeling back I looked at her crotch. Her fanny lips were red as was her pubic mound, her fanny was open and seeping white.

I stood up and took a tissue from her side table, wiped myself, and dropped the tissue on the bed. I dressed and as I finished I turned and said, “I would usually charge you for that service, who is the worse, the prostitute or the customer?”

I hoped I would shock her, embarrass her, but no, she just laughed.

“Don’t be an idiot. I’ll let you know when I want your services again.”


I was in Tesco looking at the wines, I wanted some Chateau Neuf, and the wine store in town had become stupidly expensive and so, having had good wine from Tesco before, I decided to give it a good look, there was one, Tesco Finest, that was around ten pounds per bottle cheaper than the wine store, I grabbed a couple to try.

“Hello Jason,” a voice over my shoulder.

It was Joyce, from just the other side of Greeta. She was retired and lived alone, somewhere in her sixties I supposed. I had no idea if she was a widow or divorced or a spinster even, she was just on our estate of mostly single people, and we had chatted a few times on warmer days when gardening work was happening.

“Oh hello Joyce, how the devil are you?”

“Good Jase, just get a few bits and pieces and then I’ll get the bus back. There’s only me, so I just get a few bits and pieces at a time, just what I need. I do like to look at what is reduced, sometimes I can get a real bargain.”

“If you want to get a bit extra, I can give you a lift back in the car, save you carrying it on the bus.”

“Oh that would be nice Jason, thank you.”

I said I would meet her at the exit, and went and got a few more odds. There were a couple of lobster in the freezer section, I got those and some new potatoes, that would be a nice meal for Jules and I, and then I went back and selected a Chablis to go with the lobster.

“Right then Joyce,” I said when we met up again, “I am just over here.” We pushed our small supermarket trolleys in a convoy to the car. I opened the boot and said “right pop your stuff in there, I’ll put mine behind the front seats and then I’ll take the trolleys back whilst you sit in and get belted up.”

Once that had all been sorted, we set off. Not too far a journey and I was soon pulling up outside Joyce’s house. “Right, you get your front door and I’ll bring your shopping up,” I said as I unclicked her seatbelt.

I grabbed her bags of shopping and as I got to her door she called out, “Just come in, kettles on, I will make us some tea.”

I pushed the front door to with my heel and walked through to the Kitchen. “Right then, on the table do?” I asked.

“Please Jason,” she replied, “how do you have your tea?”

“Oh, just a splash of milk please, if you use bags, leave the bag in, I like how it gets stronger as I drink it.”

“Go on, sit down in the front, I will bring your tea through. No ceremonies here.”

I went back to the front room and sat in the armchair, guessing she usually sat on the settee as it faced the TV and the chair did not. I didn’t expect us to be watching TV. After just a few moments Joyce came through with two cups of tea, putting one on a small table at the side of my chair, the other she took with her to the settee.”

“Thank you Joyce, well now, what do you think of our little estate?” We hadn’t, I didn’t think, talked about the estate when we had chatted before.

‘Oh I like it. I can sit here looking out of my window at all the comings and goings, it is quite interesting, and we have such a mix, Single mums, Divorcee’s, Couples like you and your wife, yes, such a mix and a lot of friendliness too, people talking to people, popping in for cups of tea. Yes, I love it, never a dull moment really.”

“Crumbs, you are observant,” I said, “you do catch a lot.”

“Well, I have little else to occupy my mind. I mean, I don’t judge, who am I to do that, but I do like to watch and then my imagination tries to give scenarios to what I see. Yes, very interesting, quite captivating really for a lonely person like me.”

“Oh goodness, I am sorry that you feel lonely, I guess on your own you probably are. Are there no clubs you could join?”

“Goodness, no, and anyway, clubs wouldn’t cure the loneliness I have.”

“I guess I don’t really know about loneliness then, sorry.”

“Well no Jason, you have a wife that you can hug or cuddle, I have none of that.”

“Oh. Well, yes, I guess, mind you, you can still be in a relationship with someone and be lonely you know, you don’t have to live alone for that.”

“I guess so, but that is not an option that I have, I am here, I am alone, I just have my window to watch the world. It is not as if I could borrow someone now is it?”

This was an interesting turn of conversation, I had to be careful how I responded, I may have misunderstood her completely.”

“I don’t know Joyce, could you not?”

“I am not sure how I would even start a conversation like that.”

“Joyce, let me ask you this, is that what you would like to do, honestly I mean, borrow someone for intimacy, is that what you are saying?”

“Yes. But it would have to be someone very discrete, I don’t want to get a reputation.”


“No, of course not.”

“So, what do you think?’

“What do I think? Well, yes I guess so.”

“You guess so what Jason, are you discrete?”

“That is my middle name.”

“Shall we go up?”

“Before we do, can I ask you, is your bedroom at the front or the back?”

“At the back, why, why difference does it make?”

“Because Margot likes using a telescope to spy into people houses and she can see into your front room.”

“Does she now, silly woman. Well, she will get nothing from here. Nothing to see in my front room upstairs except a chair and a side table for when I sit and watch the world go by.”

I stood up and waved my hand as if to tell her to lead the way. I followed her up and into her bedroom at the rear. Both bedrooms are much the same size, and I guess people tend to use the front room as the main simply because it is at the front. Jools and I had never really thought about it, I might talk to Jools about it and see what she thinks. The back would be much quieter.

Joyce pulled her bedcovers right back, her sheets were a pale lemon, and her quilt cover was silver and black dots on a lemon background. There was a chair on one side and fitted mirrored wardrobes across one end.

“You can put your clothes on the chair” Joyce said as she pulled her bedroom door to. “No way she can see in now unless her telescope has X Ray capability.”

I pulled my T-Shirt over my head and placed it on the chair, undid my belt and fly and pulled both my trousers and my pants down and off. I went and lay on the bed and watched as Joyce undressed. She undid the buttons on her blouse and slipped her arms out, it went on the chair. Her skirt was next, a button and zip on her left side. She was stood in bra, panties and tights.

Bra and panties didn’t match, but then I don’t suppose she dressed other than for function when she put her clothes on this morning. Bra undone and off, her boobs sagged down her chest and I couldn’t help but notice that she had really quite big nipples, fat and tall, they stood out from her chest. Tights and panties went down as one, and I was surprised that she was almost completely shaven, just a small landing strip above her fanny.

She came across and lay next to me on the bed. “It has been a while,” she said.

“I am hoping that is it like riding a bike then,” I said wondering what was going to be the best way to start.

“Me too, this time, our first time, can we just, you know, do it, not any of the other stuff, could we save that?

“Joyce, we will do whatever you want.” I leaned across with my arm and ran a finger down her fanny crease, “Just seeing if you are ready,” I said as I pressed my finger into her. She was wet, no foreplay required today.

I rolled over and was above her, I reached down and ran my cock along her fanny crease and then pushed into her, slowly, but insistently until I was fully in, my balls resting against her thighs.”

“Oh goodness, that is such a good feeling,” she said as she put her arms around my back and pulled me to her. “Now, shag me.”


“How do you feel about moving our bedroom to the back?”

“Why,” Jools asked.

“It is the same size room, it is quieter, no one can see in, and it will be warmer in winter.”

“Hot in summer though.”

“True. Yeah. Okay.”

“No, it is a good idea, I mean we chose the front because, well, it was the front.”

“Yes, that is what I thought. We could leave the front room in case we need a guest room.”

“Unlikely Jase, no one stays really, we don’t have that lifestyle.”

“Okay, true, and I am going to add cameras, not to spy, but ones that will only work when the alarm is on, so, if we are out and someone breaks in, we should get footage to give the police.”

“Only work when we are out?”


“You sure? Only I don’t want someone hacking our camera and watching is in bed.”

“No, oh okay , no voyeurism then?”


“Okay then.” Well that was easier than I thought. Margot would no longer be able to spy on me, and I would be able to see what happened in the room when I wasn’t there.

I ordered the cameras from Amazon, they were on a next day delivery, I ordered one for each room upstairs, and one for each room downstairs, and then one for the front drive and one for the back garden. That should cover all the options.

“I’m going for a shower.”

“Would you like me to wash your back?”

“Do you really feel the need to ask? Wow.”

Jools headed off to the bathroom. I had thought about getting some of that anti spy glass for the front bedroom, the stuff where you can only see straight ahead, not sideways. It had been invented to stop glare on screens and monitors but was now also marketed in the security field. If Jools had ruled out moving then I had intended to buy some, that would foil Margot.

I stepped in behind Jools and reached around her for the sponge. Soaking it in the hot water, I wrung it out and squirted it with gel. I started at her neck, rubbing, and lathering along her shoulders and then slowly down her back, ensuring to get a decent amount of side boob as I went.

I added more gel and started at her waist and then worked down between her cheeks, as I moved she widened her legs. I worked down her crease and then underneath, the sponge going into her nooks, and my finger into her crannies. She started to hum appreciatively, and I began to get very hard.

I rubbed soap onto my cock, leant forward and pushed into her fanny.

“Ooh, inside and out,” she said as I began a nice slow fuck, my hands covered in soap massaging her boobs as she rocked with me.

We were so soapy and slippery it was difficult to stay inside her, I couldn’t get carried away as my cock would have come out, slow and gentle it was. I pushed in as far as I could on each stroke, and only partially withdrew. I considered fucking her arse, but I don’t like to do that too often with Jools, she accepts it, rather than embraces it. I try to save it for when she feels she needs to say sorry for something.

I could feel my climax approach and I whispered in her ear, “I am coming baby, going to fill you up.”

She just murmured, and as my balls tightened I moved my hands from her boobs, down her front and pressed at her clitoris. “Oh God,” I gasped as I released inside her, emptying my balls and filling her fanny. My cock softened and fell from her, covered in soap, any last drips from my cock were hidden.

“I think you will need to wash me again,” she said.

“Now?” I asked.

“You’ll probably need a few minutes,” she answered.

The cameras arrived and I installed them using double sided sticky tape so as not to make holes in the walls. Using the app on my phone I connected each one and was happy with the results. They were infra-red equipped, so I would need for it to get fully dark before I could properly test them, but during daylight they were excellent. I did set them up and connect them to the alarm, and they would record when there was movement and the alarm was set.

I showed Jules.

“When we leave and set the alarm, that puts the camera’s into detect mode. If anyone is in the house, they will be recorded. They won’t record if the alarm is off.”

“Okay good. Can anyone hack into them?”

“I doubt it, the password is computer generated, even I have no idea what it is, it just recognises my phone and gives me access, and we have a firewall on our router, which, as you know, should give us good protection. Obviously security experts like MI5 could, but why would they want to.”

“Good. I might ask the techies at work to see if they can hack our cameras.”

“Good plan, but, just to make it a real test, don’t tell them anything, just say, I have a security camera at home, can you try and hack it and show me?”

“Okay, but why would that be a real test?”

“Because real hackers won’t know anything about us, so neither should your techies at work.”

“Fair point.”


A few days later, I had to go away for a site meeting. Jools had helped me pack, I always forget something, I mean, every time. It seems to be in my DNA, it is something that makes Jools laugh.

When I got to the hotel and got my room pass it was quite late. I managed to get a table in the restaurant but all they could offer me was Steak and Chips. That was fine, I love steak, so no issue.

“Hello you.” I said on facetime, “I am here and this is my room for the next two days.” I turned the phone around and showed her the room.

“Small.” She said.

“Yes, and I think the lens makes the room look bigger than it actually is. Luckily this hotel has no cats.”

“Ah, yes, for the swinging of.”

“Exactly. Anyway, I am beat and am going to hit the sack.” We made the usual kissy noises and the like and I ended the call.

I lay there in bed and using the app I checked the house, I could use each camera to see each room, it would only record if the alarm was on. That was a detail I may have forgotten to share with Jools. Oh dear.

Jools was just pottering around in her robe. I guessed she had showered earlier and hadn’t bothered to get dressed, only to have to get undressed to go to bed. We hadn’t moved rooms yet, so the backroom was empty apart from a chair and some boxes, it showed up well on the infrared, all black and white, but perfectly clear.

Whilst I had the app open I changed the settings for our bedroom to record any movement. Well, you never know.

The site meeting went well, but lasted all day. My plan was to stay at the hotel and then drive home early in the morning. I checked in with Jools via facetime from my room, she was sat on the settee eating a paella and watching something on TV. I told her I was heading to the restaurant and then going to have an early night as I wanted to set off early in the morning.

I had Pork chop followed by a sticky toffee pudding and a bottle of Chablis with dinner. All very nice. The restaurant was pretty empty as was the bar and I decided to just go and lay on the bed in my room.

I opened the app, and out of idle curiosity and not expecting anything, I looked at the history.

At around twelve, during the day, Jools pulled up on the drive and got out. A man also got out from the passenger side. Oh. I wondered if it was someone from work and that she had just popped home for something. I also saw her enter the house but then the camera stopped recording when she turned the alarm off.

The next thing recorded was in our bedroom. Jools in the bedroom and pulling the bed covers back. The man was stood behind her. He said something about the camera, the sound quality was poor, and Jools said that they only work when the alarm is on, so it was fine.

She undid her blouse and then her bra, putting both on the chair, her skirt and pants followed. Jools then lay on the bed, her feet facing the camera. The man had also undressed and his clothes were on my chair. His back was to the camera so I didn’t get a good view of his cock.

“Come on Ali,” Jools said, “we don’t often get this chance, hurry up, I have to get back.”

‘No,’ I thought, ‘you don’t often get this chance.’ I am not the pot that calls the kettle black, I kind of knew that she fucked around, there were the occasional signs, the most obvious being a loose fanny when we fucked in the evening. She was usually quite tight, but every now and again, she was loose. She was clean, there were no discernible signs of another man’s sperm, and I just assumed she washed well, or that he had used a condom.

My condom suspicion proved accurate as he reached into a pocket in his trousers and pulled out a small packet. His trousers fell on the floor and he bent to pick them up.

“Leave them,” Jools said, “let me put the rubber on.”

He threw her the packet and approached the bed, standing at the side facing her, now I could see his cock. Yeah, it was okay, but he did seem to have very big balls. Jools tore the wrapper and then unrolled the condom over his cock.

He got onto the bed and lay over her, his hand reaching down and fisting his cock into her.

Jools made suitably appreciative noises and he started fucking. The camera did give me a good definition and I watched his balls as they swung underneath him. The cheeks of his arse quivered as he fucked, and Jools had her nails buried into his back. ‘Explain those marks to your wife,’ I thought.

It wasn’t long before they finished. To be honest it was not what I would call impressive. When I fuck Jools, there is usually a fair amount or oral before the actual, and unless she fakes it, she usually has impressive orgasms. This was really just a fuck, I didn’t see what she was getting out of it. Was the risk worth it?

He rolled off her and pulled the condom off, tying the end to stop leaks. He placed it on the wrapper that Jools had left on the bedside and started getting dressed.

It was all a bit of an anti-climax to be honest. As a porn show it was less than a one out of ten, Jools didn’t seem to get much out of it and the man, Ali, just seemed to get his rocks of and get ready to leave. There was no fondling, no touching, no kissing, nothing, literally just a fuck. I wondered what it was all about.

“That is you nearly clear now,” he said as they left the bedroom.

I couldn’t hear what Jools said in response. I wonder what she owed him that her payment was a fuck or two. Interesting.

My hotel room door knocked. I was naked and wasn’t expecting anyone. I grabbed a towel to cover myself and opened the door. It was Selina, the office girl who usually made the arrangements and sometimes came along to take minutes. We usually flirted around the office, harmless and never going to go anywhere.

“Quick, let me in.” She said and pushed past me.

“What? You okay?” I asked.

“Bloke in the bar kept pestering me, I wasn’t interested but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“Oh, had he had too much to drink?”

“Are you saying a man has to be drunk to be interested in me?”

“Shit no, Sel, but too much drink can make a man forget his manners.”

“Good, only that would have been rude, especially after all that you had said in the office.”

“I wasn’t being rude, and what did I say in the office?”

“Oh lots of things, like how you would like to get me alone in a hotel room, for one.” Yes, I did say that, and lots more too, but then, I never expected to be alone in a hotel room with her.

“I did say that didn’t I?”

“Yes, and now, here we are, alone in a hotel room. Now you have me here, what would you like to do?”

I let my towel fall to the floor, it was partially slowed by a brief hang up on my cock.

“Oh. Looks like I chose the right room,” Selina said as she stepped forward and put her fingers around my cock.

“Where do we go from here Sel?” I asked her, “only you do seem to be wearing a lot of clothes.”

I stepped back and she let go of my cock. She put her hands behind her back and undid the clasp on the dress and let it fall. Her boobs are impressive, I am not normally a tit man, but you can’t really ignore hers. Her hands around her back again and her bra joined her skirt. I wondered if her boobs were natural as they didn’t really drop much when she took the bra off. Her thong was next and there she was, naked. No hair around her fanny, big tits with nice nipples and her fanny slit was a bit higher up the front than most women I encounter.

I went back and lay on the bed and Selina came and joined me, kneeling on the bed she put her mouth round my cock and sucked. A wet sloppy suck and then she started to slide her mouth up and down my cock, as her fingers played with my balls. I lay back and enjoyed the sensation of being mouth fucked with a huge pair of breasts dangling just above my knees.

As she sucked, she started to move round and then turn around and straddle me, her fanny coming down to rest on my mouth. It would have been rude not to, so I returned the favour, and I licked her crease and sucked her clitoris. I managed to get a hand near her fanny and I slowly inserted two fingers into her and then crooked them as I used my teeth on her clitoris.

She was working on my cock, but as she was working it so loosely, I didn’t feel as if I were approaching a climax, it was nice, very nice, but it was not leading to an ending, happy or otherwise.

Selina was, on the other hand, getting off. I wiggled my fingers inside her, widening and scissoring in one moment, together and crooked like a two fingered come along in another. After a few moments of finger exercises I started a finger fuck. Slowly out, slowly in, my fingernail dragging across her internal wrinkle scar as I went.

Selina started to pant as she mouthed my cock, my fingers moving faster inside her, harder and as deep as my fingers could go. Selina let go of my cock and sat up, and then quickly scooted down the bed and impale herself on my cock.

She was facing away from me and as she moved up and down on my cock her arse seemed to wink at me. My cock stretched her fanny and the view looking down as she moved was erotic and hot to say the least. Up and down she bobbed, her fanny sliding over my cock, her inner wall coming out a little as she rose, gripping my cock, her juices lubing it and giving my cock a lustrous glow.

“Oh fuck yes shit” Selina panted as she rose and fell, her doing all the work was an ease on my back that was for sure.

“Yes, Jesus I hoped you’d be good,” she gasped, “and oh, fuck.” The last almost a scream and she slammed down on me, forcing my cock as far inside as it could go, a hand pressing her crotch, her clitoris perhaps, from my angle it was difficult to tell. Her fanny clamped hard on my cock and my balls twinged and I filled her.

Selina lay forward, my cock still inside her fanny, white seeping down it and as my cock softened there was a gloop sound and her fanny expelled my cock. As I looked down her fanny twinged and a big dollop of my white came out.

“Okay?” I asked, although if I am honest I didn’t really care if she wasn’t. This was in every sense of the words, just a fuck.

“Shit, yeah. I’m just going to stay here a bit if you don’t mind, I’ll go back to my room in a bit.”


Jools was away at work, the day was warm and sunny and I had spoken to my site men, updated my spreadsheets and pretty much decided that today was a day for the garden. Jools was away working in Birmingham and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.

I texted Greeta a (!) and wondered if she would understand. A few moments later my door knocked.

“Come in,” I said, “Jools is away until tomorrow.”

“No,” she said, “come round to mine, we can go in my garden, and you can explain that text.”

“Okay. Just look at the text, what does it look like it might represent?” I grabbed my keys, followed Greeta, locking the door behind me, realising I had left my phone behind. Oh well.

I followed Greeta into her house resisting the urge to wave at Margot as I shut Greeta’s front door behind me.

“I don’t know, what is it supposed to look like?” Greeta asked over her shoulder as we walked through the house to her garden.

“It’s supposed to be a fanny. Look at it again.”

She looked down at her phone, turned the phone around and then back again.

“Oh yes, I suppose it does. Clever.”

Her garden, as small as all of them, had shrubs around the edge and was bathed in sunlight.

No 14, the house between us were away during the day, the child at school and the mum didn’t usually come home after the morning school run. I didn’t know about No 10, her neighbours the other way.

“Get your clothes off then,” Greeta said.”

“What about you?” Being the only one naked wasn’t quite in my plans.

“Oh, don’t you worry, now get naked and get on the ground and shut your eyes.”

I stripped as she demanded and lay down. The grass needed a cut and tickled my sides and balls where I hadn’t squashed it.

“Star shape and eyes shut,” she instructed. I made the required star shape and shut my eyes, sneakily watching through half closed eyelids as she went into the kitchen and returned with a tea towel.

“I thought you might sneak a peek,” she said and placed the tea towel over my eyes, now I couldn’t cheat.

I could hear her as she walked around and I could hear strange noises but couldn’t figure them out. Then I felt a sharp press at my right wrist.

“Ouch,” it didn’t hurt but as I didn’t know what she was doing, I thought a little exaggeration was the order of the moment.

“Don’t be such a baby.” I felt the same pinch at my left wrist and then both ankles. I felt the tea towel being removed.

“Okay, you can look.”

I opened my eyes and went to roll to my left to look, but I couldn’t move my arms or legs. I was pinned down with large pins.

“Okay. What?”

“I was given a croquet set, but it came with no balls, and then I thought, I knew someone who had a nice big set of balls that might come in handy, the pins are pinning you down, and now I can play with the balls.”

She then walked over and stood above me, directly above my face, I looked up, of course. The view was wonderful. Her dress stood out as her legs were apart, and beautifully framed between was her fanny. She crouched down and rubbed her fanny along my nose and across my mouth, I did the best I could to lick her fanny, but she seemed in a playful mood and moved herself too quickly.

She stood again, stepped back and reaching behind her she undid the catch at the top of her dress, letting it fall to the grass just behind my head. Now we were both naked. I tried to wriggle my wrists free, but the angle was wrong and I didn’t have enough strength in my wrists to lever them free.

Greeta knelt between my legs and lowered her head to my groin. I couldn’t lift my shoulders far enough up off the ground to be able to clearly see what I was doing. Whatever it was, this was Greeta’s game to play. I felt her blow on my balls, a gentle hot breath and then a small nip.


“I’ve already told you, don’t be such a baby.” Another nip and then a hand around my cock and a slow wank. After a few moments of personal attention Greeta raised herself and said:

“This is too one sided.”

“Sorry I can’t help.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

1st December 2023

 Est Terminée

Mum called me into the living room when I got back. Anne, Jase’s mum was there.

“I can’t allow you to get into that position again sweetheart. My actions have put you at risk, and I cannot let that happen again.”

“I am fine mum.”

“Yes, I know that you think that you are fine, but these tablets have changed our perceptions of things around us. We don’t see danger, our brains are ignoring the warning signs.”

“I can recognise them mum, Anne, tell her.”

Jase’s mum spoke up, “I agree with your mum love. Look at what we are doing, we are at risk, all of us, what happened to you, would have, could have, happened to any of us and none of us would have seen the signs until it was too late, and next time, someone could be injured or worse.”

“I have had a long telephone conversation with the pharmaceutical company today, I have explained what has been happening, I have given chapter and verse as far as I know it about all of us, what we have been doing, what we have not been doing, and the near miss that you experienced.”

“What did they say mum?”

“They said that they would send me some replacement tablets, and some to Anne too, that would manage our HRT requirements, but that had a reducing dose of the other ingredients that they were testing. By the end of the month we will be finished with them, and our lives should return to normal.”

“Why not just stop taking them if they are so dangerous mum?”

“They say that our bodies, especially our brains, become dependent on some of the ingredients, and just sopping can be very dangerous and can have life changing consequences.”

“Oh. Perhaps they shouldn’t be able to sell them then.”

“They aren’t, we have been doing what they call a clinical trial, it was of the stages before the drug is proposed for approval.”

“Will it go forward for approval?”

“I have no idea, they obviously will not discuss what other triallists have found, what effects they have experienced. The simply went on what I told them. They totally agree it is too dangerous for us to continue, and even if we decided t continue, they will not allow it.”

“Oh. Don’t I get any input?”

“Love, this isn’t a punishment. What happened the other day was exceedingly serious, and I think it is the effect of the medication that is stopping you from seeing it.”

“So, that’s it? The end?”

“In a way yes.”

“In what way mum?”

“Anne and I have had a long chat and we agree that what ever anyone in our families wants to carry on doing in our families is fine as long as all participants agree.”

“So, if Dad and I or Jase and Anne or you and I wanted to carry on having sex, we could?”

“Yes. Now of course you could just carry on anyway, you are legally of the age to do so, but, and this is important, to do so in a hidden way would destroy our families, and so, we feel, that the best thing is, that if any one of us want to carry on as we did, then there will be no judgement, there will only be acceptance, and, this is important, if any of us don’t want to carry on, then no one will pressure them to do so. No must mean no.”

“Oh. I guess.”

Anne spoke up, “In a month’s time Naomi we will all know how we feel about things, at the moment we only feel what the medication allows us to feel. My only hope is that we return to normal that we don’t look back on these past three months and feel massive regret or worse.”

What could I say? The decision was out of my hands. Mum and Rachel had somehow decided what was best for all of us. No discussion, just done. Dusted. Over.

I just said “whatever” and got up to go to my room. “I have studying to do.”


It is now six weeks after mum and Anne came off the tablets. It was about two weeks before I started seeing things differently, before I accepted that what had happened between us all was never right in any sane world, and about four weeks after that we stopped having sex with anyone other than our partners..None of us have or want to have sex with our parents or offspring. I sleep in my own room again, sometimes Jase stays over, sometimes I stay at his. Doors are closed, robes are worn, privacy is respected. I still hear mum and dad having sex, not as frequently, but several times a week, and Jase says he hears his mum and dad too.

My various friends, Sarah, Bren and Ash are still my friends, they don’t know about the medication, and all just think it was a phase we were going through, we are friends, but not lovers.

Neighbours are just neighbours, we have shared BBQ’s and often host dinner parties, all except Celia and Phil. One night their Pampas grass caught light and was destroyed, no one knows how it happened, none of the neighbours speak to them or invite them over. I saw last week a for sale notice in their front garden.

Life has returned to normal. For us, but then, there may have been many other families going through what we experienced that may not have a life returned to normal.

Thank you for reading.

30th November 2023


I still slept with dad and mum. Dad cuddled me but made no advances. I did wake in the night with mum and dad shagging, and again in the morning. I lay there trying to ignore them, it wasn’t that I didn’t want shagging, but I wanted it to be with Jase before anyone else, ignoring the day before with his mum in a field.

I texted Jase, just a question mark a space and then an X as a kiss.

I got two X’s back. Then ‘woods?’

I responded ‘on my way.’

I got up and washed, skirt bra, pants top on and shouted goodbye and was out of the front door before mum or dad could interrogate me.

We both arrived at the car park at the same time. He just pulled me to him and hugged.

“Sorry” he said. “I was a tit.”

“A bit, yeah, but I understand why.”

He took my hand, and we walked our little path along the edge and found our way to our clearing.

“It wasn’t me that had that awful thing happen to them, it was you, and all I could think of was my hurt feelings.”

“I am sorry I hurt them.”

“I know. Mum gave me a right bollocking yesterday afternoon, said I was an insensitive oaf, and she would be very surprised if you ever wanted to see me again.”

Interesting, a bit of adult psychology there by the sounds of it.

“Oh,” I said. “She came to see me and we talked, and once she knew what had happened she was upset, she said that we were too young to deal with what had happened. She said she would talk to my mum and they would come up with something.”

“She said she saw you,” good job I fessed that up then, “and that what you had been through was traumatic even for a grown woman, not a fledgling woman, yes, she called you a fledgling, and that I had acted insensitively and that she was ashamed of me.”


“Later, after she must had told dad, dad just called me a ‘bloody idiot that is throwing away something so good that I didn’t know I had it.’ And, yeah, I think he was right.”

“Oh? You are not going to throw away whatever it is that is so good?”

He soft punched me on the shoulder. “Idiot,” he said.

“Oh, he meant me?” I laughed. The first laugh I had in two days. Jase can make me feel so good, it just seemed to have take ‘the happening’ to make me, and him, realise what we had.

“Shit,” I said, “I am scared.”

He hugged me in tight, “scared of what?”

“What we have become, I think we were always on the path to it, but now it is here and it is scary.”

“I know. You were my first and now I want you to be my only and my last.”

“I know, I am the same, but what about our parents?”

“How about we say that they don’t count whilst our mums are taking the tablets?”

“Okay, yes, I can do that.” Could I, I wondered, I still get those unbelievable feelings and do things when I am with other people, could I really keep my end of the promise.

We cuddled and tentatively touched each other. I was still a little sore inside, ‘Gently,” I said, “but I want you inside me.”

After we had parted, Jase still needed to go to work, I had missed one days college, but could soon catch up, I walked slowly home. I waved at Sandra who waved back and made a come in gesture, I shook my head and mouthed a ‘sorry, I can’t’, and I opened up and went indoors, making a conscious effort not to lock the door behind me.

I was sat in the lounge, daydreaming really, sipping water, when dad came home.

“Good,” he said as he saw me in the lounge. “Glad to see you are moping around.”

I gave him the raised eyebrow and he laughed and squeezed my shoulder.

“How’s my best girl?” he asked.

“I’m good dad.” And I was, Jase and I were sorted and the horrors were behind me.



“Do you want to go upstairs then?” Was this a test I wondered, and anyway , the events had not involved cocks down my throat.

“With you? Of course I do.” I put my glass of water down, stood up and gave dad a kiss on the lips and headed up stairs.

In our bedroom I stripped off my top and bra and was stood in skirt and panties when dad walked into the room.

“Looking good sweetheart.”

“I try to for you dad.” I undid my skirt and let it fall and then turning away from him I bent forwards and slowly removed my panties. I like to give my dad the best view.

I straightened up and turned around, dad was naked too. He walked towards me and scooped me up and placed me on the bed, bent forward and licked my fanny.

It felt good. No horror images, nothing giving me mental grief, just my dad and me, shagging. I held his head loosely in my hands as he ran his tongue up and down my fanny crease, his tongue pressing in, separating my lips, his tongue delving along my valley. I closed my eyes and let dad do it all, it would be a treat. I felt fingers at my entrance, and then two entered me, his tongue still in my valley, I could feel my temperature rising and my boil approaching.

I was really enjoying the fingering, my fanny was being nicely and randomly stretched not simply being pummelled, and dad’s teeth chewing at my clitoris or his tongue sliding in my valley was really working. I felt a twinge between my bottom and my fanny, I felt my nipples tighten and harden and I felt the electrics as they shot from my fanny, heading north, south, east and west.

My back tightened and began to arch, nothing constraining it, no pain just pleasure and my climax exploded through me, intense pleasure at my every point, me screaming my delight and squeezing dad’s head between my thighs as my orgasm pulsed through me.

I lay back, gasping, laughing at my moment, pleasure not pain, relaxed not tense. I was back.

29th November 2023

Secrets Told

I was laying under our tree in our clearing, I had told Jase I would meet him here rather than in the car park, I told him I had to tell him something.

“Hello you” Jase said as he walked through the shrubs and small trees to our nicely hidden clearing.

“Hello lover,” I replied, “come and sit with me a bit.”

“Are you alright?” He asked after kissing me as he sat.

“I am now, yesterday was not so good.”

“Oh. Tell me.”

I gave him the broad outline of what had happened, pretty much line by line, I don’t think I missed anything. It was less painful to tell than I thought it would be.

“Oh my God.” Then he was quiet. “And you are okay today just a bit sore? And is your mum going to stop taking the tablets?”

“Yes, I’m okay just sore, dunno about mum.”

“I guess we need to be more careful. That sounds like a lucky escape.”

“I have thought about it, and really don’t think that they would have done anything to hurt me, not on their doorstep, not when so many people would have seen us together on the bus, no I think they are just weirdos.”

“I think we need to have a think about the whole thing.”

“Yes. I am seemingly incapable of saying no when sex becomes an option. It is not that I think about it all the time, I don’t, I just don’t seem able to say no.”

“I am the same. Dad, mum, Mrs Jalowski, none of these are people I should be fucking.”

“Agreed.” Well, yes, but I still wanted to shag my dad.

“But,” I said, “I do like shagging my dad.”


“Yes. And I enjoyed your mum. Your dad, not so much so.”

“Well, you only did him that once.”

“Actually no, sorry, he came round to my house the day after and I sucked him and sent him home to shag your mum.”

“Oh. You didn’t say.”

“No. There are a few other people I didn’t tell you about either.”


“Yeah, look, there are Sandra and Pete from next door, Brian from the other next door, Jamie McAlister I did tell you about, my friends, Ash, Bren and Sarah.” I decided to stop there, that would be enough.

“Why didn’t you mention any of them?”

“Because I never intended to have sex with any of them, it just happened, unplanned.”

“And you think this is all because of the tablet your mum is on?”

“Yes, I have a theory that it has more affect on me because we have two women in our house, the pheromones sort of get maxed up. You only have one woman in yours.”

“You’re not on the tablets though?”

“No, but mum and I already were affected by each others pheromones, our periods synched quite soon after mine started, and we always seem to be in the same mood, be it good or bad.”

“Yes, you could be right, but I am pissed that you didn’t tell me.”

“I know, and I am sorry.”

“I think I am going to go home and have a think.”

“Oh.” So it seems I have fucked things up with my boyfriend.

Jase got up and headed off back through the shrubbery, I sat there unsure what to think. I knew I should be more emotional about it, but it was just like the sex, it just happened and I seemed incapable of doing anything about it.

I got up and slowly walked home, luckily when I got home there was no one in and I just slumped on the settee, not really thinking, just slumping. Probably a shit day, but I seemed unable to come to that conclusion.

A couple of hours later, the door knocked, it was Jase’s mum. “Come on Natalie, get in the car with me, I need to talk to you.”

I had nothing else to do, no college work, not that I gave a hoot about college at the moment, so I just shrugged, locked the door behind me and got into her car. She didn’t say anything, she just drove up into the countryside and parked up on a verge near a farmers gate.

“Let’s get in the back, the windows are dark there, no one can see in, and we can talk in private.” She got out and shut the front car door and got in the back. I mentally shrugged and got in the back with her.

“What has happened? Have you guys split up? Jase is in a funk and won’t say anything.”

“I think he dumped me.”


“Because something awful happened to me yesterday and I was trying to be honest with Jase and I told him about people I had sex with that he didn’t know about. He didn’t like it and just basically said he needed to think and walked off, not even a kiss.”

“What awful thing Natalie, can you tell me?”

I told her the gist of my experience with Pete and Celia. She looked at me aghast, turned and hugged me, “Oh baby girl that is awful, you are way too young to deal with that and Jason has no idea how to process that kind of information.”

“I know. Mum said it is the tablet’s fault and she is going to probably talk to you and stop them, but it isn’t, it was just me, not realising what I was getting myself into. I told it all to Jase and about a couple of other people I had sex with that he didn’t know about , and it was all too much for him.”

“Oh. I see.”

“You know what it is like, it is not that I want sex all the time or even think about sex, I don’t, it is just that sometimes I am in a position where sex becomes an option and my body just says ‘yes.’ You felt that the other day with me.”

“Yes. I think it is difficult for men to understand how different it is for us women.”

“I know and I can’t explain it to him because I don’t have the words and he isn’t a woman.”

“I understand Natalie.” She turned around slightly and hugged me to her and that felt really good.

“I end up having sex with every one of my girlfriends, you know from school, it is not planned, we just hang out together, and it happens, and all of my girlfriends are straight, or are when they are not with me.”

“I know exactly how they feel Natalie,” Anne said quietly.

“Yes,” and then I realised what she had said, “oh, sorry, it is happening again isn’t it, sorry. I don’t mean it to.”

“I know that you don’t, and it is very difficult to resist.”

“You don’t have to resist,” I said softly, wondering where my inner voice came from.

She looked at me and hugged me tighter and I felt wonderful, it was as if the events of the day before had dissolved and gone away. I found my hand on her right breast, and I squeezed.

“Oh God, Natalie,” she murmured and her head dipped to me and she kissed me. “Oh God, I mean, I shouldn’t.”

“But,” I whispered, “we both want to,” and my hand dropped to her leg and slid up her thigh to her crotch.

There really was no room in the car, the backseat was cramped. Anne pulled away and said, “let’s go into that field, no one will see us behind the stone wall.”

“Okay” I said. You might think that breaking off and getting out would allow our senses to reset, but no, I just wanted her even more. We quickly climbed the stile into the fied and ducked down, resting on the longish grass at the fields edge.

Anne took my face in her hands and kissed me, softly, gently, her lips moist sliding over mine, my tongue wet and seeking hers pressed between her purse.

“Oh dear Lord,” she gasped and pushed me down onto my back, her hand at my knee, working up my thigh to my sex.

I reached down and pulled at my panties, eager to get them off, to give her free access, this was something I needed, sex with someone who cared, sex where I could get up and walk away if I wanted. I did not want.

I think I climaxed as soon as Anne’s fingers found their way into my valley seeking out my entrance, circling and then pressing in, her fingers opening, scissoring, teasing at my wrinkle, her palm flat squashing open my lips, the heel of her palm pressing my clitoris.

I exploded, my cries of joy echoing around the field as Anne gave me what was so lacking the day before.

We lay there, arm in arm, panties off and dress and skirt rucked up, the warm summer breeze toying with our fannies, our desires sated.

“What next?” I asked, “where do I go from here?”

“I will talk to Jase and to your mum. Sex should be like this, caring and free, not forced like those stupid idiots in your street forced upon you.”

“I love it when it is like this, and this is how Jase and I used to be, until I ruined it all.”

“Oh, you didn’t ruin it, you are both so young, it will be fine, honestly.”

“I have to tell you something that you might not like.”

“Oh? I promise I won’t storm off like Jason did.”

“You know the day that you took Jase to Tesco and arranged for Mike to shag me?”


“Well he called round to my house the next day.”


“Yes, we sort of shagged, I did a lot of sucking, but then I sent him away and told him to go and make love to his wife.”

“Oh boy, and did he ever. I did wonder what had bought about the change in him. I am not cross with you, you sent him away, but Mike? Really? He shouldn’t have come to you without me knowing.”

“I think he was confused, I don’t think he knew where to turn. You obviously know he has been getting Jase to shag him in the bottom?” I knew she knew, but I didn’t want her to know that I knew that she knew, I had to try and protect some of Jase’s supposed secrets.

“Yes, I know, how does Jason feel about that, he told me he was okay with it.”

“That is also what he said to me. He said it was no different really to shagging you. It is what happens in your house.”

“Yes, it is, and I understand in yours, and what we have just done is lovely, and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it.”

“If only we could keep it that way.”

“We can. I will talk to Rachel and to Jason. Now, let’s get you home.”

28th November 2023


Mr Reynolds from just up the road was on the same bus as me today, “oh hello Natalie, how are you?” He asked as we got off.

“I am fine Mr Reynolds, just fine. Thank you for asking and how are you and Mrs Reynolds?” He is Phil and Celia is his wife.

“We are both fine, Celia keeps meaning to ask you round, she is dying to catch up. She is home now if you are free.”

“Okay Mr Reynolds, yes I can call in now if you would like.”

“Splendid and call me Phil, and please call Celia ‘Celia’, we really are not formal.”

“Okay Phil, yes then.”

We walked from where the bus dropped us off, past my house and onto where Phil and Celia lived. They were the only house with no shrubs in their front garden, simply a large pampas grass in the middle of their front lawn.

“Come in, come in,” he said as he opened their front door.

“Celia,” he called, “Natalie has come to visit.”

“Oh super,” Celia’s voice called from somewhere in the house.

“Come on through, come on through,” Phil said and led the way into their conservatory, “grab a pew, anyone will do, I’ll go and get some drinks, lemonade do you?”

“Just water please Phil if that is okay.” I rarely took anything but water in someone else’s house. I knew what water tasted like and, well mum had said a long time ago, you can’t really trust anyone, and water is hard to put something unpleasant into.

“No worries, water it is. Tap or fizzy?”

“Just plain tap please.”

“Oh look at you, look at you,” Celia said coming into the room. “Sit yourself down, hurry up with the drinks Phil, I’ll have a Gin and it.”

Celia was, well, she wasn’t slim, but she wasn’t exactly fat, she was, well, on the large side. Phil was a strip of wind in comparison as mum would say. They used to have garden parties that mum and dad went to, I went a few times with them, but they all stopped at lockdown, and I don’t think they restarted them.

“What are you doing with yourself these days Natalie?” Celia asked as she sat in one of the free cane chairs.

“I am at college in town studying Assessment and Assurance, I plan to get a career in that when I finish.”

“I have no idea what that is, all the youngsters these days seem to be studying IT.”

“Oh you are right Celia, and that is exactly why I didn’t want to do that. There will be too many people chasing too few jobs.”

“Oh you clever girl.

At this point Phil came back in with glasses, a water for me and a Gin for Celia. I took a sip and all seemed well, no accidental mix up of the glasses.

“Chin chin” Celia said and took a large sip of her gin. “It is after midday somewhere and I like to be time zone fluid,” she said, I laughed along.

“I like your thinking Celia.”

“We so rarely have anyone one round these days, lockdown killed everything and people are just so afraid to mingle these days.”

“Oh, I know.” I answered.

“Although we have noticed you mingling with a few of the neighbours recently, so we thought that we must get you over, start the ball rolling.”

“Yes, well, people chat and I chat back, manners never hurts as my Gran says.”

“No, that is so true. Oh our parties used to be such fun, especially for those that stayed on for fun.”

“Oh, fun?” I think I was just a little too unwary of the path they were taking me down.

“Oh yes Natalie, there used to be so much fun after dark, when it was just a few adults.”

The penny dropped. She must mean sex parties.

“Oh crumbs, I mean I have never been to one I have no idea what could go on, in fact, I cannot even imagine what would go on.”

“I forget how young you are. You have a boyfriend or girlfriend I imagine.”

“Well yes I do.”

“So I guess you know what adults do when they are in private?”

“Yes, well, yes I do.” Exactly what my family and Jase’s family do in private. They shag a lot.

“Well that is what we did, the neighbours, well most of them, would go home, the door would be shut and locked and the party would begin.”

“Oh, crumbs, did you all just go off to your own bedrooms or something?” I don’t think I was getting it.”

“Oh bless you, no, it all happened everywhere with who ever you wanted. No one really wanted to go with their husband or wife, where was the fun in that.”

“Oh, gosh, how silly of me, you basically swapped and had sex.”

“Well, it wasn’t quite as simple as that, but yes.”

“Roman style orgy then? We learned about those at school, but I have to be honest I wasn’t interested in sex when I was at school, so it kind of passed over my head.”

“And now?”

“And now what Celia?”

Phil answered, “are you interested in sex now Natalie is what Celia is asking.”

“Oh, I see, well, yes I suppose I am, although interested may not be the right word. It just seems to happen a lot these days.” There I went again saying way more than I needed to.

“Oh we like that,” Celia seemed to be thrilled at that, “a few years ago, we used to call our gatherings ‘A Happening’, because sex happened a lot.”

“I see, oh well, I guess you must miss your parties a lot then, or do they still happen, your happenings?”

“Yes, we do miss them, our dungeon just doesn’t get used these days.”

“Dungeon? You have a dungeon?”

“Well not buried deep under the house like in the old castles, no, what we have is a modern dungeon in our front room. You can see it if you like.”

“Oh, okay.” This would be either very interesting or completely the opposite.

Celia put her now empty gin glass down and stood up.

‘Come on, follow me.”

We went out of the conservatory and into their dining room. Crumbs. I have never seen anything like it. On one wall there where what looked like whips. Whips? Really? On another part of the wall were what looked like various types of handcuffs and manacles. There was a swing that had what looked like a sex toy sticking up from the seat, that took me a minute. There were various leather clothes, hoods, balls on straps, a rack full of varying size imitation cocks, and just so much more.

“Fab isn’t it? This was very popular in our parties.”

“I have no idea how you could possibly use any of this for sex, I just don’t”

“Oh sweetheart. Well, we could show you if you liked.”

“Er no, I don’t think so Celia, I don’t mind sex, but I think this is at a level beyond me.”

“Oh no problem sweetheart, but you did say that you liked sex, well, so do we, so do we.” She walked over to me and took my hand and led me out of their dungeon. When I sat back on the cane settee, she sat next to me.

As she sat her hand rested on my thigh, higher than the hem of my skirt. “And how much do you like sex sweetheart?” She asked, her fingers squeezing my thigh.

“Oh, well I enjoy it when it happens, and it does seem to happen a lot to me.”

Her hand moved higher and I could feel her finger tips just resting against my panties.

“Does it now, I wonder why that is? When you walked in, I could feel something, and that is odd.”

“Oh? What did you feel Celia?” I asked, moving my legs just a little further apart.

“Something, an electricity perhaps, a desire, a wanting. I am not sure, it has been so long since our parties that I am not sure anymore, but a definite something.”

What was a definite was that her fingers were now pressing my panties in-between the lips of my sex. I was in no way uncomfortable with her move, sex just happens to me. I lifted up a little and pulled my panties down.

“Does that help Celia?” I asked as my hand now rested on her thigh. Phil was watching from his chair, a very pronounced bulge in his trousers.

“Oh yes sweetheart, it helps a lot. This was not what we expected today, I can tell you.”

I moved my hand higher up her thigh and encountered a bare fanny, no knickers, panties, thongs or hair.

“Normally we only involve older adults, but there is something, I don’t know what, I have felt it since Phil brought you in.”

“Oh, I don’t know what that could be Celia.” I stood up and pulled my top over my head, and then undid and dropped my skirt. Standing there only in my bra I looked at Phil and then at his bulge. “You seem to be hiding something Phil,” I said, my legs apart as I stood looking at him.

“Phil, get your clothes off for the girl, goodness sake,” Celia said.

Phil undid the buttons on his shirt and then stood and pulled it open and took it off. His chest was, well it was flat. He undid his trouser belt and waist and pulled them and his pants down. His cock was pretty impressive. Probably the same size as Jase or my dad, but on his small body it looked bigger than it probably was.

Celia stood up and looked across at Phil.

“Phil get over here and undo my zipper,” she commanded.

Phil did as instructed and undid the zip on her dress pushing it forward off her shoulders, catching it as it fell. All that was left was her bra. I could not begin to guess what size it was, probably double G.

Naked, Celia was pretty intimidating. She wasn’t really fat, just very big everywhere, she made me feel as if I was a size zero, and believe me I am a ten, not a zero.

“Now then Natalie, it seems to me that you are over dressed for the occasion. Would you like some assistance?”

“Gosh Celia, you are right, I am, let me address that for you both.”

I undid and removed my bra. Naked, again, in someone else’s house, again, and again, neighbours.

“Have you tried bondage and do you enjoy it?” Celia asked.

“No idea what that is.” I answered, although to be honest, which I rarely am these days, I did have a fair idea.

“It is where someone is tied up, restrained so that they can’t move, and then they are sexually used. They usually have a lot of orgasms.”


“Would you like to try it?”

“I guess.”

“Oh excellent.” Celia actually clapped her hands. “Come with me,” she said and led me back to the dungeon.

“Phil, the frame,” she said.

Phil pulled a large metal frame from by the wall, I hadn’t noticed it before.

“Right,” Celia said, “you stand here and we strap you to the frame. Okay? Still happy to carry on?”

“I guess so, yes.” Well, what was the worst that could happen? I stood in the frame and Phil took each arm and then leg and using thick leather straps I was fixed to the frame and I couldn’t move. I was spread out like a big x. Some more straps went behind my back, bottom and knees from side to side so I couldn’t move backwards either.

“Okay?” Celia asked. I nodded.

Phil picked some strange leather strapping with a ball in it and slipped it over my head, “open wide” he said, and the ball went into my mouth, he tightened the straps, and now I couldn’t speak.

I watched Phil go and get one of the hoods I had seen earlier, and he put it over my head and tightened it. Now I couldn’t see anything either. What felt like metal gloves went over my hands, my fingers forced straight, I couldn’t clench.

I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t say anything and I couldn’t move anything. I heard what sounded like bolts being undone, and then movement, it took me a moment to realise that I was being moved somewhere, the frame must have had wheels that I hadn’t noticed.

Then there was a different sensation, almost of falling, I was being tipped backwards, and now I understood the straps that had gone behind me, they stopped me sagging. I felt straps lay across my stomach and then tighten, I was held both up and back and now I was immobile, my orgasm was growing, I could do nothing.

Something cold was spread over my fanny and bottom. Oh why do so many people fixate on my bottom? And then pressure , something was being pushed into my fanny and into my bottom and slid along my valley. It kept pushing in, and it reached my depths, fully inside my fanny, inside my bottom, and the bit that had pushed along my valley now rested on my clitoris.

Neither Phil nor Celia spoke, and I could hardly hear any movements to try and work out what they were doing.

Oh fuck. The things inside me and on my clitoris started vibrating, like mum’s toy did, but this was not only a vibration, but the pieces inside my fanny and my bottom felt like they were rotating too. Oh.

Something was clipped to my nipples, first my right and then my left. Quite sharp at first, squeezing them, like camps I guessed, but I was finding it difficult to think, the vibrations were very distracting, in a pleasant way.

There was a tickling at my bobs, it grew in intensity, and I realised it was actual electricity, real shocks pulsing through my nipples into my boobs. Oh.

I got then the full sense of what they had done. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stop them, and I couldn’t say anything and my body was being pleasured and I couldn’t stop it.

I heard something in the background, but couldn’t make out what it was and just as I was trying to identify it, something was placed on my head over my ears, and I could no longer hear anything. Mute, Blind and now Deaf, immobile, I was under their control.

The shocks at my boobs increased a little, still not too painful, but getting there. The vibrations increased and my own electrical pulses started journeying from my crotch. Only able to easily breath through my nose, I couldn’t really gulp or pant, but I was sniffing in big breaths. Just as I was beginning to get into the rhythm the things that had been pushed into my fanny, bottom and along my valley started moving in and out.


I was being shagged by a vibrating machine in my fanny and bottom, the machine paused for a few seconds when it was fully in me, the thing in my valley vibrating on my clitoris, it paused hallway down my valley by my uterus, all the time vibrating in my fanny and bottom, and then paused again as it was what turned out to be as far out of me as it would go.

Fully In, pause, move outwards, pause, almost out, pause, back inwards, pause, fully in, pause, and it repeated, not stopping. I felt my bottom begin to clench, my fanny was starting to clamp, and the electric pulses were shooting from my crotch to join the real ones at my boobs.

I was clamping hard on the thing in my fanny, my bottom clenching around the thing inside it, my electrics shooting out and I tried to scream but I inly gurgled, I tried to clench my fingers but they wouldn’t move, I tried to arch my back, but I was immobile and still I erupted, every muscle in my body seemed to spasm and as I came down the realisation struck me. The vibrating things inside me were still vibrating, still moving, still rotating, still tickling at my clitoris.

The electric shocks at my nipples went up higher, right on the edge of painful, I tried to cry out, but all I did was make gurgle noises. I could not communicate, I could not tell them to stop, and still the vibrating things inside me were vibrating, moving, rotating, tickling at my clitoris.

I was holding my breath, my body was stiffening, I could not stop it, another climax was building. I tried to think of laying on a sandy beach, in the shade of an umbrella. I tried to think of a conundrum, anything to try and stop my approaching orgasm, but I failed, it crashed through me like a car through plastic railings.

My body spasmed, electric shot from my groin to my over stimulated nipples, to my ears, to my toes, my fingers clamped in the metal gauntlet things couldn’t move but they back strained the straps trying to arch but couldn’t, and I was desperately trying to pant through my nose. I could do nothing, the eruption took me to a new level of pleasure coupled with an equal amount of pain.

I could hear nothing, I could feel nothing except the pulses of electric that had been added to my nipples, my fingers, and now my toes, and the level went up, I think my whole body was trembling with the electric shocks being poured into it, and still the vibrating things inside me were vibrating, moving, rotating, tickling at my clitoris.

I felt something added to my groin, something cool, some lubrication I guessed, and then the speed of the things increased, I was being thoroughly shagged by some kind of machine, I was being electrocuted in my toes, my fingers and my nipples, and my body was just spasming, orgasming, spasming, orgasming, there was no relief.

I stopped feeling anything, I stopped knowing what was happening, my body just carried on doing its thing, I had switched off. I don’t know how long it was before I realised that the things had stopped moving. After I realised that they had stopped, I noticed that the electric had stopped too. The things from my groin were slowly withdrawn and something cooling wiped over me, babywipes perhaps.

I felt some movement, I was rotated upright. Clips were removed from my nipples, the gauntlet metal gloves from my hands. The straps went from my front and then my back. The headphones were removed and sounds came back, just shuffling, people moving sounds.

“We are going to take the blindfold off now lovely, close your eyes, it’ll seem very bright even though we have the blinds closed.” It was Celia. There was movement around my head and the blindfold lifted, I had my eyes screwed tight and still the light seemed blinding. I felt the buckles being undone and the ball gag was removed.

My mouth felt so sore, stretched and unable to move whilst my body was spasming, it felt like my jaw was broken, I guess it wasn’t though.

“Here, have a sip of this, and I felt a cup at my mouth and water tipped in. I let it wash around my dry mouth before swallowing. I didn’t dare try to speak, my mouth felt numb.

The straps around my feet were removed and I was able to put my feet on the floor, but my legs didn’t want to take my weight. Celia held me while Phil undid my arms, and then she picked me up and carried me through to the conservatory.

“Now than Natalie, what did you think of that?” Celia asked.

I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what I felt. “How long?” I managed to say, it had felt such a long time.

“Fifteen minutes, we always give first timers fifteen minutes, seasoned travellers usually have an hour.”

I couldn’t believe it. Fifteen minutes, I was sure it had been at least half an hour. I tried to stand, I managed it but I was very wobbly. I pulled my top over my head, my arms sore from the spasms and not wanting to move. I pulled my skirt up and fastened it. My bra and pants went into my bag. I needed to get home. I was done.

Phil walked me home to make sure that I was okay, and once in the door I managed to get upstairs. A bath, I needed a bath. I sat on the loo just waiting for the bath to fill, my phone at the side in case I needed to get help I managed to get in and lay down, my nipples and nose the only things above the surface.

I am lucky that I didn’t drown, I know I slept. The water had gone cold and I heard mum calling from downstairs.

I managed an “up here” in response and a few minutes later she appeared at the bathroom door.

“Hello love,” she started, and then, “what happened? Are you alright, did anyone attack you? Do you need an ambulance?”

“I am fine mum. Phil and Celia.”

“Oh shit Natalie. I am so sorry, you should have been warned. They are sadists, nasty nasty sadists, we stopped going to their parties when we realised what was happening. Are you alright, really?”

“Yes mum, let me just get out of the bath.”

Mum held my hand and helped me to stand and get out of the bath.

“I have never experienced anything like that, I never even knew people did that kind of stuff.”

“Well, no, I guess not. Did they force you, or hurt you in any way, really, do you want to go to the doctors for a checkup, make sure you are okay?”

I patted myself all over. My nipples were sore, but didn’t feel otherwise damaged, my bottom had closed up, my fingers worked, I was able to bend backwards and forwards.

“Mum, I am fine, it was just sex, and I just walked into it.”

“You walked into their trap more like. Do you want to tell me?”

“Mum, will you make a cup of tea. Let me get dressed and I will tell you what happened.”

I was sat on the settee and mum bought in two mugs of tea, one of which she passed to me.

“It all started off all innocent and nice, I was chatting to Phil as we got off the bus and he said Celia would live to catch up and would I like to pop in. Well that is pretty much standard and so I said yes, and I just had a glass of water as you had suggested long ago.”

“Good girl, yes.”

“And then you know, as these things go, the subject got onto sex, it always does, and then they showed me their dungeon room, there were things there that I cannot even imagine, things that I have no idea what they are for. Anyway we went back into the conservatory after I said that kind of stuff didn’t really interest me.”

“Celia then asked if I liked bondage and I said I had no idea what it was never mind if I liked it. She said it is where someone is restrained so they can’t move and then people have sex with them.”

“Well, yes, in its basic form, yes it is, but I guess there was more to it?”

“Yes. I said ok, and agreed to try it, I just thought, it is only sex. I was fixed to a frame, and then it got weird. They put a ball into my mouth so I couldn’t speak, a mask over my head so I couldn’t see and headphones or something over my ears so I couldn’t hear. I was tipped backwards so I was lying horizontally, and then they inserted some things into me.”

“Oh, your vagina?” mum asked.

“And my bottom and a thing that rested on my clitoris. Then metal gloves were put on so I couldn’t move my fingers, and something was fixed to my nipples.”

“I can hardly believe this sweetheart, I am so sorry we didn’t warn you, it is our fault.”

“No mum, it is not your fault, anyway the things inside me started moving, in, out, pausing and repeating, then I got electric shocks on my nipples, and then my hands and then my toes, and it just kept going, it never stopped, I orgasmed so many times, but I couldn’t move, I couldn’t flex, I couldn’t stop it, it just kept happening.”

“Oh baby.”

“It stopped eventually and they took all the things off me and Phil walked my home to the door to make sure I got in okay, I ran a bath and then you came home. Mum, it was just sex, okay, I am alright now.” I actually wasn’t sure that I was alright. The thought of sex of any sort was scary and something I didn’t want to consider.”

“If you are sure love.” Mum said, the concern in her voice still apparent. “It is my fault, those bloody tablets. I am going to stop them, and I am going to suggest to Anne that she stops them too. Today has been a wakeup call."

"Mum, it is not your fault, I knew what I was doing. I am not injured, and I wasn’t scared, it just was something I have never experienced and now I have, I know never to get myself in that position again.”

“Your dad will go ape.”

“Mum, it is what it is. Let it rest, I will be fine in a few hours.”

27th November 2023

Never too old for a first

Never too old for a first

Sarah came round after I got back, I hadn’t even had time to shower when the door knocked.

“Oh good, you’re in,” she said as I answered the door.

“Come on in,” I said. She walked past me and headed straight up to my room.

I dropped the latch and followed her up, shutting my bedroom door behind us.

“Hi” I said.

“Hi, I have news I have to share.”

“Okay. Tell.”

“Kiss me first.”

Oh. I was still unwashed after Jase. Oh well. I took her face in my hands and kissed, her gently on the lips, she kissed back and her hand stole up my skirt to my pants wet with Jase’s sperms. She pushed under the hem of my panties and into my sex.

“God you are wet.” She said.

“Sorry,” I said, “I have just got back from seeing Jase.”

“Is this him?”

“Yes, sorry.”

She pushed me back on my bed and with both hands she pulled my panties down and started licking me. I was shocked at first, and then I just lay back and let her clean me.

“God he tastes so good, his spunk and your cum, oh it is fantastic,” she gasped as her tongue worked its magic and I began to tense, the electrics building in my fanny, sore from being shagged in the woods, tender from Sarah’s sucking and tongue.

My nipples hardened and I could feel my bottom clench. Fingers invaded and pushed into my fanny, so wet that there was no resistance as they slid past my wrinkle and started moving around inside me. The fingers began to withdraw and then pushed back in, in, out a finger shag, and at the same time her teeth were working on my clitoris.

It didn’t occur to me the possible nastiness of what she was doing, sucking out my boyfriend’s fresh cum. I just loved how slippery I was for her fingers. Faster she moved, my arousal growing fast, and as she pressed hard inside and nipped my clitoris, I overloaded and came, hard and pressing my fanny on her face, but she didn’t stop.

As soon as my fanny stopped clamping and my body relaxed away, her fingers started moving again, opening me, spreading me, her tongue licking and sucking me, again I felt my body boiling, electric shot to my nipples, to my backside, and once more she brought me to completion, I was wrecked, I could take no more and I had to push her away.

She looked up at me, her face was glistening, wet with Jase’s cum and my juices.

“Why did you stop me,” Sarah asked.

“I can’t take any more, you made me cum so many times.”

“I have never done that before; it is so hot.”

“Make me cum more than once?”

“No, suck you clean after you’ve just been fucked, god it is so hot.”

Not something I wanted to do, I probably would end up sucking on Mum after dad had shagged her, but like so many things sexual in this house, no one ever imagines them, they just happen.

Sarah moved up and kissed me, her lips all over mine, her tongue pressing deep inside me, spreading Jase and me all over my face. “Oh God Nat, this is insane,” she said after finally stopping her kisses.

I lay back, knowing I hadn’t done much to her, guessing that if it was going to happen, it just would.

“I have news,” she said.

“Tell me.”

“I got my dad to go down on me.”

Now that was interesting, she had thought he was a simple stick it in and shag man.


“Mum was out, and dad and I were sat on the settee. TV was just rubbish, no idea what was even on, so I snuggled up to dad and started rubbing his cock through his trousers.”

“Nice move.”

“He said ‘shall we go upstairs Sarah?’ and I said, ‘in a bit dad,’ and I carried on rubbing. I could feel his cock get really hard in his trousers. I undid his belt, his trousers and his zip, and pulled his cock out and started a slow wank.”

“Okay, yes, I have done similar.”

“Here is the thing, I leant forward and kissed the end of his cock and then licked it.”

“Okay and how did your dad react?

“He kind of stiffened, his eyes were staring, I don’t think he has ever had a blow job, and he went very quiet. I knelt between his legs and managed to tug his trousers down. I held his balls and I put my mouth over his cock and slowly took him inside, his whole length, he was down my throat.”

“Nice, I love my dad in my throat.”

“I started fucking him with my mouth, sucking and licking, moving up and down, wanking between sucks and playing with his balls.”

“Works with my dad.”

“He started humping my mouth and lifting his bum off the settee. I sucked harder and squeezed harder and I knew he was about to shoot down my throat.”

“Love that.”

“Yes. He cried out my name and said he was about to cum, and I said, ‘yes dad, cum down my throat, fill my stomach, fuck your daughter’s mouth.’ And he did, spurt after spurt, he kept cumming, I don’t think I have known him cum so much.”

“Fantastic, hopefully he will want more.”

“He looked down at me, his cock still in my mouth, my eyes looking up at him. ‘I’ve never done that,’ he said, ‘that was incredible.’ And I said ‘good dad, and I would love if you could do that to me.’ He said ‘but I don’t know how,’ and I lifted up my skirt and showed him I had no panties on. ‘Let me sit on the settee and you can kneel between my legs and lick me’ I said.”

“I find it hard to imagine people who have never done oral. I was probably doing hand and blow jobs before shagging.” Now this is not in the slightest bit true. I had not done a blow job before Jase and I shagged, but had planned to, we just never got that far before the shagging started.

“Well yes, me too. I stood up and sat on the settee, my skirt lifted and my legs apart. Dad knelt between my knees and dipped forward. He was a bit clumsy at first, but with some encouragement, he got the hang of it, sucking and fingering, and soon I was cumming. He was rubbish compared to you, but it was still better than the usual dad fuck.”

“I love oral, but I do prefer a good cocking.”

“Well, neither of us have one of them.”

“No, but we do have eight fingers and two thumbs.”

After Sarah my face, my crotch, my backside, and my stomach were pretty much coated.

Finally I managed to get in the shower and give myself a good cleanse inside, taking the shower head off to do so. Feeling clean I turned the shower off and stood patting myself dry when dad came upstairs.

“Hello sweetheart, how are you feeling?”

“Okay dad, I just needed to get into the shower.”

“Did you see Jase today?”

“Yes dad.”

“And you fucked I presume.”

“Well, yes.”

“And he left you filled with his spunk.”

“Well, yes.”

“Need a top up?”

“Always dad.”

26th November 2023

Clearing it Up

We were in the woods. It was a hot late summers day, white clouds scattered in the sky and flies and birds buzzed and flew around.

"I hardly know where to begin." Jase said. Interesting, I wondered if he knew about me and his mum.

"I was in the bathroom just tidying up down there, and I could hear mum and dad fucking in their bedroom. Mum was going 'mike, mike, mike,' and dad was just panting out loud, but it was there, the old slap slap slap."

"Yeah, I never used to know what it was, and now I do, my mum and dad were shagging quite a lot, you know, before."

"Before the day of the tablets," Jase said and laughed.

"Yes, and I used to hear dad in the bathroom before, not knowing what the sounds were, and now I do."

"Wanking himself?"

"Yup, stroking for England."

"I never used to hear any of that. I think before the day of the tablet, mum and dad had pretty much given up on sex."

"Not now though?"

"No, not now. Anyway, mum and dad were fucking and I thought that if I were quick, I might get out before they bothered me."

"You mean your mum bothered you?"

"Well, no, these days, it could be either."

"Ah, yes, true. Same at my house to be honest."

"You still fucking them both?"

"Yes, well you know the sleeping arrangements, it is strange to say the least.” I think two women's pheromones in one house made the effect greater, Jase, in a house with just one, seemed a little further removed from it all.

"Anyway, I was wrong."

"Ah. Mum?"

"No. I was just flannelling myself clean of shaving gel when dad came into the bathroom. His cock was not quite soft, yet not hard and he had cum dripping off the end."

"Nice image, thanks."

"My pleasure Nat, 'I need some help son,' he said, and I thought that he wanted me to suck his cock clean."

"Would you have? If it had been my dad, I probably would."

"Yes, I guess, I mean anything and anytime these days, but no, not that, not that at all."


"Yes, 'oh', he turned around, bent forwards and said, 'I need you to fuck me son,' and that surprised me, I really didn't expect that."

"No, no, I suppose not. Crumbs."

"Exactly. I reached for the lotion and squirted some around dad's bottom and also onto my cock."

"No hesitation then?"

"No, I never even gave it a second thought, it was just, 'fuck me son,' and me 'okay'."

This was what i have been talking about with Jase's mum, things just happen, things we never even thought about, they just happened.

"I pressed my cock against him, and he reached back and pulled his cheeks apart. My cock didn't move at first, and then his bum relaxed a little and I started to enter. He was tight, his bum really squeezed me as I pushed in, my foreskin was pushed all the way back. It didn't take too long and I was fully inside dad, my balls right up against him."

"How did it feel? Was it like when we did it?"

"Much the same, I mean it felt great, you know? He was very hot inside and at first, he was really tight on my cock as I began to fuck him. It didn't take long till I was fucking him hard and fast, his arse seemed to relax a little, and it was just like a regular fuck, not squeezing me as much. When I came, it was just a release, you know, not a massive feeling like we get when we make love. I finished inside him and stepped back, my cock falling out, his arse gaping, my cum beginning to seep out and drip down towards his balls."

"Wow. We are pretty much covering everything aren't we these days, wow."

"Oh yes, but there is more. As I stepped back, mum had come into the bathroom, I had no idea if she had watched, she took my hand and pulled me into their bedroom. 'Let me clean you son,' she said, and then as she was wiping my cock with tissues and wet wipes she said, 'thank you son, I am not equipped to do that for him.' I asked her, 'does he do that to you?" And she said 'sometimes, but I prefer you inside me, or your tongue on me, could you use your tongue on me now Jason?' I just said that of course I could."

"I think that we could tell people this and no one, not a single one, would believe us."

"Oh, you are right, but I am not going to take that risk."

"I would rather that you didn't shag my bum, I like you in my fanny too much, but, if that is what you want these days, I doubt I would object, none of us seem to object to anything"

"God no, I can't even imagine it now, it just happened with dad, it was the moment. After I had finished with mum I went and got dressed and came to see you. My cock freshly laundered for you by my mum."

"I must thank her next time I see her."

"She said she saw you in town yesterday and gave you a lift home."




"I see."

"I know, it was a moment thing."

"I understand."

"Do you mind?"

"Of course not." I was pleased that wasn't another secret I had to keep."

"I just have an image I want to give you, in return to the one you gave me of your dad's dripping cock."

"Yes, go on, fair enough."

"I fingered your mum in the Jamaica coffee shop."

“What? Okay, of all the things you could have said to me, I never expected that. You fingered my mum in the coffee shop?”


“How did that come about, I mean that is beyond surreal.”

“I was drinking a coffee in there; she saw me and came in a joined me. We moved to the quiet booth at the back because she wanted to talk to me.”

“Oh? Not about you and me I hope?”

“Oh no, well not really, she wanted to talk about the medication and the side effects. I told her I knew she was shagging you.”

“Oh, okay, mind you, if she asked if you knew, I would have said yes, it is so difficult to lie these days, there just seems no point.”

“No,” I lied. “Anyway, she wanted to know if we had any sexual side effects in our house and I said yes, I was shagging mum and dad and that you knew about it.”

“Well, yes. I don’t mind the sex, but not lying to each other is key I think.” Oops.

“Then she started asking if I wanted sex all the time, and I said no, not at all, but it just happens, I don’t think about it, or plan it, and then I am having it. And she said that she sometimes feels like that she doesn’t plan it or even think about it, and then suddenly she is overwhelmed by the thought of it.”

“Well, yes that is the way it is. I never think about sex with my parents, but when it happens, I just accept it and go along with it.”

“Then she touched my thigh and said sometimes the feelings come where she least expects them. It kind of went from there.”

“So that is how you ended up fingering my mum in the coffee shop.”

“Yes. And in the multi-story carpark.”

“Good grief Nat.”

“Then in her bedroom.”


“I know. For any other family, unbelievable. For us, for ours? Yeah, just another day in our lives.”

25th November 2023

Mother Union

College had been a bit of a dull session. Few people had turned up, but still, it was all more information, learning and background, I knew it would do me in good stead.

I was sat with a latte in Jamaica when Mrs Mills walked past, she saw me, I smiled, she stopped walking, turned back and came in.

"Hello Natalie."

"Hello Mrs Mills, out shopping?"

"Well, a bit, I just wanted to get out of the house. Off to college?"

"No, I have been, it was an early one, I am just unwinding before I go home, I'm not seeing Jase today, he is going in early to work."

"Yes, another football do this evening, so lot's of prep. Mind if I join you?"

"Gosh No, of course."

She went to the counter to order her coffee, I resumed looking at passers by.

"The quiet booth is empty," she said, "so I nabbed it, we can talk there, it is a bit busy here and I would like to ask you something."

"Oh? Okay, yes of course I'll come up there."

The quiet booth was right at the back of Jamaica. There was nothing beyond so there was little passing traffic and it had high back seats too, some of my friends called it the Private Booth. Good if you didn't want to be disturbed. I grabbed my bag and my latte and went to the back of the shop and sat in the booth next to Jase's mum. It wasn't a quiet booth in any sense, the general noise of the customers seemed to echo around, but it was difficult to overhear or be overheard, not individual words anyway.

"How are things Natalie, good?"

"Yes Mrs Mills, fine."

"Only, well, these tablets."

"Yes, the ones you and mum are taking, those?"

"Yes. Only, well, did you notice any side effects in your house?"

Now that was an interesting way to put it. Not if my mum had noticed any side effects, but if our house had.

"Yes, I guess we have."



"I am going to get really personal, and I really do not mind if you don't want to answer."

"That is okay Mrs Mills, nothing I won’t talk about with you, honestly."

"Do you find yourself wanting sex all the time?"

"Actually no, not wanting."

"Oh. I see," she said looking surprised.

"But, I seem to be doing it all the time. I don't think of sex, it is just that it seems to happen a lot and I don't even think yes or no, I just do it. "

"Ah, yes, right Natalie, yes. That is it, that is it exactly."

"I don't spend all my time thinking of Jase and shagging him, but, well, if it becomes an option, then 'no' never springs into my mind, I just do."

"Can I ask, is that with just Jason, or have there been any other, er, incidents at home?"

"Er, no, not just with Jase, no."

"I see."

"Don't get angry with Jase Mrs Mills, but I know about you and him."

"I told him to keep that secret. But yes. It is not that I think of him all the time, but, well, it does just happen. I know we shouldn't, but it just feels okay."

"I am the same with my dad."

"Oh. I see, your dad too. It just happened?"

"Yes. It is like with Jase, we never intended to do it, Jase and I were just quite happy fooling around a bit, you know, just touching each other. One day, we just couldn't stop ourselves and we did we went all the way. I later found out that that was about a week after mum started her new tablets. The same with dad, I never even thought about sex with dad, never tried to see him naked, never dreamt about him, then around the same time, it just happened."

She put her hand on my thigh and gently squeezed, looking at me intently. "Lot's of things just seem to happen Natalie." She said quietly, "things we don't intend to happen, things we don't plan on, and then they just happen."

She paused and looked around, we were still pretty much being ignored and left to our own devices.

"And your mum?" She asked.

I squeezed her hand, "yes Mrs Mills, my mum too." I didn't want to tell her about my neighbours or college boys because I didn't want it to get back to Jase. "I was helping her shave, you know, down there," I wondered if that would make her think, "and I must have touched a few extra sensitive spots, and she, well. she, you know," Mrs Mills nodded as if she knew full well, "and then we ended up in bed taking it further, and it has happened a bit more since.

"Oh goodness, yes, moments just happen even when you are not thinking about it, I know just how your mum felt. I just sometimes, when I am with someone, get the strangest feelings. It is so odd, I am not thinking such thoughts, and then, it is just there, I think 'I wonder if...' I have no idea why or how it happens."

I took my hand off hers and moved it over an put it on her thigh and squeezed. "Feelings up here Mrs Mills?" I asked.

"God yes Natalie, almost uncontrollable feelings, feelings I would never have even thought about before."

I gently massaged her thigh, my hand moving further up her leg, her dress rucking up as I moved. "Feelings that don't feel wrong though Mrs Mills?"

"No Natalie they don't feel wrong and sometimes they are overwhelming."

I moved my hand further up and I was touching her panties. They were wet to the touch. "Is it like an itch that needs to be scratched Mrs Mills?"

She moved her legs so that they were as apart as they could be. I moved my fingers so that I was able to slide under the hem of her panties and touch her sex.

"Oh Natalie, yes, such an itch."

She was absolutely soaking to touch, my fingers slipped easily between her lips and into her valley. I ran my fingers up and then down, pressed lightly at her opening and then pulled my fingers away and bought them to my face. I sniffed them and then, fixing Mrs Mills eyes in mine, I licked my fingers. I think she had a small orgasm, her eyes rolled and she gasped.

"Yes, are we naughty Natalie, naughty to want to do things with people that we shouldn't?"

I took my fingers from my mouth and made a show of rolling my tongue across my lips. "No Mrs Mills, not naughty, not naughty at all."

"Would you come back to mine Natalie, I would like this conversation to be more private."

"That would be a pleasure Mrs Mills."

We grabbed our bags and headed to the car park. I followed her and her car was on the second floor, across next to a wall. She unlocked and opened the back door, "Pop your bags here," she said. I leant across her and dropped my bag into the rear behind her seat. "Oh God," she said.

"Are you okay Mrs Mills?"

She turned and held me, "I am not sure I can wait," she said, her eyes darting around the car park. I pulled her dress up and ran my fingers across her fanny, pulling her panties to one side I slid a finger into her and wiggled. God I so wanted to eat her, so go down on her, to lick her, to suck her. Her knees sagged and she stumbled back a little, groaning.

I pulled back, my finger leaving with a small slurping sound. "CCTV Mrs Mills, we should leave. We can be seen here and that would not be good, we have no idea who looks at the CCTV and what I would like to do I would rather only we saw." I knew what she meant about feeling and desires that suddenly came on when least expected. I was desperate to taste her, to run my finger along her sex and suck her clitoris.

On the journey back I wanted to use my fingers on her, but all the stuff in the middle of the car, gear sticks and armrests and things made it impossible, I had to wait, she had to wait. She drove us in silence, we both knew what was going to happen, we didn't need to verbalise it. She pulled her car onto the drive and almost ran to her front door. I grabbed my bag from behind her seat and followed her in. She was stood in the hallway waiting for me. I closed the door behind me and dropped the latch.

Mrs Mills looked at me. "Is this wrong, what I want?" She asked.

"To some, yes, probably Mrs Mills, but to me? No. I know why it happens; I accept that.”

"It is so strange to me. Part of me says it is wrong, a bigger part of me says it doesn't matter."

I walked up to her, face to face, and as our eyes locked, I rubbed my hand over her dress and pressed at her fanny through layers of material, I still felt her heat. "It doesn't matter Mrs Mills. It doesn't matter."

She pressed my hand harder against her and said, "Let's go up."

I followed her up to their bedroom, eager to taste more of Jase's mum, to experience her delights. She wasted no time in her room, her dress was off and dropped on a chair, and as I was undoing my skirt, she had her bra off and was pulling her pants down, they were sodden and she threw them on the floor by the door, for rinsing I guessed.

We both went to the bed at the same time, and as she lay down, I couldn't help but look at her. Her boobs were bigger than mine or mums, and as she lay on her back, they drooped to the sides. Her tummy stuck out a bit, and her fanny was beautiful, inner lips peeking out, her clitoris proud and showing at the top, and as she opened her legs her valley was revealed, pink and glossy. I bent and licked her valley, from top to bottom, her breath gasping as my tongue flicked her clitoris.

Her taste was intoxicating, I loved that she wasn't fresh from the shower, I could smell and taste her, a faint urine undertone, but mostly woman, her, her musk, I just wanted to eat her. I licked and sucked, swallowed and tasted, all the time, Mrs Mills bucked and rolled as my tongue, lips and mouth gave her the pleasures that she wanted.

As I was working with my mouth, I pressed two fingers at her opening and slowly pushed inside, feeling for her wrinkle, pushing in as far as my fingers would go, and then opening them and scissoring her fanny insides. The heat from her fanny was intense, and she was slippery with desire.

"G'ah oh fuckshitbollocks," she gasped and her back went rigid and she started jerking, her fanny spasming, clamping my fingers, her breath just gulps. "Shiiiiitttttt!" and she screamed and then as quickly it was over, all tensions left and she flopped back on the bed.

"Oh my Natalie."

"Yes Mrs Mills."

"Call me Anne, Natalie, oh my God."

"Good one I guess?"

"Never had one like that before."

"It happens to me, sometimes they come out of nowhere. I don't know why, it just explodes."

"I didn't even take the time to wash, I always wash first, I am sorry, it can't have been nice down there."

"Oh Anne it was fabulous, I loved tasting and smelling the real you and I am hoping this won't be the only time. I get a little fed up of clinically clean genitals."

"Oh, I had never thought about. Let's have a few minutes, then I would like to taste you, I have never been with a woman, and I am desperate to taste you, but I do need a moment."

"Oh yes, I really want your tongue in my valley Anne, I want to feel you lick and suck my clitoris, but, I can wait. Well, for a moment or two."

"Mike, Jase's dad, has a preference, it seems, for behind, not in front."

"Oh? Jase and I tried that, Jase said it was okay, but he preferred my fanny, I didn't get much out of it to be honest. Some of my friends are saving themselves for marriage, so only let their boyfriends go behind."

"Well, as things are, Mike goes behind and Jason in front. It leaves me a little sore, not in a bad way, but having everything used can be, well, painful a bit."

I knew exactly what she meant. I also knew that she had shagged both Jase and Mr Mills at the same time, like me and Tim and Tom, but I wasn't supposed to know that. "Well, I guess it would be sore if you did them at the same time, crumbs."

"Oh, I didn't mean... Oh never mind." She moved down the bed and I parted my legs as she lay between them, sniffing me, taking in my aroma, her breath starting a tickle in my sex as she moved closer. "I may do this wrong, I have never..."

"Just do what you like having done to you, that will be perfect, in fact it is getting that way already," I interrupted her. Eyes closed, I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of my boyfriend's mum's mouth on my fanny.

When I got home I dived in the shower. As much as I enjoyed my session with Jase's mum, she had pretty much soaked me, wow did she ever get wet. I wonder if she used to be like that. I have nothing to go on, it's all a new thing to me, I don't have a history of sex premedication to compare with.

I was standing in the bathroom brushing my hair when I heard the front door open.

"Hello" Dad called upstairs.

"Hi Dad," I shouted back, "I am just in the bathroom."

I heard dad fussing around downstairs and then on the stairs coming up.

"Alright love?" He asked, popping his head around the door. No privacy anymore in our house. We all slept together, we all ate together, we all shagged together."

"Yes dad, college was a bit dull, hardly anyone there, seems most couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, their loss."

"As you say, they are the ones that will miss out and that will all help you when it comes to getting a job, you will be more knowledgeable and rounded."

I was still brushing my hair and was looking at dad in the mirror, I hadn't wrapped a towel around me after the shower, so dad had a nice view of my bottom. "What you up to? You're home early."

"Yes, the other team are brainstorming again, so I decided to just leave them to it, luckily for me as it gives me some daddy daughter time."

"Yes dad, and lucky me too." As much as I love a spot of fanny time, and I do, I really do, and I had to promise Jase's mum that I would go back, I much prefer the feeling of a cock, and dad, well, he has a good one. "Mind you dad, you are a bit overdressed, have I to play hide and seek?"

"See you in our room when you are done sweetheart." Our room now. I finished brushing and wrapped a band about my hair leaving it in a high pony. Roll on in my armpits, under my boobs and in the small of my back. I looked in the mirror and decided dad would be pleased with what I could see.

Dad had pulled the covers on the bed back and was sitting on one side, his feet on the floor. I scooted up and sat behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest. "I love your chest dad." as I snuggled against him. I pressed my boobs against his back and my pubis against his bottom, it was as close to him as I could get. He had a warm masculine odour, not sweaty, and certainly not perfumed or flowery soapy, just masculine. Jase often smelled the same nowadays, and I loved that. Too many boys at college seemed to think we girls liked them to pour aftershave all over themselves. I had to explain to Jase the error of that, and now he just smelled of him, much nicer.

I lowered my right arm and felt for his cock, hard and ready. I swivelled around him and sat facing him on his lap, his cock pressing into my valley, and I kissed him, my tongue tracing his lips before delving inside. Dad put his arms around me and squeezed me to him, crushing me and kissing back, his hands spread across my back, holding me tight to him.

"We don't get enough time like this baby girl," he said between kisses, "these times are precious."

I knew what he meant, too often we just shagged, we never seemed to take the time to hug, to hold each other, to kiss, it just seemed to be always shag. I held his face in my hands as I kissed, tracing his nose and his eyebrows, fingers on his forehead, just lightly touching, holding, experiencing. I raised my hips a little and dad's cock moved forward, and as I settled back down, his cock entered me and I sat, not moving, this was just an intimate hug.

"I love you inside me dad, I love that feeling, your cock just seems to fit me so well."

"Sweetheart, I love being inside you too, I love how your fanny wraps around me and sucks me in tight."

Dad lay back, taking me with him, his cock still inside me, our mouths still kissing, our arms holding each other. I slowly began to rock, just gently moving on dad's cock, feeling it slide inside me, rubbing my wrinkle, my clitoris pressing against dad's pubis, just pleasure. But a shag too.

23rd November 2023

Espresso with extra

I had been working with Roman today at college. We had a scenario to work through and give our considered options. It was quite interesting, and I liked working with Roman, he was easy going and always listened to my position. Sometimes he agreed, sometimes he offered an alternative, and we would talk through them before agreeing on an option.

"Grab a coffee?" He asked after the session had finished.

"Yeah, can do," I said, where?"

"Well, there is Jamaica in town or, yours or mine."

Well now, he likes working with options, so I gave him some option filters. "I am twenty five minutes away by bus, parents probably out. Jamaica is a five minute walk away and is definitely not private, and I don't know where you live so privacy and travel duration are unknowns."

"Good work Miss Jones" he said, "you have taken the lessons from the last lecture to heart. Now may I give you more data to work with. Mine is fifteen minutes by bus and will be empty until around three thirty when my young sister will return from school, then around four, mum will turn up all flustered about what to do for tea. Dad gets home at around six. Jamaica, the nearest at five minutes, may be private apart from waitresses, but there is only one privatish booth, and its occupancy is unknown. Your house, twenty five minutes away may or may not be private, it is an almost Schrödinger situation. Does that help you with a preferred option?"

"Yes, what bus do we catch?" Well, no point in messing around, I hoped his body proved to be as good as his mind.

The bus journey was bumpy and the bus crowded, I managed to sit and Roman stood hanging on to the bar. "Next stop" Roman said and made his way to the front of the bus. "Phew it is hardly ever that busy," he commented as we alighted. "It's this way."

"I think it is market day, that could be why the bus was busy," I suggested, taking his hand as he led the way to his house. It was just a few minute's walk. He lived about halfway down a Cul-de-sac of largish houses, three or four bedrooms, double garages, that sort of thing. I think dad calls this kind of road a Middle Management Designer compound.

We went in and Roman lead the way to his kitchen. Impressive, his mum and dad had pretty much every gadget, most of which I had no idea how to use. One I recognised; it was one of those expensive coffee machines. He put two glass cups on it and pressed a button. There was whirring and steaming and coffee started dripping. Cool. Their very own Jamaica.

"Milk?" he asked, I nodded. and he filled a stainless steel jug with milk and put it on the machine and pressed another button, the sound of steam again, and then, frothy milk which he poured onto my espresso. Nice. Worth it? For them possibly, for mum, dad and me, I doubted it. Nescafe worked for us at home.

"Let's sit in the sunroom," he said and led the way through their dining room to another room with a glass roof and big windows. He put the coffees on a glass table and gestured to a cane chair. I sat and he sat opposite, the table between us.

"Well now." He said.

"Indeed," I replied.

"Boyfriend?" He asked.

"Maybe." I answered, "Girlfriend?" I enquired.


"Ah. Yeah, not the best stage."

"Better than 'maybe' which implies an uncertain situation."

"But that may give us options to explore." I was still in lecture subject mode.

"But where to explore them?" He asked.

I smoothed my skirt and then looked directly at him as I picked up the coffee he had made me and took a sip. "I little warm yet I think, should I wait or perhaps move on to something else for my mouth?"

He stood up and walked across, dipped his head and kissed me, tentatively at first, as if he was unsure of what reaction he would get. I responded by pressing my tongue past the purse of his lips and into his mouth, and a hand on his upper thigh. Good enough answer I thought.

I felt his hand on my left boob, not kneading it like it was bread dough, but gently holding, his fingers moving, not quite squeezing. I moved my hand slightly up and to the left and found a bulge that interested me. A button, a zip and I could explore the bulge. I pulled his pants down and released his cock. A nice hard big cock.

"Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?" He asked.

"Where do you suggest?"

"Follow me." He stood up and stepped back. He took my hand that had been holding his cock and helped me to my feet. He led the way through his house, up the stairs and into what I presumed was his bedroom. It certainly smelled like a boy's room. Double bed under the window, desk to one side, wardrobe, chair, just the usual stuff. There was a poster on the wall of what looked like the internal workings of an engine. Boys room.

Pulling me to the bed he turned my face to him and kissed me again, slight pressure on my shoulders and I fell back onto the bed, his kiss not breaking. I found his cock again and started to stroke his skin, moving his soft outer flesh over his very hard core. A hand found its way up my leg and brushed against my panties, and then went under the hem. His finger slid along my sex, dipping in, going past my lips to my wet and slippery valley.

I pushed him away. "The best option," I said, "is to become freer to move." I pulled my top up, undid my skirt and let it fall. Hands behind my back I undid my bra, letting it fall forward off my arms, and to the floor. I put my hands into the waist of my panties and pulled them down, I was naked, but only just ahead of Roman who was just removing his pants.

That was a very nice-looking cock that was for sure, "My options now are that I think I need a taste," I said and knelt before him. I held his cock in my right hand and cradled his balls in my left. Leaning forward I kissed the end of his cock and then pushed his foreskin back; his head was a ruddy purple and had a smallish rim. I ran my tongue around his rim and then sucked him into my mouth, gently rolling his balls in my left hand.

"I think," Roman said, "that my best option right now is to submit."

My mouth was full so replying was not a viable option for me. I shagged his cock , taking him fully down my throat then pulling back, letting the cool air back onto his cock, then back into my warm and wet mouth. I could feel the pulses in his cock as his arousal grew, his hands holding my shoulders, their grip increasing as I bobbed back and forth on his cock.

"Stop" he said pulling back, "I don't want to cum too soon, and anyway, this option is very one sided." I got up from my knees and took his hand pulling him to the bed.

"Well then, perhaps you could even it up a little," I said as I lay on the bed, my fanny glistening, wet and ready for him.

He climbed on to the bed and settled between my legs, knelt forward and inhaled along the length of my sex. "Nice," he said, "very nice, I have exhausted all options, enough college talk, and I am going to do this." And with that he ran his tongue the length of me, pushing it between my lips, and inserted what felt like two fingers into my fanny. He wiggled his fingers, he waggled them, he closed them, he opened them, and every movement sent electric through my body, and it was not long before I was holding my breath.

His tongue softly dabbed at my clitoris, his tongue gently pressed my valley, my inner lips caressing it as it moved and two fingers did magical things inside me, I was rapidly approaching a point of no return. His mouth surrounded my clitoris, and he sucked it into him. His fingers withdrew and I felt empty, voided, and then his mouth left me too. I felt abandoned. He moved up and kissed me, my taste on his lips and his cock nudged my opening. He reached down and using his hand he guided himself into me.

I felt his cock as it spread my entrance, my lips parting to let him inside. It was as if I was being covered in Indian spices, the heat from my crotch was intense, electrics shot from my fanny to my nipples, to my bum, to my toes and to my ears, I was sure I was about to erupt, and he was only still pushing in. I realised my fingers were clutching, my knuckles white, my toes were curling and still he was not fully inside me. His cock was stretching me, not as much as Jase, but certainly widening me as it made its way to my depth. He stopped moving, it felt as if he had more to go, but he stopped. I felt him withdraw, oh no, his cock pulled back and was right at my entrance.

Slam. He jerked forward and his cock penetrated my depths reaching my end, hard, my fanny gripping his cock and sucking it in not wanting to let go, the electrics coursing everywhere, I was sure I must be lit up like a Christmas tree. He pulled out, almost then slammed back in. His shagging was intense, starting slow, then pummelling me, faster and harder and then I lost awareness. I screamed and screamed, my fingers trying to rip his sheets, my toes digging in and my back spasmed, arching, my hold body rigid as my orgasm erupted.

Slowly I relaxed, my back straightened and lay back on the bed, my fingers stopped trying to destroy his sheets and I gulped in air, gasping, my eyes came into focus, and I looked up at Roman. He smiled and I felt his cock slide from me. "Shall we have that coffee now?" he asked.

"Mum will come up in a bit," Dad said, "she suggested that I come up first."

"Okay dad," I said, guessing what was coming next. I had come up a few minutes before, wee, teeth, quick flannel wash and got into bed, my side now, my side nearest the window. Mum would take the side nearest the door, and dad slept in the middle. When asleep he tended to lay and have his arms around mum, which was good as it meant I wasn't so hot.

Dad took his clothes off, folding them neatly on his chair. I don't have a chair; I leave all my clothes in my bedroom. Finally naked dad checked that the little windows were open, it can get stuffy with three of us in the room, and then walked around and got into bed. He shuffled across and put his arm around me, pressing down onto my breasts. He kissed me, softly, for dad anyway, and his fingers slipped inside my crease, feeling my warmth and slipperiness. I was ready for him, it seemed it was my turn for evening sex, I guessed mum was hoping for an evening off, and I was hoping she would do the morning shift.

"Lay back dad," I said, and as he rolled onto his back, I sat up and moved across to straddle him facing his feet. I lowered my self, and using my hand, I guided him inside me. I love the feeling of slowly lowering myself onto dad's cock, feeling it widening me, opening me, filling my void, but controlling how slowly his cock fills me. When I was fully down, I could feel the pressure deep inside me, my fanny almost pulsing as I tried to flex my muscles and shag him without moving, it never worked, I never stopped trying. I started a gentle rock back and forth, his cock hard and at the wrong angle giving me a really good stretch as I moved forward, filling me again as I rocked back.

I heard mum come upstairs and go int the bathroom, ignoring her, I started to rock a little faster, back and forth, stretch and fill. In this position dad's cock really rubbed against my internal wrinkle and my electrics started from the inside. The tickle grew and my nipples tingled. I felt a squeeze within my buttocks and I felt hands on my bottom, dad pushing and pulling as I rocked. I leaned back further, rocked forward lower, not fast, but steady, my fanny stretching wide, my lips rubbing on dad's cock.

"Sweetheart," dad gasped and I felt his spurts, coat my inside, lubricate my inners and my climax landed and I squeezed his cock as my orgasm pulsed through me. Not a big one, but big enough. I leaned forward and dad's cock slipped out. I was just rolling back to my side when mum came in, turned the light off and slipped into bed.

"Goodnight mum," I said and rolled onto my side to sleep, dad's wetness seeping slowly out of me.

22nd November 2023

Three in a bed

I decided to go up to bed early, hopefully I could sleep before they came up. I bade them goodnight and went up, cleaned my teeth, used the loo, left my clothes neatly on my bed and went into mum and dad's bedroom. I suppose I ought to say 'our bedroom' now. I decided to sleep on dad's side, they could do what they liked when they came up. As usual all the doors were open and I could hear the TV on downstairs as I lay dozing, too nervous about the night ahead to properly go to sleep. After a while the TV went quiet and I could hear kissing and murmuring from the lounge.

I heard them come upstairs, I kept my eyes almost closed, pretending I was asleep. Mum came into the bedroom and took her clothes off, putting them on a chair, dad had gone into the bathroom. Mum went out of the bedroom and dad came in. He was naked and held his clothes in his hands. He folded them neatly onto his chair and got onto the bed. The bed rocked a bit as he shuffled into the middle and then mum came in and got onto the bed dad was in the middle of us.

There was a bit of shuffling and then I realised that they were cuddling, I couldn't quite make out what they were whispering, I did hear mum say, 'I think she is asleep.' The mattress started a slight sway and I realised they were shagging. No change then just because I was there, they were shagging as usual. The motion got faster, and it started jiggling me about too. No way anyone could shag in the bed without the other person knowing. I thought 'fuck it', rolled over and put my hand on dad's back, stroking him, letting him know I was awake.

Eventually they finished and dad rolled off and towards me, cuddling me, his wet cock laying against my bottom. After a few minutes he started gently snoring. The rhythm of his snores helped me and soon I was asleep too.

I woke up at some point in the night with dad's hard cock in the crease of my bottom and his hand on my right boob. He was gently moving his cock, rubbing it between my cheeks. I moved slightly and his cock found its way to my fanny. He didn't enter me, he just carried on slightly moving, I wondered if he was dreaming, and wondered if he did this with mum, and who he was dreaming of.

The morning was different. Very different. I awoke as dad was just settling on top of me, his cock pressing at me, pushing at my entrance and with a jerk of his hips, dad was inside me, his cock quickly finding my depth. "Morning sweetheart," he whispered as he started a gentle shag. Was this to be my future I wondered, to be shagged by my dad in the mornings? A different way to start the day I supposed.

After college I sat and had a latte at Jamaica Java. I was just staring sightlessly out at the street thinking of the events of the morning, how dad had shagged me whilst mum lay there, and then when dad had finished, mum had crouched over me so that I could lick and suck her fanny whilst dad had gone to shower.

"Hello Natalie Jones," a voice interrupted. I looked up, it was Haley Simpson from school.

"Oh Hi Haley."

"You were in never-never land there, I was stood in front of you waving through the window and you just looked straight through me."

"Sorry Haley, yeah, I was miles away. Back now. How the hell are you, haven't seen you for months."

"I am good, yeah. I work in Superdrug, just finished my shift, and I saw you and I thought, my god it is Natalie Jones. I thought you must have moved, I just never see you."

"Oh, no. I am at college, or often at home. I still see Bren and Ash a bit, but that is about it apart from my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend tell me everything."

"Not much to tell, his name is Jason Mills, but I call him Jase. He lives not far from me, he is an apprentice chef."

"Has he got a big dick, come on tell me."


"Well, has he?"

"It's not bad."

"Good, if his dick is small, it's no good."

I laughed, glad that the tables by us were empty and that no-one could hear us. "What about you? Boyfriend?" Hayley was stupidly pretty but not exactly bright. Blond hair, blue eyes, busty, small waist, legs that go on forever, that kind of girl. I expected that she had probably had every boy in town.

"Oh no, boys are too stupid."

"Girlfriend then?" I hadn't thought of her that way, this could get interesting.

"Oh no. No, I don't do that. No."

"Oh come on Hayley, you must have someone." She is dim enough that I could probably wheedle the truth from her."

"Well, I might, but I can't say anything."

"I am not going to tell anyone now am I? I am well known for keeping secrets."

"Honestly? Only it is killing me keeping this to myself."

"I bet I can beat your secret, but I am not saying anything until you tell me yours."

"My dad."

"Oh wow, every girls dream, how did you pull that off?"

"Well, I had seen my dad once, you know, naked when I looked in their bedroom. I turned away quickly when dad looked to the door where I was. And that got me thinking."

"What did you do, I mean every girl wants her dad."

"I started to leave my door open when I was in there, and I started to just walk around upstairs in my bra and pants, you know, to the bathroom and that." Her in her underwear with her big boobs would have been quite a sight.

"Okay, yes, and if your dad would have just happened to be passing?"

"Yes, he would have got a good look at me in my undies, showing nothing. A magazine I read said a hint is better than a full frontal. I was laying on my bed one evening and I thought I saw a red light over by my dressing table."

"Charger perhaps?"

"No, that is by my bed. I didn't move at first and I didn't want to look at it just in case, I thought I would investigate the next day, and I dozed off thinking what it could be."

"Did you find out?"

"Yes. I was sat in my pants in front of my mirror doing my hair when I remembered the light. I looked around, and my tissue box had a small hole in the end and that is where the light must have been coming from."

"Oh, now that is interesting."

"Yes. I had seen enough TV programmes on ITV3 to realise that there must be a camera in my tissue box. So I decided to do a test. I leaned across and took a tissue, making sure to knock the box. I left it as it was, but the hole was now covered up. I carried on doing my hair and make up, got dressed and went out to work."


"When I got home, the tissue box was back where it had been, the hole pointing at my bed. I knew that I mustn't look at the hole otherwise whoever it was would know that I knew, and then they might put another camera somewhere I wouldn't know about."

"Who do you think put the camera there?"

"It had to be dad. Mum wouldn't know how to and I don't think she would want to spy on me. I know that dad had watched me in my bedroom through my open door and I was pretty sure I had seen him when I was having a shower."

"What did you do?"

"I decided to give him a show, it that is what he wanted. So, after tea I said that I was going to go and have a shower, and I left them downstairs. I went up and slowly took my clothes off in the bedroom, trying to keep my back to the tissue box, but looking as natural as I could. I left my bra and pants until last, I faced the tissue box as I undid my bra and turned around to take it off, then pulled my pants down, bending forwards of course."

"Oh the classic sex through the legs view. Good one."

"I didn't know if dad was watching as I did it, or it was a recording he would watch later. Anyway, I turned and quickly went to the bathroom, there would have been just the briefest glimpse of my pussy." 'Someone watches a lot of American porn' I thought, 'pussy' indeed.

As I always did these days, I left the bathroom door a little bit open, just enough that someone could see in, if they really wanted to. I sat on the loo and used dad's trimmer to tidy my garden, all neat I then had a nice warm shower, washed my hair, you know all the usual stuff we girls do. I was pretty sure that I heard someone going down stairs as I wrapped a towel around me and went back to my room.

"Okay, so someone may have watched you?"

"Yes. In my room, I unwrapped the towel and put it on the bed and lay on. I had my head nearest the tissue box, I decided I didn't want to give too much away."

"Wise, do you know how long the camera had been there, only if it had been a while, would your watcher notice different behaviour?"

"Oh, no I didn't think about that. But it can only have been a few days as I had only just opened that tissue box, the old one had been my my bed."

"Okay right." I guessed that there could have been a camera in the one by her bed, but, we will probably never know.

"As I said, I was on the bed and I started to play with my boobs."

"Oh excellent, men do seem to love boobs, I have never understood why, fanny's are so much more interesting."

"Yes, but with mine I can get an awful lot of attention if I wear the right top."

"Darn sure Hayley, flaunt them."

"I do. Anyway then I moved down and started stroking my pussy, and saying quietly, 'yes daddy, yes' and things like that. I wasn't sure if it would be loud enough for the tissue box to pick up and hear."

"I guess you were just testing the water?"

"Yes. Anyway I soon got into it and, well, you know?"

"You made yourself cum."

"Yes, I had to be careful as I didn't want mum to hear."


"Well that was that, I rubbed myself with the towel, called 'goodnight' downstairs and went to bed. Nothing happened the next day as far as I could tell. After I got back from work mum and dad were out, so I thought I might do another show. I left my door partially open, I always do these days, and undressed again, lay on my bed, this time with mu pussy facing the tissue box. And I went through it again, rubbing myself, calling dad's name. I may have over egged my finish, well, I was acting for the camera."

"Good job. How long did this go on?"

"About a week. Mum went to Tesco after we finished tea, dad said he was going for a shower. I went up and stripped to my bra and pants and lay on my bed, my door open more than usual. I could hear dad in the shower and then he finished, the water was off, and I could even hear the towel rub as he dried himself.

"My door opened and dad stood at the door, the towel around his waist, but I could see there was a bulge at the front. 'Well.' Dad said, 'Here we are.' I said ' Yes dad.' . 'I am wondering if you are over or under dressed?' Dad asked. I sat up and put my hands behind and undid my bra, using my arm to hold it in place."

"Crumbs Hayley, no going back then."

"No Nat. I said, 'I don't know dad, should I move my arm?' And dad said, 'only if you want me to let my towel fall.' So, I moved my arm, let my bra fall off and then I rubbed my pussy through my pants. Dad let his towel fall, it snagged on his dick for a moment and then fell, dad's dick kind of springing back up."

"Is it small, big, middling?"

"I don't have a huge amount of experience," I found that difficult to believe, "but it looked big to me. 'Now what?' dad asked. I lifted my hips up and pulled my pants down and then lay back, my pussy in full view. 'That is up to you dad,' I said. He moved to the bed and knelt between my legs, he leant forward, lined his dick up with my pussy and pushed inside me."

"At last Hayley, you got what you wanted. How did it feel?"

"The best, the fucking best dick I had ever had inside me." So, as I thought, she had had some cocks in her fanny,  "It felt so big, I wasn't sure I could take all of it, but I did, my pussy was so wet he had no trouble. I said, 'fuck me dad, fuck me, give me your spunk.' and he said, 'I can't Hayley I might make you pregnant.' 'Dad,' I said, 'I am on the pill waiting for just this moment.' He fucked me Nat, he fucked my pussy hard."

"That is so cool, you do it again?"

"Every time mum is out, we fuck. He has fucked me in the kitchen, in the downstairs loo, he even fucked me in the dining room whilst mum was hanging out the washing. The best was in their bed."

"Amazing. Shagging our dads is the best."

"You fuck your dad?"

"Oh yes."

"Jesus Nat, are we all fucking our dad's I wonder."

"Who knows? Probably. You see a girl that gets what she wants and you can bet she is shagging her dad."

"Have you ever, you know, kissed a girl?"

"Goodness, are we onto BFF secrets now?"

"Only, I have always wanted to, but there are few people I trust, that wouldn't go and blab it everywhere."

"You could take me home."


"To your bed."


As we sat on the bus, at the back in a double seat, I held her hand. She felt unsure and uncertain of the situation, yet sure of what she wanted. I wondered if it had just been a few minutes in my company that had given my pheromones a chance to work on her. I put my hand on her knee, she shivered a little but pressed up close to me. I moved my hand up her leg to her crotch and rested my fingers over her fanny. I heard her gulp.

I turned to her and whispered, "No one can see, the bus CCTV can't see your lap." I started to press with my fingers, moving up and down her and then I pushed her panties to one side and touched her sex for real. She was wet and very hot, heat radiating from her like from a hair dryer. She eased her legs apart and my fingers were able to slip between her lips into her valley. She gulped once more and I heard her mutter a fuck under her breath. "It is better if I use my mouth" I whispered.

"Oh God." Hayley gasped, "finger me."

Always happy to oblige I slid a finger down her valley to her entrance, crooked it and slid inside her, pressing as deep as I could, sadly not far because of our positions. "Oh my fucking shit Nat," She said, "I wish this fucking bus would hurry up."

I sat there wiggling my finger inside her and as we approached our stop, I pulled my finger and licked it. "You taste gorgeous" I said. I got up and let her out and followed her down the stairs and off the bus.

"It isn't far," She said and we hurried to her house, her fingers fumbling the key in her hurry to get us inside. The door locked, bags dumped at the bottom of the stairs we rushed up to her room. Hayley was pulling her clothes off as we went up, and was topless before we arrived at her bed. I shut the door behind us and slowly undressed, making it more infuriating for her. She was naked and lying on the bed as I finally pulled my panties down and knelt between her legs.

She had a small neatly shortened garden of blond hair above her fanny, confirmation that she was indeed a natural blond, and a beautiful fanny with fat outer lips and slightly peachier coloured inner lips peaking out from between. Her sex valley was slightly higher up her body than mine, and her boobs were just huge standing up proudly on her chest, the view from between her knees was something else. I moved up and blew on her sex.

Hayley trembled and then shook as I blew. "Fuck." She gasped as my tongue ran along her inner lips and then pressed at her clitoris. "Oh fuck Nat."

I moved my right hand upwards and extended a finger, sliding it under her till I found her bottom crinkle. Starting from there I slowly slid my finger forward until I found her fanny. Hayley was shaking as I moved my finger in small circles around her entrance, and as I began to slowly push inside her, I sucked at her clitoris, nibbling and pressing with my tongue. "Fuck, Jesus," she gasped and lifted her hips and I pushed my finger in as far as it could go, crooking my finger, moving her fanny around inside, my chin forcing her lips back flat as I worked her clitoris.

"Oh my fucking God Nat, fuck, this is another level."

"Hush Hayley, just enjoy." I quietly said between chews of her clitoris. I slowly pulled my finger back out, ran back along the crease to her bum, briefly pressed her crinkle, and then slid back to her fanny, two fingers slowly went inside, scissoring, widening her, one finger seeking her wrinkle, the other pushing down, opening her inside.

She wasn't breathing. Her breath was held, her fingers clutching the bed sheets, her eyes staring down at me as I looked up, her face barely visible between the mountains on her chest. She gulped in some air and her head tipped back, 'fuck, fuck, fuck," she gasped as my fingers worked inside her fanny and my mouth sucked her clitoris. I pulled my mouth back, releasing her clitoris, and then dabbed lightly at it with my tongue, that did the trick.

He screams as she orgasmed were impressive as was the way her legs squeezed my head and her fanny clamped hard on my fingers; she had some amazing strength in her groin. She was gulping in air as if she had just come out of a vacuum chamber and her body was bucking as the waves of her climax rolled through her.

"Stop, for fucks sake," she gasped, "Stop." But I wasn't doing anything, slowly she relaxed, my head was released and I could slip my fingers out of her. "Jesus fucking Christ Nat. That is fucking intense."

"Different to your dad?"

"Fuck yeah, he just fucks me. I haven't even sucked his dick. I am always so wet when we fuck, his dick just slides straight into my pussy."

I shrugged. I prefer cock, but I also love fanny. There is no contest if I have to choose, cock wins every time, but I do love to get into a girl's fanny.

"Wow I am fucked now, that orgasm was utterly unreal. I mean, yeah, I can make myself, but that? That was fucking amazing."

"You could try and get your dad to do that to you."

"He hasn't even asked me to suck his dick, getting him to lick my pussy is an unlikely challenge."

"Do your mum and dad still shag?"

"Yeah, I hear them fucking a few times a week, but it is quiet and behind closed doors, long after they think I am asleep."

"Mine are at it all the time, and the doors upstairs are always open."

"God, have you seen them do it then?"

"Yes, loads of times, in fact, they do it next to me in bed."

"What the fuck? You share a bed, and they fuck?"

"Yeah, perhaps I shouldn't have shared that, but yeah, we all sleep in one bed."

"Does your dad fuck you whilst your mum is there too?"

"Er, yes."

"Fuck Natalie."

"Your family is weird."

"No, not weird, just open, behind closed doors. What happens at home stays at home, you are the first person I have ever shared with and you must swear on your life not to tell anyone."

"God no, I won't tell. I can't imagine seeing my mum naked and certainly not watching them fuck. I have no idea why I wanted to go with you, I have never even thought about being with a woman before."

"Well, I won't tell, and you know where I am if you want more of us."

When I got home dad was still out, mum had put a toad in the hole in the oven for tea. "Hello Natalie, good day?"

"Yes mum, good, I caught up with Hayley Simpson who was in my year at school."

"The ditzy blond one?"

"Yes, she is still the same."

"Do you think your day got off to a good start?"

"How do you mean mum?"

"Your dad and you?"

"Oh, yes I guess, but didn't that mean that you missed out."

"I didn't miss out love, I was happy for the break."

"Oh. You didn't mind dad shagging me then?"

"No love, as I say, my vagina was glad of the break."

I wondered if that was the real reason mum wanted me in their bed, was she getting too much? Was she shagging other neighbours whilst I was out? I decided I needed to go back into spy mode and try and find out.